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Author has written 8 stories for Destiny, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, How to Train Your Dragon, and Red vs. Blue.

Not much to say. I love video games (Fallout, Destiny, TLoU, and The Division to name several), reading and writing. Most music I listen to are movie and game soundtracks, and am quite partial to movies that revolve around creating and protecting family.

I am a childhood cancer survivor (5 years of fighting), so much of my OCs are based around that experience.

I really like crossovers, as it shows how you guys mix up these different universes. If you're having any trouble, just remember to push through it. If it helps, I always imagine my OCs being there with your adventurers.

Mandalorian armor colors:

Black - Justice

Crimson - Honoring a hero

Gold - Vengeance

If you want to use any of my OCs, feel free to ask. My only requirements are they are not used in anything rated M for sexual content and that I am credited for them.

Destiny- OC List - Pre-Taken War

Fireteam Death

Triton- Exo Male Warlock

Coloring- Robes are black with silver dots on right arm.

Weapon of choice- Bad Juju

Ghost- Keith

Personality- Triton tends to stay neutral as much as he can. He is renown for his negotiation skills and, being a Warlock, his planning capabilities. He sometimes feeds the Darkness festering inside Bad Juju in order to gain insight about certain opponents.

Firewing (aka Red Lightning)- Cyborg Human Male Hunter

Coloring- often switches between Artic Proxy and his fireteam shader (red lightning bolts on a black background)

Weapon of choice- Fulcrum and Invective

Ghost- Sundial

Personality- Firewing is a special case in the Hunters. While he uses Gunslinger almost all the time, his cybernetic arm can charge up his knife. This gives him access to some Bladedancer abilities. He has a deep level of respect towards the Cabal for their military prowess.

Lucks- Exo Male Titan

Coloring- Black with navy blue stripes

Weapon of choice- Patience and Time

Ghost- Marcus

Personality- The stereotype for Titans is that they belong up front. Lucks prefers to stay at range. Being the "youngest" of the trio, he has a child-like mannerism and is the most jovial. But he can be mature when the situation arises. Often plays music from his helmet.

Fireteam Dragon

Dmitri (Dragon)- Human Male Titan

Coloring- Red dragon motifs on a white background

Weapon of choice- Flamethrower or machinegun

Ghost- Cerberus

Personality- Dmitri is one of the strongest Titans alive, as evidenced by the now-destroyed Giant's Pass. His likable voice and demeanor makes him extremely popular, and his team often trains against Death in the Crucible. A variation of Fists of Havoc, his Dragon's Landing is much more powerful, but can only be used a few times.

20/20- Exo Male Titan

Coloring- Thunderdevil

Weapon of Choice- LDR 5001 Sniper Rifle

Personality- Steady hands make for good aim and good medical practice. 20 serves as the Dragon's medic and sniper. He cares for his brothers-in-arms, but won't hesitate to tease them about certain subjects. He often competes with Lucks in marksman challenges.

Krayt- Human Male Titan

Coloring- Dust Giant Green

Weapon of choice- Grenade Rifle and Phalanx shield

Ghost- Scale

Personality- Krayt is the loudmouth of the team and doesn't know when to shut up in some instances. His Juggernaut armor resembles Colossus armor and he does have part of a Phalanx's shield to complement it. According to 20, his worst fear is Amanda Holliday's wrath, as he and the rest of the Dragons were given a brutal beating after trashing their ships.

Hurricane- Awoken Male Hunter

Coloring- Ocean Blue with sky blue highlights

Weapon of choice- The Crash and throwing knives

Ghost- Sam

Personality- Hurricane is the most silent of his group, but is known to open up from time to time. He is the resident mechanic/inventor/pilot, usually modifying stolen Cabal tech. His best (albeit short-lived) creation was the combination of an Interceptor and several bolt cannons. Rumor has it he is in love with Amanda Holliday.

Current non-fireteam OCs

Ryyk- Human Male Hunter- Bladedancer who has an ego to match his skills. Strike fireteam members gladly let him have the front.

Amelia- Awoken Female Warlock- Rumor has it she and Firewing have an interest in each other.

Channel- Exo Male Titan- Amelia's companion.

