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10(00) Years.

This is our forever.

Our Forever Anonymous Twific Contest

Because whether you're new here, still here, or coming back--fandom is forever.

Pic Prompts: ourforeverfic.tumblr.com / Twitter


awkwordly / jenn_jenn0 / Legna989 / MyOnlyHeroin / nerac / TriRae (profmom72)




  1. Entries can be any genre, pairing, and rating, but must be based on one of the provided pic prompts.
  2. One entry per author. Must be a new, original fic. (i.e. cannot be a continuation, spin-off, or related in any way to an existing story.)
  3. Entries must be no more than 12,000 words.
  4. Entries must be beta'd. Your submission will be rejected for grammar or spelling errors.
  5. All entries must remain anonymous. No teasers, no hints, no promo unless you are also promoting other stories.


10/5 - 10/26 - submissions open

10/30 - 11/6 - public voting

11/13 - winners announced


Email entries to OurForeverFic@gmail.com in Word doc format.

Submission header:

  • Author Name (please indicate if you are a first time author):
  • FFn Profile and/or twitter link:
  • Title:
  • Pic Prompt Used:
  • Rating:
  • Pairing:
  • Genre:
  • Word count:
  • Summary (no more than 384 words):
  • Standard copyright disclaimer