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Hi! Welcome to my fanfiction site! Hope you enjoy...and review!

--BUT, I have to warn you--

Almost all of my earlier fics feature the dreaded Mary Sue. I just haven't had the heart to discontinue them, and I left them so all you middle-school girls (no offense) who thrive on a good Mary Sue can enjoy them, and those of you who are more serious about fanfiction can just ignore those particular fics. Flamers don't intimidate me, but they do annoy. Constructive criticism, however, is very welcome. Just please don't call me on the Mary Sues, because I already know. Oh, and if I have fics that are discontinued, I may be inclined to update if I get really bored, depending on how many positive reviews I get.

I must also add that I often co-write with two of my best friends, Nissiyon Took and AnalyticElf. Nissiyon Took has some GREAT anime fics, I strongly urge you to check them out. So...check out their stuff. Posthaste.

To find out more about me, see my xanga, to which the link is posted above.


Escape: This was my first attempt at fanfiction, ever. While I know the "Published" date is sometime in 2005, I actually wrote it in late 2002, when I was fourteen. Needless to say, my writing style has improved greatly, as has my content. But, as a tribute to my fourteen-year-old self, and as a favor to my best friend Nissiyon Took (she loves it), I won't take it down. In fact, I'll probably continue it at some point, just because for some reason, that to me seems almost like I'm going back to the best year of my life. Hope you can enjoy it, just remember not to take it too seriously.

One Voice: Ok, so the idea is a bit cheesy. Keep in mind that I made it up when I was a lot younger, as with "Escape." But, if you read it, I think you'd be surprised. It's one of my favorites (and I've only got one more chapter to write. Now if I'd only buckle down and do it...). It's probably my first story that centers on more of an obscure concept, such as Ents. I wanted to create a relationship between one of these fascinating creatures and a human, while at the same time exploring the idea of a somewhat unlikable character who is a bit irresponsible and impulsive but goes through a point where she is able to redeem herself. It's an interesting idea, and I hope to finish it soon.

Forever Alone: I wrote this fanfiction about Mary Bennet after playing the role in a community theatre production of Pride and Prejudice in 2004. In playing the role, I was able to see better than anyone the depth behind Mary's seemingly shallow character. She was a pompous know-it-all that made her annoyingly unattractive to those around her. As I explored the character, I began to see the similarities in myself and the character that I was playing. I was very lonely at that point in my life, and realized some things about Mary that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. Writing this fanfic was not only an exploration of the character of Mary, but it was also an interpretation of the way my own life was going at the time. I have considered the possibility of a more lighthearted sequel, titled "What Goes Around," and may be starting that as time allows.

Guided: This fic is co-written with my best friend, Nissiyon Took. It's a bit slow in coming, as adulthood has gradually set in and deprived us almost altogether of our all-nighters where we do absolutely nothing but play Soul Calibur II and write fanfiction...and eat...and eat...and eat some more...Anyway, between college and jobs and the like, we rarely get time to work on our joint efforts. Hopefully we can continue this by correspondence, as it is one of the more humorous fics I have posted. Keep an eye out for updates!

Return To Royalty: This is probably one of my very favorites that I've written, and by far the most successful. I have worked especially hard to see to it that all the characters are completely believable and consistent. I think I did an especially good job with Reepicheep, if I may say so myself. I have big, intricate plans for this story, and lack only the inspiration to work more on it. I hope to get said inspiration soon, and work on more of it as soon as possible.

To Beat A Weasley: Another of my very favorites. It is co-written by one of my best friends and roommate, Amber. As I state in the A/N for the first chapter or whatever, I know it's usually lame to write yourself into a story. But this is less for you our readers and more for the two of us. We do try to make it believable, however, and try to only change a few necessary things. But we have fun, and have big plans for the rest of the fanfic. We've also got journals for our characters going, starting at our first year. In addition, there are letters and flashbacks aplenty, and maybe at some point we'll publish those too. Needless to say, this is a fun story, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. (Edit after 7/21: No spoilers for our fic or DH, but we pretty much have the whole story planned out, and it will probably get really long. And definitely a lot darker. Just saying.)

This Is How We Know: Those of you who are familiar with the story of Jesus Christ will probably pick up the fact that I did indeed write this as a parallel to the Gospel message. I must make a quick disclaimer that this story is a creative attempt to share the gospel and is not sound to the letter in theology. There are facts that I had to bend to make the story fit with the canon, such as the fact that Jesus was absolutely God’s Son (rather than daughter), Satan was (duh) not God’s father (whereas Gehn was the father of Atrus), and Judas in the end hanged himself. There are also things that I know hardcore Myst fans will pick on me about, such as the fact that there is no possible way they could create the worlds, and I daresay it isn’t canon to presume that Atrus could bring Yeesha back from the dead. But, with all that said, I hope you’re able to read it without too much nitpicking, and enjoy it just the same.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, I would implore you to check out the gospel of John…well, just read the whole Bible, it’s amazing, but you can start with John. Or any of the gospels, really.

And if you’re like me and have heard the story all your life, well…I know the crucifixion story can get old after a while. After all, it is one of the primary bases for our beliefs. But while I was writing this, I began to realize once more just how much God loves us, and the extent of the sacrifice He made for us. I know I only scratched the surface in my allegory, but I hope it can remind you of His love just like it reminded me.

Future Story Ideas: Once I have begun to update the above stories more regularly, I have some others in the back of my mind that I'd like to get going:
--(Pride and Prejudice) As I mentioned before, I am planning a sequel to my Pride and Prejudice fic that is a bit more lighthearted than its angsty predecessor.
--(Star Wars) Another comedy I'm going to try, this one of a distinctly slapstick nature, largely concerns a certain prim-and-proper, overly conservative Jedi and my attempts to get the stick out of his rear. (Obi-Wan Kenobi, anyone? This'll be fun.)
--(Lord of the Rings) I've also got a theory on how the Entwives tragically disappeared, and I want to write about that at some point.
--(Harry Potter) I'd like to elaborate on the reference Molly Weasley made to her attempts at making a love potion as well...sounds like yet another comedy.
--(Harry Potter) I also want to try my hand at a fairly lengthy (and mostly serious) Marauders' Era story that starts at Hogwarts and ends with the demise of James and Lily. I've got some rather big plans for this one.
--(Lost) The idea of exploring the relationship between Alex and Ben really appeals to me. One can't help but wonder what kind of a father he really is/was. Somehow I almost fancy an Alex/Ethan ship while I'm at it. Cause Carl just gets on my nerves.
--(Forgotten Realms) I've been working on a series of short, random vignettes about different things whenever I'm bored at work. These include Entreri, Dwahvel, Guenwhyvar, the sword Khazid'hea, and other random things like that.
--(Myst) I'm definitely interested in being one of the many, many people who give a name, a face, and a history to the Stranger. I also think I could plausibly work in a Sirrus/Stranger ship...I know, I'm random.
These are, for the most part, my plans for future stories. PM me with any ideas/objections concerning the above and I'll be sure to take them into consideration.

MISC: Author's Note/Blog/Update/Randomness

August 2007: "To Beat A Weasley" is no longer on hiatus, as you can see. However, do you have any idea how hard it is to write a humorous, post-DH fic about the twins when you're as traumatized by certain events in the last Harry Potter books as we are? Gah. I need a tissue. And to think it's been two weeks since I read it. Anyway, next week it's moving back to college, and the week after, classes start, but I should have enough time to update fairly regularly.


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