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Author has written 13 stories for Card Captor Sakura, and Artemis Fowl.

~The Real Profile~ (As of December 21, 2007) (Latest update on March 02, 2011)

I started feeling like this was a bogus profile (if anyone has ever seen the previous one... mental bleach it), so I decided to actually WRITE stuff in this giant blank space.

FIRST OF ALL: Hi everyone~

It seems... I haven't been able to keep my promise >

I had an amazing amount of issues over the summer, more than I had ever seen, and then senior year, colleges, and everything else took a hold on me.

I haven't forgotten any of you. Thank you so much for all of your patience.

I've started a fictionpress account and I have one story up on it! If you look my works here, please check out my other ones on this site. My account name is the.rain.never.ceases

Another way to contact me and read original fiction that I've been working on whenever I have some down time is my tumblr, which is http:/ / (please take the spaces out of the URL.

Bloody Conspiracy is absolutely not dead, and I'm working out my plans for Sudden Death Mode.

A proud member of the Sue Slayers

I'm on Fan History's Wiki!: http:// wiki/ Amaya-black-wings(Take out the spaces after the slashes.) IF YOU OWN A FANFICTION ACCOUNT, YOU MIGHT BE ON FHW TOO! SEARCH YOURSELF UP!

~Let's be conceited and Ramble about me first, eh?~

Who is She?: I go by Amaya_black_wings (and all other mannerisms of Amaya), Paego, Paige, the Manga Freak, HageshiiAme (Violent Rain, a personal joke with my Relive readers), and raineverceases or the rain never ceases.

What Does She Do?: I draw, A LOT. Obviously I write, I also like singing, reading, and playing the violin.

So does she have any art?: Drawings and photography can be found at http:// (take out the space between the "http://" and "amaya"

What Music Does She Like?: I love Utada Hikaru, she is my absolute inspiration, Bond (The string quartet), Relient K, Linkin Park, Florence + the Machine, Muse, and NEWS just to name a very select few.

What About Books?: EVERYONE should know by now that I love Artemis fowl, I also like GOTH: A Novel of Horror (And the rest of Otsuichi's works for that matter), Never Let Me Go, 1984, and Lucas.

And Manga?: At the moment, my number one is Naruto, I also like Vampire Knight, Azumanga Daioh, GOTH: A Manga of Horror, ALIVE, and Legal Drug. So that really shows the variety of manga that I like!

Obsessions?: Well, there's one probably that's glaringly obvious. If nobody still gets the hint, I'll put it up:

Well, um, I dunno ARTEMIS FOWL, MAYBE?

(As of now... Artemis Fowl is still my number one fictional guy. He probably most likely always will be, but Nishikido Ryo has sort of taken the wheel as number one... sort of... hah...)

~Let's move on to rambling about My Works a little~


My idea for my probably most famous fanfiction I've ever written came from a dream.

Afterwards, buttloads of plot material just seemed to smack me in the face.

That's the creation story of Relive

So, actually, it wasn't like I sat in a cage, muttering to myself for days on end about plot ideas.

It sort of... just seemed to smack me in the face.

While on the topic of your Plot, what's so good about it anyways?: It seems to me that a lot of people just don't plain get the plot or what it is at all.


I think everyone should know that there's a code at the bottom of every Artemis Fowl book (Yes there is. The stupid American versions took out some of them)

The first one speaks of a prophecy of Artemis' coming.

So I thought: What if someone found it?

Then came Adam, the guy who finds it, and Ame and Kazuki, descendants of the very fairy that wrote the prophecy.

Which also brings up the fact that there was a lot of material in the real books, and also outside official sources (Artemis' supposed Computer System, the FOX OS) that had potential of making a really good fanfiction.


Bloody Conspiracy:

If you actually read the production note of sorts regarding the creation of Re(live), pretty much the same thing happened again.

Yes, another dream, yes, another flood of plot material.

The plot for BC might turn out to be even more twisted than Re(live), so I hope you won't be disappointed!