Current non-Guardian OCs

Skanas, Guard Captain- Being a high ranking official in the Winter's Guard, Skanas is extremely loyal to his House (he refused to join Skolas and managed to esape). According to downloaded records, he holds the rank of Baron, but chooses not to use that title. The Captain currently leads a six-man team, each member handpicked. Unlike some Barons, Skanas cares for his men deeply and will not hesitate to step in if one is threatened. He is extremely smart, reminding the Vanguard during his "interrogation" that Winter will not accept aid from them, lest the other Houses punish them.

Kanisk, Winter's Eye- Kanisk serves as Skanas' second-in-command and is the group's recognized sniper. He is quite kind, but living through multiple skirmishes have made him reserved. The vandal also handles any new recruits, while his counterpart leads the other half. His underlings are Kodos and Koros, Eliksni twins distinguishable only by Koros' white eyes.

Mortix, Tongue Speaker- Mortix is another team veteran, having been with Skanas every step of the way. Not much is known about the Reaver Vandal, except that he can speak English to some degree. He isn't up to Variks' level, but it still gets the point across. His two charges are Deskis and Yaelik, the only original dregs left after the attack on Venus.

Bracus Ta'aan- Ta'aan is the second-in-command of Firebase Epsilon, a military staging point outside Meridian Bay. Since it is constructed by the Siege Dancers (Ta'aan's unit), Epsilon stands as an impenetrable fortress, with AA and artillery emplacements scattered around. The Centurion has hunted down the Destroyers of Mars with little success, leading to a very short temper.

-Taken War-

Triton- After dismantling Bad Juju, he is now the leader and founder of the House of Twilight, a large faction comprised of Eliksni, Cabal, and Psions dedicated to ending the Hive and their gods. Viewed by some Guardians as an unofficial Vanguard.

Weapon- Dusk's Dawn- Auto Rifle

Firewing - Weapons - Ace of Spades, Haakon's Hatchet, and Invective

Lucks - Weapon of choice - Hereafter with Patience and Time as backup

Bracus Ta'aan- Primus of the Shadow Stormers, Twilight's heavy assault force. Mainly composed of Cabal and Psion forces, but Eliksni Guardians are also present. Used as a counter-unit against Taken blights and for halting enemy advances. Currently assisting the Skyburners in their assault on the Dreadnought. Unfortunately, this action has strained relations between the Twilight House, the Cabal forces, and the Vanguard.

Striker Titan - Siege Dancer colors with black highlights

The Right Hand/Taken General - Taken Awoken Titan

Weapons - Soulthief and Willtaker

Bio - A former Guardian whose records show KIA, the Right Hand is not the man he was in life. He exists only to serve the Taken King and will not stop to carry out his will. Completely loyal to Oryx, he has the power to Take his enemies and has infused this gift into his auto rifle Soulthief and his sniper rifle Willtaker. If he wishes to, he can use his power to reinforce any Taken in the vicinity.

Thor-4 (44) - Exo Male Titan

Coloring - Full black

Weapons of choice - Dealbreaker, Immobius, Sleeper Simulant

Bio - Thor-4 is a fun-loving Sunbreaker who hates being bored. Because of this, he often throws himself into the fray with no backup plans. There have only been a few instances when he had to be resurrected by his Ghost, a testament to his endurance and strength.

- Post-Cabal War-

Firewing - Cyborg Human Male Hunter - "Humanity has lost my faith; we are no different than any others."

Titles - Dawn Baron, Kell-Slayer, Red Lightning

Shaders - Dependent on mood; standard is Remembrance (Red lightning net over black background)

Weapons of choice - First Curse, Strongbow-D, Kanisk's Eye, Guard's Blade

Ghost - Sundial - Foundation Shell (black with each Eliksni and Fallen House's sigil on each facet)

Bio - Firewing is a veteran of the Taken and Cabal Wars, having fought on the side of the Last City and the House of Twilight (renamed Dawn) in both instances. He is the last surviving member of Fireteam Death and is the highest ranking member not present in the House Council. With the threat of the Darkness having been pushed back for the time being, Firewing considers himself retired and is often seen on Venus and Mars helping the House of Winter and the various neutral Cabal legions stationed on Mars, respectively. Some rumors are circulating that while he is next in line to become Kell, he does not desire the office, handing it over to Gakskosis instead.

Jessica - Psion Flayer Female Huntress - "Life is a balance between what's around you and what's in front of you."

