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HEY! I'm Rae. Teen Titans. It's one of the best shows ever. I like writing fictional romance stories and playing tennis. I love romance stories about the Titans! Sorry I keep changing my penname. Was: Shock-to-your-system and thehypershockers.

Name: Rae

Age: hmmm...somewhere between 12 and 14

Height: 4 ft 10'' (I need a growth spirt)

Weight: Like you really need to know.

Color: Silver and Blue


I don't think I'll be writing anymore Teen Titans stories. I've moved on to real stories. Like ones that I want to be really published. If I do think of some more ideas for stories, I'll let you guys know. If you are interested in my non-fanfic stories, you can find them here:

Pairings I Love

ROBxSTAR (Hellllooo! Can you say "Movie Much"?)

BBxRAE (Use your brains people! See all eps! BEST COUPLE EVER)


Anyone with Starfire that isn't Robin


Favorite TT or TS Quotes

thinks he's nimble, Lumierre thinks he's quick, Lumierre just got
busted by three tough chicks." -Clover from A spy is born pt2

"We can not change the truth, no matter how much we dislike it." -Raven
from Final Exam (I used this quote in a hero essay at school)

"Clover? You're gunna be soooo busted when I tell your mom you left the house!" - Normie (Clover's little cousin) from Zooney World

"Is it me, or does Clover fall in love more than Mandy maxes out her credit card?" -Sam

"Poor Clover. She hates outter space...she got a D in astronomy class." -Alex from Queen For a Day

"Next time you pick a place to hideout, make sure we can't see it from our living room." -Raven from Birthmark

Beast Boy: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Cyborg is turning into the one thing I thought he'd never be...
Raven: What's that?
Beast Boy: A robot.

"In fact, we're so talented at sleep walking, we can even sleep run!" -Alex from Scamp Camp much?

Starfire: Why does the Punk Rocket wish to hurt people with his music? Music is a glorious expression that is supposed to make one feel happy! Raevn: You obviously havn't heard any of my music...
-The Lost Episode

"I am not a girl? I am not your friend? Robin, if Iam not your girlfriend, then, what am I?" -Starfire from Stranded

"Clear the way sis. This girls got a date with destruction." -Alex from Computer Creep Much?

"Um...yes. Today is Gorb Gorb! The Tamarainian festival of berating drapery. STUPID CURTIANS!" -Starfire from Can I keep Him?

"Hey, the desert isn't so bad if you don't have to cross it on a smelly old camel...(SANDSTORM shows on R.A.T.V.A.T. screen) face it, the desert sucks no matter how you cross it!" -Alex from Queen For a Day

"Red X could be anyone smart enough to steal the suit, and dumb enough to take it for a joyride." -Raven from X


"I thought we told you guy to make up, not make out!"-Cyborg from Cupboard Love

“I’ll have you know I had this sweater made especially for me!” said Kitten. “Really? By who; the fashion rejects?” asked Mandy. -Mandy (TS) and Kitten (TT) from Recruiting Agent Beast Boy

"Afraid, that another one whom you like will die under my hands? Afraid, that the one person you, love, will be murdered by me...?" -Slade from Child

You need to tell her what I know, Robin. Starfire’s a sweetheart… but she’s not the brightest crayon in the box. Especially about certain things.” -Raven from Who Wants to Date Starfire?

'It's easier to just ignore emotions when you're not allowed to have them. That way you can't wish for them. You can spend your whole life wishing for things. You can wish your life away.' -Raven thinking from Stay With me

“I love you too.” She whispered in his ear kissing him again. Robin wrapped her up in his strong embrace. Then Cyborg walked in.
“Wow. If Robin’s the new pizza boy, he really delivers!” Cy said getting a soda and walking out. -Cyborg and Starfire from Robin, what's a kiss?

T. For Terra, for Titan. Or is it for traitor? -A thought from Elevation

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knock on my door by kayke reviews
Complete. The story is about Raven and BB and stuff. Alot of Cy in there too, because I love robots. In chapter 7 BB wakes up, Rae and Cy have a talk, BB and Rae eat food, BB falls back asleep. Pg 13 for lots of fluff and Cyborg's foul la
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When BB is bored out of his wits, he goes to a cyber cafe'. He makes friends with Raven online, but Raven has no clue its him. She acts nice, funny, caring, and they become Best online friends. (bofs) But, when his secret is discovered, things start to change...
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Raveast hints. From Raven's POV. She never needed anyone. Was that so wrong? She wouldn't cry for Terra. Wouldn't mourn for her. Not the way Beastboy would. But one night Beastboy asks her to stay. Maybe... maybe we all need someone in the end.
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Foward To The Past reviews
It's been three years since Terra died and Beast Boy still can't get over it. Cyborg has been working on a time machine where you can go back in time. Beast Boy must use the machine to go to the day when he and Terra went on the date in order to stop her
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When two new baddies come to destroy the world, it's up to Alex, Clover, Sam, and WOOHP's two new spies, Zeke and Jazz to save the day. I may put a little romance in it.
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When three normal kids (like u n me) discover an all cartoon worl called R2 (Realm 2)what could go wrong? I suck a summeries. Just read the story. It's better than it sounds.
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Raven and Beast Boy have always had feelings for each other but never admitted it. The same with Robin and Starfire. What happens when the 'truth' is revealed? RAExBB STARxROB CYxWELL...NO ONE [COMPLETE]
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OneShot. It's my version of how I thought the ending to 'How Long Is Forever' should be. I suck at summeries, so just read the story. It's better than it sounds.
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