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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, and Naruto.

Yes, I changed my pen name! But I couldn't help it! But don't worry, I'm still Yuna-Blueo'Hara, I'm just using kawaii.sasuke at the moment... well for a really long time but yeah!

Okay here's my profile, I'm very general for these things, sorry!

General stuff:

real name: Lenna or... Itsuka Yamazaki :D

gender: female (duh what do you think about my name?)

location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

description: dark brown hair, and is around 5ft.3inch.

relationship status: I'm single and proud of it. But I did wish that Alphonse was real... lolz

favourite anime guys and from video games:

Lol, that was then this is now. I've recently been watching and reading the manga from Naruto and I got to say, Sasuke-kun's the one that catches me!

First of all, it's gotta be Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist, I mean, when he's human, he's so damn cute! (also hott X_x)And I wished that you guys could see my room I've draw drawings of him and me, but me in anime anways. Then it's gotta be Edward with that metal arm of his. After, Tidus and Link, don't forget about that dude.

Home Page (s) one of them is at the top (yeah, sometimes they don't work):

Wow... another one from me! Hell, yeah! This is one is for Sakura and Sasuke. I didn't do anything yet but I'll give you a glimpse how things are. I couldn't find a layout with just the both of them so I just go this simple layout...

hmmm... strange it isn't working. Oh well, I just moved to a new host so yeah...

> this is just something that I did in my spare time.

www.freewebs.com/yuna_crystalline_tears/>Based mostly onFFX-2

>Based FFX-2 and FFX

Likes:I like ffx and ffx-2. Drawing (I won an art contest in Killarney Secondary School for drawing a pic of Yuna!) and writing. Oh, yeah and the computer, same goes for the PS2(hehe). And, the piano I played Final Embrace on it! Yeah and I like Full Metal Alchemist, Alphonse E., Edward E. and Link, my man, and Tidus. He's still important. Whoa, talk about some obsessed fangirl. lolz


Naruto! Believe it! Inu Yasha: Yeah, it's long but I still kind of like it. Witch Hunter Robin. And when I was younger, Carcaptor Sakura.

Now here's the one that I like the most (for now, I guess) Full Metal Alchemist! YAY! Ed rocks (let alone that hot metal arm of his... oh, yeah, and the leg). WInry and Ed together> I like! If you like EdxWInry, you should check out Saturn Stars for her ficcie of Full Metal Alchemist: Stand Up and Walk Forward.

My new addition, I just love Al in his human form, he is so damn cute! I think I'm obsessed X_x, I'm even gonna write some fic where Al and I are gonna be there and so is my friend, Lina. You've probably heard of her if you've read some of my author notes in my first fic.

Authors: Well, I say that you should check out Saturn Stars and Da KeR MysTeRr. I luv their ficcies and they rock my world of fanfiction! YAY!


Add me on MSN if you want, only for having to do with Fanfics though, thank you! (sorry only for members of fanfiction.net though) If you want to, for those who are in the public, it's raindancer_yuna@hotmail.com, thanks! Yeah, sometimes I like meeting new ppl... just not the stalkers.

Music (Yeah, u can tell that I'm a FFX and FFX-2 freak liking all of this & I'm becoming a Full Metal Alchemist freak, just love that anime!). :

Ayumi Hamasaki's songs, she's really good!

FMA soundtracks, bought most of them.

I like that music video of Full Metal Alchemist. Dawn of Gates. Really, sad but it's a spoiler if you didn't watch pass episode 23!

I also like and listening to Evanescence, okay? She's cool!

One of my fav. songs from her: My Immortal very nice! It gives me this sad feeling yet happy in another way. I like the idea that some of you used it in your ficcies! I might too!

1000 noKotoba (words) (working on it on piano still)

Real Emotion (found sheet music but need import from Japan)

Memories Of Waves and Light (finished and played it for recital for piano.)

Tidus and Yuna's Final Embrace (done the easy version) (Done this one half way, stuck on non-stop 16th notes with right hand while left hand done most of the work)

Jump Festival (it's like final embrace that song has so many versions)

My favourite paring:

SAKURA and SASUKE for crying out loud! They are so cute! Sometimes people say that the people with tottally different attitudes come together.

