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Hello everyone, this is DelightfullyMAD, formally Chi13iM, back from the dead.

First of all, my most humble and sincere apologies to former readers of my works who were left high and dry when I left. I never had any intention of stopping my works, but unfortunately, life has a rather irritating tendency to throw you for a loop every now and then. I won't go into any details, but suffice to say that my abrupt departure was nearly as shocking to me as it was to anyone.

What's past is past however. Water under the bridge and all that. And while I certainly don't expect that any of my old readers are interested in reading my works anymore, I can only hope that new readers may come and enjoy what I have to offer.

Speaking of which, I have a few announcements in regards to my return to writing:

1) I do not intend to continue writing any of my stories based on Naruto. There are several reasons for this, the largest of which is simply my complete lack of interest in the series as of late. While I'm certain that mountains of people will disagree with me, I have to be honest and state that the Naruto series has taken a serious hit in story quality, not to mention that the series seems to constantly make a habit of utterly destroying any sense that anything is ever truly at stake given how the author seems content to simply resurrect major characters time after time because the writer lacks the courage to actually insert real DRAMA into the work. I refer, of course, not only to situations like Gaara's resurrection, but also the absolutely ludicrous mass resurrection performed by Paine in the more recent past. It was at that point that I completely threw up my arms and washed my hands of that series once and for all. So, in short, my Naruto stories are dead, and while I do apologize again for cutting them short, all I can say is that I simply lack the inspiration needed to keep them going.

2) I do intend to restart New Future, Broken Past. I have a lot of ideas brewing for this series and I would very much like to continue where I left off. I can only hope that once I get going, people will read and be as taken with the characters and situations as I am.

3) While I do intend to write more than just the fic referenced above, new stories will not start right away. This is partially due to me being rather rusty with my writing after so long, but also because I want to be able to focus on a single storyline so that I don't get bogged down. If at all possible, I intend to update the story once every other week at least, sometimes more if the inspiration is flowing.

Apologies again and hopefully I can make up for lost time.

My Stories

New Future, Broken Past: This story will be raised from the dead after nearly 6 years of hiatus. Chapter 3 will be forthcoming detailing Terra finally recovering from her 500 year long nap and she will be formally introduced to the world of RIFTS Earth.

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