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Hello everyone,

We are currently redoing our entire profile, favorite authors and stories included. So bear with us until everything is complete.

This profile is shared between three different people, Kuroi, Tenshi, and Rin, as it says in our penname. We are all high school seniors, no not anymore, we are out of high school now and are currently trying to get on with our lives such as working, college, etc. all that good stuff. So things are probably just as hectic as they were during senior year. But here is the portion of the profile that is complete. Enjoy!

Tenshi Profile:Hiya, I'm the person who started this mess with adding our profile on to ff.net and wanting to write stories. I WAS a senior in high school but graduated now (yay!). And during that senior year or school years i wasn't able to finish adding updates to my stories, but now i hope that i can start updating more frequently now.

About me:Unlike Kuroi I try not to let school take over my life, somehow I managed it. THE TEACHERS WILL NEVER CONTROL ME!! But anyways I love anime but not too much to where its all I think about, but it does tend to be a stress reliever for me._. I don't watch tv nor do I go watch movies, therefore I am far behind on what movies are showing in theaters at the moment. I mostly read books or listen to my zune whenever I am bored and that's when I get plagued by ideas for more stories. I have more stories that I plan starting in the future on for the following sections- Gundam Wing/AC, Initial D, Saiyuki, Black Cat, Pretear (maybe), and DN Angel.


Angel of Purity: Started that last year and I'm organizing my thoughts on the next chapter, then come revision and that may take some time. But I do plan on finishing it.

Neesan's Shi: On-Hiatus for the moment. Started that a couple of years back, I didn't really get to update on that story for a long while so I do hope that it will catch some interests but it is going under revision now and will be reposted up soon I hope. And it will be continued.

Kuroi's Profile: Well, as you can see my name is Kuroi,(Yeah I can't pronounce it, tenshi made it up and unfortunatley I said ok.) I am a college student, full-time, and I' not sure when I'll get to everything that I have started, because everything is still completely crazy

About myself: School has practically taken over my life, so everything I do is dedicated to school. However, I am an avid fan of Teen Titans, I'm still very angry that it ended but that's life. I also enjoy other cartoons, anime, and television series. To mention a few X_FILES (one of the most amazing shows of all times.), Smallville, The Avatar, and maybe D.N. Angel. I enjoy rock music, country, and pop music.

My Stories:

- Unititled at for the moment: This story is actually going to be a three part series, that I came up with in my government class. That is all I am going to say. Sorry. ; ) I am currently working on it, I thinking about making it into a manga type format, like a side project to the actual story. But this is a slow process because of how busy I am, but I think I'll work on this more now.

This story I began about two or three years, honestly I don't remember. But since then the plot of the story has changed significantly. The first chapter will still remain the same but everything following has changed. I had first intended on making it my version of The End before those episodes aired but as busy as I am, I was unable of finishing the story. Most of it was due to school (my number one priority) and other activities. So now it is going to be continued and the plot will be revealed as I update,...hopefully.

Rin's Profile:

She doesn't do much on here. She mainly reads and revises Tenshi's and Kuroi's stories.

Stories all three of us did:

- ...things they will never do or say. This was a spurr of the moment story. Don't ask.

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