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(1) The Final Dance
Summary: "Dark whispers and endless rumours have always surrounded the prestigious Kuchiki clan. But the Ice Dragon refuses to accept the newest development concerning a certain Kuchiki Rukia - despite witnessing the event with his very own eyes."
Pairing: Hitsugaya & Rukia (crack pairing)
Status: Incomplete
Note: Four Kuchiki elders have been disposed of so far. And yet, trouble is brewing for our heroes for their opponents are finally catching on. On top of all this, the nasty tension between the Human Substitute and the Ice Dragon has reached a whole new level with regards to the violet-eyed female.

(2) Tall, dark and handsome stranger
Summary: "Kuchiki Rukia has specific taste: simple and precise. He might have been one good-looking bastard but white hair just didn't seem 'mysterious' enough. And besides, his height just wasn't sufficient in terms of meeting her standards."
Pairing: Hitsugaya & Rukia (crack pairing)
Status: Complete
Note: A little modern twist on the favourite crack pairing. Poor Rukia just can't seem to prove her theory on attraction and men.

(3) Immediate Persuasion - sequel to Tall, dark and handsome stranger
Summary: "Sometimes, it is just a matter of having someone who believes in you infinitely." She was a breath of fresh air, the light in this infinite labyrinth of darkness. She was everything to him.
Pairing: Hitsugaya & Rukia (crack pairing)
Status: One-shots
Note: Ever wondered how the other employees of the Kuchiki Corporation might react to this couple?
Fanart: NinjaBunnyOverlord was kind enough to send a link for the fanart on Worthy opponent (chapter 1). It is exactly as I pictured it. Thank you so much!

Detective Conan/Case Closed:
(1) A Girl's Place
Summary: "As denial leads to frustration, frustration eventually leads to conflict. As a certain ponytailed girl admits her feelings of jealousy, can this eventually lead to the realisation of affection towards a certain childhood friend?"
Paring: Heiji & Kazuha
Status: Complete

Final Fantasy X-2:
(1) Reflections of the Oasis
Summary: "Rikku is absolutely determined to take the sphere containing images of the Tidus-look-alike to Besaid. What can the former Crimson Squad members do to stop her from putting herself in danger?"
Pairing: Gippal & Rikku
Status: Incomplete

(1) Forces of Nature
Summary: "The pink cherry blossoms, the rising sun and the delicate moonlight. These are the forces behind the relationship between the two lovers"
Pairing: Shang & Mulan
Status: Complete - my very first fic

Naruto Fanfics:
(1) The Four Season Collection:
(a) Spring - Enemy Discourse
Summary: "Four Season Collection: Spring triggers a whole new cycle. For Sakura, the only survivor of the Haruno Clan, it begins with an old mortimer, a faceless ninja and a unicorn chasing ANBU from within the hidden depths of 'Root'. Ever wondered what it would be like if Sakura met Sai before it all?"
Pairing: Sai & Sakura
Status: Incomplete
Note: This story branches away from the main Naruto narrative. It focuses on 'Root' during the time when Sai had been a little boy and Shin had been alive.

(a)(i) Unexpected visit - sequel to Enemy Discourse
Summary: "And we all thought Sai would only be the lucky one. Watch all of Konoha meet the mysterious Haruno Sakura for the first time"
Pairing: Multi-pairings/one-shots
Status: Incomplete

(b) Summer - Metaphorically Speaking
Summary: "Four Season Collection: Summer had been kind to Sakura, the pink haired medic. With it, came the ramen loving blonde who always managed to some how make her days even warmer than intended."
Pairing: Naruto & Sakura
Status: Complete - the fluffiest fic I have ever written!

(c) Autumn - Cross Over
Summary: "Four Season Collection: Autumn was a time of contemplation. But regrets seemed trivial when a certain ANBU captain managed to bring out the best in a certain cherry blossom."
Pairing: Neji & Sakura
Status: Incomplete

(d) Winter - Fighter
Summary: "Four Season Collection: During the bitter coldness of winter a certain Uchiha survivor decided to pursue his well hidden emotions now that he's back but she seems to see him only as an old acquaintance."
Pairing: Sasuke & Sakura
Status: Incomplete

(2) Healing Hands
Summary: "So Sakura succeeded in earning the acceptance of an extremely stubborn Hyuuga clan lord, but how does all of this fit into her relationship with his handsome nephew?"
Pairing: Neji & Sakura
Status: Complete

(3) This is goodbye
Summary: “You don’t have to do a fucking thing this time Sasuke,” she whispered ever so softly. “Because from now on, I get to kick you out into the freezing cold…”
Pairing: Sasuke & Sakura
Status: Complete
Note: From time to time, I feel like Sasuke deserves a good kick in the butt.