Yuna and Tidus, who else? Duh! They're so adorable together:p

Ed and Winry. Yeah, not much to say... but I like them together!

Here's my newest, I never thought of it but I have before I was a Final Fantasy freak which was a long time ago, is Link and Zelda. Never thought of putting that out in public but, yeah it's true. Besides, I'm not alone, there are others out there who like them both too.

Not favourite paring:

Roy and Ed. (cough) You know, I have a friend named Roy at school, so yeah. I'm doing this for you ROY! And you were the one saying I never did something for you. coughs Besides, did you talk to Lina about your feelings for her yet? Or have you cheated big time on her! ROY!

Rikku and Tidus (cough) it just buggs me but people have their on choices, right? Yeah... but I can't stand it, I'd rather have her with Gippal you know, they fit eachother... Okay sortoff...

And gay couples or lesbiens. Okay? I hate them. End of sentence.End of story.

My favourite websites:

> I'm in the Forums as kawaii.sasuke, believe it!

> all about Ed!

(all about Al! gushes) oh, the URL changed. Hmmph... can't remember what it was.

www.fanfiction.net (duh, I love this place!)


(okay, so not really just for the pictures and stuff, I guess)

www.animenuke.com >this is just a really good site for downloading. If some of you guys like Full Metal Alchemist, then you guys can download the whole series. I did even though I saw the whole thing. And for Naruto, same thing too.

Fanfics: I'm thinking of putting up that SasuSaku fic I've been writing on paper recently...

Right now I'm working on The taste Of my Real Life. It gets confusing at first but then later on you'll see why the title has that name.

Newest ficcie:

I'm sorry that I didn't update for the others but it's not like anyone's reading them, just a couple of people, right? (sniff, I suck) Anyways, I'm gonna be working on an Fma fic once I get the others done before vacation. It's just about me, and Al, like I said earlier and my friend Lina. In the fic, we're sisters and find out a secret that was kept hidden from us for years, and I mean years.We do human transmutation, meet Winry for a few days and meet up with Ed in Germany. Al is with me, and (since Lina knew I'm obsessed with him) she made me his girl in the fic... It's not like I have a thing for him, right? Well, that's all I gotta say.

Next new one, which I'm hoping I'll do in the future:

Is some fic in the Zelda section. Haven't thought what yet but yeah, I'm doing this for my interest on Link and Zelda and to help out that section. Well, yeah, there are good ones, with all the nice language and stuff but what I noticed was that there wasn't really much with romance or anything. Yeah, there are some and good ones but I think that I'll help out with them. Besides, I have almost every Zelda game in the series, so I know what I'm going to do once I find out what the sotryline is.

Title of new fic coming:

another new ficcie: might be working on and Full Metal Alchemist one but I need to work out what's going to happen. basically, I think that it'll be based on Ed and Winry together.

New Fic that's coming: Well, I think that this is going to be a good one. I'm only going to be writing it once I finish the others but then I could start on it but not post it just yet.

What's about:

It's going to loose most of the main things in Spira. Not much summoner stuff and it's going to be in FFX-2. Tidus never disappeared and I think that Yuna was never a summoner. Instead of the Gullwings, the group is called something related to Tight Fusions.

Instead of beingsphere hunters, the three of them, Yuna, Paine, Rikku, are going to be these teens that are going to take down machina that went haywired. I can't really describe what they're wearing but then I'm going to post some pictures of what they look like on my site, the tripod one, I think. Their suits are going to be based on this girl's suit from another game. Yeah, you might think that I'm weird but then I think that those suits will fit them in this fic.

Their mission is kind of complicated cuze I'm still thinking but I have a slight idea. Take down the machina cores in Zanarkand. Now, Zanarkand hasn't gotten evil but Yuna and her group is going there so they could take care of some business. Yuna isn't supposed to fall in love with Tidus because of his father but she does any way. And that's why the title is going to ba related to Interna Fusions. I'll be trying to write it soon!

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Keireki to Itami reviews
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A cold heart left in despair, an everlasting war, a task which seems impossible: Interna Fusions, a power that lay dormented hidden and was forgotten for one thousand years. {YunaxTidus} and some {RikkuxGippal}
Final Fantasy X-2 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 11,741 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 4/5/2005 - Published: 3/27/2005
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