Titles - Twilight/Dawn Hunter Vanguard, Wolf-Shatterer

Colors - Crimson on black

Weapons of choice - Modified Anti-material rifle

Ghost - Yirut - Reaper Shell (ice blue)

Bio - Jessica is a Huntress well-known for her sniping abilities. With assistance from her Ghost and the creators of Zen Meteor, she has modified her signature Ballistic Rifle to utilize her psionic powers in long-range combat to devastating effects. While naturally shy, she does her best to help when necessary, her greatest example being when she aided fellow Huntress Vura in completely shattering the Fallen House of Wolves.

Bracus Ta'aan - Cabal Male Titan - “What is better: to know no pain and falter when it arrives, or to live with pain and never falter when it comes in force?”

Titles - Twilight/Dawn Titan Vanguard, Shadow Stormer Primus, Traitor Primus (used by loyal Cabal legions)

Colors - Black mixed in with Siege Dancers' blue and yellow patterns

Weapons of choice - Projection rifle and Slug rifle

Ghost - Thrawn - Siege Shell (blue and yellow)

Bio - Ta'aan was a former archenemy of Fireteam Dragon, but now has built relations between the Last City and the Cabal and Psions of the Twilight House. He is the House's Titan Vanguard and is the creator and leader of the House's main assault force, the Shadow Stormers. Unfortunately, a genetic degenerative disease was found in his left leg during the Cabal War and permanently removed him from the field (only after heavy convincing by his peers). Since then, he has been working towards finding an acceptable candidate to replace his role as Vanguard in an effort to continue helping Lord Shaxx.

Vura - Eliksni Female Huntress - “I have destroyed my false machine-gods; now there is only the Great Machine.”

Titles - Wolf-Shatterer, Orbiks-Breaker, Kell-Daughter

Colors - Black on yellow and green

Weapons of choice - Shock swords and daggers, Six Dreg Pride, Vestian Dynasty, Dreg's Promise

Ghost - Shajeen - King's Shell (yellow with black borders)

Bio - Vura is the daughter of Gakskosis, Twilight's Warlock Vanguard, and is one of the few Guardians that have not died before they were chosen by their Ghosts. She is an expert Bladedancer and knife thrower, and continues to train under Firewing to become a Bladeslinger, which uses Arc and Solar Light simultaneously. She hates the House of Wolves with a passion, proving this with continuous patrols across Mars once fellow Eliksni Variks, the Loyal, found the Wolves taking up residence on the Red Planet. She personally destroyed Orbiks Prime, commemorating this achievement by wearing a specially made cloak and armor fashioned from the Wolf Servitor.

Gakskosis - Eliksni Male Warlock - "Age does not mean wisdom. Rather, it is a collection of experience, learning, and listening."

Titles - Twilight Warlock Vanguard, Kell of Twilight

Colors - Black on Yellow

Weapons of choice - Tlaloc, King's Decree

Ghost - Ghires - King's Shell (yellow with black borders)

Bio - Gakskosis is a former Baron of House Kings, having died on a surprise attack by the Hive on a Kings outpost in the European Dead Zone. Resurrected as a Warlock, Gakskosis exhibits extraordinary abilities with Void and Solar energy, being able to accomplish feats that other Guardians his young age wouldn't dream of. Despite the demands of his offices, he still finds time to be with his daughter, Vura.


Javelin- This guy is my more tragic character. As far as family goes, he is the opposite of Death Squad. Generally falls into depression easily if he lets his mind wander. He spent six months on the run from the Shadow Corps, having killed his squad's CO. Eventually, he found evidence of the man's betrayal and had his capture order dropped. However, Javelin declined being reinstated as a Shadow Commando and set off to explore the unknown. At some point, he comes across a wormhole that sends him across multiple timelines (i.e. movie and game universes)

Here in HTTYD, he finds a surrogate family of Night Furies and lives with them and their newborn daughter for fifteen years. Javelin becomes Twilight's adopted brother and meets two other dragons, a Zippleback and Nightmare. He becomes a Christian during one of his travels to the mainland, but refuses to stoop to the piety of the time. Ten years after his sister's hatching, he (or rather, some shipwrecked sailors) forms the legend of the Crimson Rider, a powerful man who rides a Night Fury and controls an army of dragons.

