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Hi everybody, here I have a list of useless crap about me! JOY!

Likes: Sweets, music, boys (hehe), beef, Harry Potter, TV, Orlando Bloom (yummy), peanut butter, music, spring, summer and Christmas!

Dislikes: Tidying my room, boiled vegetables, Mary Sues, Donald Duck costumes (don’t ask...), slash (I have NOTHING AT ALL against homosexuals ( I love'em) I simply don´t like reading about their love life), rape fanfics (most) and if course I hate doing my homework...

Ships I like: Of course the main thing is that a story is written nicely but these are the relationships I like the best:






Disclaimer: I don´t own anything but the storyline, this goes for all my stories.

Advertisement: Well, if anyone out there is interested in being a beta-reader I would LOVE that (just e-mail me):D

Just read my stories and please leave a review, I don’t care if it’s good or bad.

I’m not from the UK or USA or Australia, or Canada or a Country with English as its main language.
So... I’m sorry if there are any spelling-grammar mistakes, but if you see any I would be very thankful if you could point them out for me:o)

Story ideas yet to become reality:

…Tide is high…

“They say time heals all wounds. It doesn’t. I have liked Harry since my first year, I still do. My heart was broken when he married Parvati. Yet again, Tide is high…” Ginny/Harry

…Ten things I hate about you HP style…

Ginny is a popular girl at Hogwarts, and Hermione is her old dorky self, and doesn’t give a damn about what boys think of her. Molly is driven crazy, and in the ends she sets a rule. Ginny can date…if Hermione does. Ginny/Dean and Hermione/Draco

…Love you…

Fluff/Angst bomb! Harry is a lonely bachelor after the final battle. Ginny goes away and claims she is studying Herbology in Bristol. Harry visits and is surprised in the most horrible way. The wizarding underworld can get so dark… Ginny/Harry

Have a nice life!

Lady of the lads!

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Hogwarts Pie by LavenderBrown reviews
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Burning down the house reviews
Ginny buys a small dump of an apartment. It has a lot of… erm… potential, but needs a little touching up. Harry is going to help her. Will they manage to fix the flat or will they go crazy first? How unlucky can a pair of people be? Funny and romantic!
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