(4) Shotgun Wedding
Summary: "Usually in these situations, it was the father of the bride holding the groom at gunpoint at the wedding of his pregnant daughter. And yet, for Hyuuga Neji, there was no murderous father-in-law, no unplanned babies; just a mission." No longer a Haruno but instead, a Hyuuga through that of marriage; Sakura, the pink-haired kunoichi is having to find herself depend upon none other than the stoic ANBU captain, Hyuuga Neji. He is her only protection, her ultimate sanctuary from an untouchable enemy - Uchiha Sasuke.
Pairing: Hyuuga Neji & Haruno Sakura
Status: Incomplete.
Note: Purely due to protection, Neji is given the mission of guarding Sakura from the dangers of her former teammate. Perhaps it is due to the ancient history of the Hyuuga clan but when she is within their very walls, she is away from harm's way. But is the marriage just a mission for the both of them or something so much more?

(5) Inappropriate Advances
Summary: "Men are single-mindedly perverted horny animals, Sakura. When there is one near your vicinity, it is your job to run like the wind!" Too bad Haruno Sakura never did take advice very well. Especially the advice of her idiotic teammates.
Pairing: Hyuuga Neji & Haruno Sakura
Status: Complete

Ouran High School Host Club:
(1) Indifference
Summary: "She had always acted with indifference, he had always searched for that missing part in his life. Somehow, both managed to fulfil all that and much more..."
Pairing: Tamaki & Haruhi
Status: Complete

Prince of Tennis:
(1) Misconduct
Summary: "Kikumaru Eiji knew that things happen in life and they happen for a reason. But Echizen Ryoma smiling? Was it something to do with a certain young lady who used to have braids?"
Pairing: Ryoma & Sakuno
Status: Complete - actually, this might be the fluffiest fic I've ever written

Red Eye:
(1) Femme Fatal
Summary: All Lisa wanted was a nice strong drink, preferably a Sea Breeze, even if it was four in the morning. Opting for a bit of comfort food before heading back to her apartment from the goddamn airport, the pretty hotel manager bumps into a handsome man with the bluest eyes she had ever seen.
Pairing: Jackson Rippner & Lisa Reisert
Status: Incomplete
Note: It’s been such a long time since I’ve written fan-fictions. Certainly, the first time I’ve ever written anything for a movie. In response to a request by a very good friend of mine: Hope you all enjoy.

Soul Eater:
(1) The Stepping Stone Theory
Summary: "It was a matter of taking it step by step; gradually building up the thrills, the anticipation before making that final strike. And mark my words, Maka Albarn was going to be his before she even realised what was going on."
Pairing: Soul & Maka
Status: Complete
Note: Just began watching this manga and I fell in love with it from the very start. I'd love to write more on this delicious pairing; really hope more storylines pop up.

(2) Calculated Intertwinement
Summary: "Those sinful hands never failed to take her breath away. And yet for Maka Albarn, it didn't matter that he spent his nights in her bed. Not when he is the Death Scythe. Not when he's no longer solely hers."
Pairing: Soul & Maka
Status: Complete
Note: This storyline had been floating around my head for quite some time. I can't believe I've finally finished this. The story refers to that line of development when our heroes are finally all grown up and are faced with the insecurities of change and the future.

(3) The Back up Plan
Summary: Deep meaningful relationships are meant to be reaffirmed from time to time. But this was just getting plain ridiculous as Death the Kid ends up being the relationship guru for the infamous Shibusen couple. Not to mention, all of this is taking place in the middle of his impeccable bathroom! And this is one of those times where Maka's obliviousness does not help in any way.
Pairing: Soul & Maka
Status: Complete
Note: A little quirky one-shot. Got very obsessed about writing something revolving around Death the Kid's bathroom!

(4) A little Competition
Summary: A bit of competition always makes life a little more interesting. Although some may regard the Death Scythe, a book-loving meister and all the rest of Shibusen as an extremely dangerous mixture.
Pairing: Multi-pairings/Mostly Soul & Maka
Status: One-shots
Note: Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses that must be used to the best of their abilities. After all, this is the ultimate rule of the game.

(1) Indepth
Summary: "She had always been there standing behind him but can she handle the pressure? Will the silent sound of the bells guide her towards her next destination?"
Pairing: Ayumu & Hiyono
Status: Complete