After an attack where he and Twilight are the only survivors, the duo head north and end up on Berk. He manages to land a job assisting Gobber with Dragon Training. He has formed a blood-bond with Hiccup and Twilight. However, the dragon blood in his system has reacted to something, and has now changed him into the Crimson Fury.

The Crimson Fury is eleven meters long, but has the size ratio of the Night Furies. He has similar features to Toothless, the exceptions being brown irises, slightly larger and wider tail fins, a crimson body pockmarked with maroon and small black spots, and a right foreleg that blends into silver a fourth of the way down.

Twilight- Javelin's sister and only daughter of Greln and Trena. She is a very loving dragon, as evidenced by her extremely strong bond with her brother. Her best friend was a Nightmare named Splatter who was killed in an attack. Whether by coincidence or not, Hookfang reminds her of him, and as such she cannot stand to see him hurt. Twilight and Toothless get on a wary start, but soon develop an interest in each other.

Match and Spark- a red-and-lava colored Zippleback.

Splatter- A dark red colored Nightmare and Twilight's closest friend.

Greln- Twilight's father and Trena's mate. Died protecting Trena from attackers.

Trena- Twilight's mother and Greln's mate. Downed by an axe to the left wing and killed alongside Greln.

Jurassic Park OCs

Javelin- In this universe, Javelin is a former Spec Ops soldier who has been working as Owen's raptor security chief for a year. However, since then, he has been plagued by intense nightmares of his fallen squad. He has turned away from prescribed medicine and finds solace only with the Raptor Squad.

After one mission, Javelin was hit with shrapnel and lost most feeling down his right arm. He volunteered for surgery to test cybernetic sensors. Those sensors have been inside since and allow him to feel vibrations and "see" their causes. This has helped him gain the Squad's respect immensely as well as delay the Indominus' plan to escape... for a very short time.


Agent Colorado

Appearance - Armor is the same as York's, but is colored crimson. Visor is maroon. Has short, black hair, hazel eyes, and a scar zigzagging across his left cheek.

Specialty - Sabotage and Fire Support

Enhancements - Advanced HUD, Solar Chargers

AI - Talon - Appearance is exactly like his handler

Bio - Colorado is a fun-loving Freelancer and loves to surprise people with his skills. As far as combat goes, he is proficient at all ranges, melee, and hand-to-hand, but his preference is dependent on the area he is in. In unarmed and melee combat, he always has Talon with him and uses his kinetic knuckles to take down targets quickly.

Unlike the AI fragments the other Freelancers use, Colorado (and his team) has made his own AI, who is virtually an extension of himself. Talon, through upgrades and practice, has allowed himself to assume a near-solid form based on how much power he is given; on Colorado's suit alone, he can only maintain a translucent, life-size copy of Colorado. Once hooked into a more powerful source, he can act like a human soldier with little hindrance (He has used this trick many times on the Freelancers onboard Mother of Invention, asking them to find out which is actually Colorado). All he needs to wreak havoc is access to the area's systems.

Planned Stories:

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Destiny & RWBY - Remnants of a Forgotten Timeline: Broken Teeth - With the Vex threat removed, FJ(G)TV turns its eyes on the terrorist Fangs. Unfortunately, Firewing's status as a professor keeps him off the field and with the kids. With crime on the rise, he decides to end the Hunt once and for all.

Destiny & RWBY - Remnants of a Forgotten Timeline: Dawn/Eclipse - TBA

RWBY & Achievement Hunter/Minecraft? - Chronicles of the Kings - Some myths and tales have grounds in reality, and one of the most acclaimed book series on Remnant is no different. When a field trip takes an unsuspecting turn, Team RWBY must tackle the trials of the Kings in order to free themselves from this nightmare and stop a fourth ascendance.

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RWBY - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 40 - Words: 275,409 - Reviews: 2071 - Favs: 2,123 - Follows: 2,301 - Updated: 9/1/2019 - Published: 7/25/2016 - OC, Neo, Winter S., Amber - Complete
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How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: T - English - Family/Romance - Chapters: 21 - Words: 40,376 - Reviews: 191 - Favs: 362 - Follows: 353 - Updated: 7/23/2019 - Published: 10/19/2015 - [Hiccup, OC] Toothless
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