Well a few people here still feel like Ame's a totally Mary-Sue: Well, I can't blame you for that. The first few chapters were horrible, and you are entitled to your opinion. Just give others a chance to know her before you give them a negative outlook about her. I could argue all I want about how she ISN'T A MARY SUE, but people are stubborn. I personally feel that Ame is a character of her own, she's well rounded, and she does have room for improvement, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

~Contact info!~

Is there any way to contact you?: paego4 (take out the space) that's my main e-mail, and also my MSN. amaya_kuro_tsubasa is my YIM, and my second email address is 191291323520151816b a cookie to every person that can decode that! You can also find me on tumblr at http:/ /

~Stories up and coming or in progress!~

Bloody Conspiracy: Ame and Artemis have been friends since their childhood. Artemis is a little nerdy and shy, making Ame a mother figure of sorts. (Now, you my readers cry out, "ARTEMIS IS NOT SHY AND BARELY NERDY!" Yes, I am very aware of it, please continue reading.) One day, the great awakening of Vampires happens. The truth is that Vampires have been hiding among us all along, and now they're coming out to play. Of course Artemis is a vampire. A very very important and valued vampire in fact. The humans decide to make a peace treaty that would last for fifteen years, and the vampires agree. Everything is going perfect fine until a girl gets murdered... and Artemis is blamed. Ame jumps into the scene to defend him (as she always would when they were kids- wait, that wasn't even the real Artemis... but still!) She pledges to find the real killer or... she will willingly sacrifice herself as the Vampires' first meal. All of this makes an obviously Bloody Conspiracy. (Bloody Conspiracy will be cut into two-three parts due to its length. The current Bloody Conspiracy will be renamed Bloody Conspiracy: Truth or Lies, the second one Bloody Conspiracy: Reflect the Past, and the possible third, Bloody Conspiracy: Blood thicker than Water.)

Panic...?Panic-!: Emily is pretty average. She has an average face and an average height, she has shoulder length scraggly brown hair... she's essentially Average. Except for the fact that she works as Artemis' secretary. Emily also has a not so average response to Panic. Under intense and unnerving situations, she does incredibly well, and not even really out of her own choice! Which made her the highly efficient but forever scared stiff and sweaty-palmed secretary of none other than Artemis Fowl, The Demon Boss. Oh, did we also mention that she's accidentally become a famous superstar for Hollywood? Oh... and that Artemis completely dislikes pop media, but he has a meeting with them today? Oooh... don't forget, she needs to be at the meeting too... as the superstar. Poor poor Emily, what has your Panic gotten you into this time?

Second Legend: You can never be too sure about your morals... one look could send everything you've worked for flying out the window. Here comes our "nameless" antagonist. Beautiful and deadly. Ever-changing and intelligent. Second is everything a perfect girl seems to be. But with intelligence comes insanity, and sometimes the line between the two can be blurred quite messily. Second has a "second side," because with power, comes madness. It's just a game for her. She'll do anything to pull Artemis into it, and his new-found morals into shreds. She is a legend, and Artemis is certainly one too... So the second hand ticks quietly for the countdown. Either Intelligence or Insanity can win, but which is which?

(Second Legend was born from the new Batman movie, the Dark Knight. It's a bit of a test on my limits... because Second is like a Mary-sue on the surface, but a powerful and mad killer inside, it's hard to explain, but I hope you'll understand soon. This is a bit of a psychological thriller type of story.)

Sudden Death Mode (Newly released! Check it out now!): Before anyone asks about the title, this will be my first fully COMEDY fanfiction, thus the strangely quirky title. I've seen plenty of stories where various OCs are launched into Artemis' world, caught in a whirlwind of action... so I decided to reverse the idea. Why not let Artemis get flung into "our" world? He'd be caught in a whirlwind of... mundane life style...! (The horror!) Of course there's a bigger plot than just him getting stuck in a parallel universe called our home. This story, I will warn everyone, includes ME, my friends, and even maybe YOU in it. So... join us as Artemis encounters school cafeteria food, cheap cars, the mall, Guitar Hero, and fighting games... of course, naturally, criticizing it every step of the way.

But since this is a crack-fic, I might not work on it as seriously and frequently... unless you vote for it.

The Broken Violin One-shot Series: Included in this series is Want, Only Faintly, and Plastic. The story runs backwards, so the summary will also run in a similar fashion. Orange tan walls and a carpet with a purple hue. A Dusty piano in one corner, and books on every wall. Stain glass catches your eye as soon as you open the heavy oak doors. A room isolated, a silence as loud as sound itself. A girl sits alone, her memories scattered. Time rewinds, and the hope of recognition is shattered, only to be brought back to life by Hope.

That's about it, come back sometime to see new updates!

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