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Dear Aden

A young writer in hopes of an English-teaching future, he writes mostly fan fiction, and some fiction of his own creation he does not bother to post much. He does has a fictionpress profile, Alareic, but does not post on it anymore. There you can check out some of his fiction which he created many, many years ago. He apologizes now for the possible grammar errors anyone may encounter.


Plague of Darkness:

An AdaxLeon story. It is a novelization of Resident Evil 4, written with the POV's off Ada, Leon, Krauser, Wesker, and other minor characters. It is sort of on an hiatus right now, please feel free to check out the story and let me know what you think. If I do end up finishing it there will be a sequel that will come out, most likely featuring Ada.

Lost Salvation:

An AdaxWesker story. Wesker and Ada are working together as scientist in hopes of re-creating the T-Virus. When Wesker manages to re-create the deadly pathogen, he begins Project Salvation, which he hopes to use in the recreation of the Umbrella Corporation. But when an unknown Mercenary force calling themselves The Black Dawn attacks, Wesker is left with nothing, and he vows to find his lost salvation. On the Resident Evil timeline, this comes after Resident Evil 2&3, and before Veronica.

The Mercenaries:

Leon x Ada x Krauser x Wesker x Hunk story. It is a novelization of Resident Evil 4's minigame, The Mercenaries. The title is subject to change. See bio for summary, but since most of you have probably played RE4, the story is self explanitory... OR IS IT?


I'd just like to thank those who reviewed for The Mercenaries and Lost Salvation. I didn't think it would get the response that it has, so thank you very much to all of you. Your feedback helps myself and my writing, and it is greatly appreciated.

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