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Author has written 34 stories for Secret Saturdays, Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Who, Misc. Cartoons, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, and Misc. Tv Shows.

Everything except the Secret Saturdays fics is (thus far) also uploaded over at sidequestpubs on deviantArt.
All of the Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/etc fics are also uploaded at SideQuestPublications on AO3.

A note on chapter length: chapter division considers, before anything else, what is happening in the chapter. If I decide events from one scene to the next are distinct enough, in time, location, or what's actually going on, I usually divide them. Rarely will I combine such scenes, unless dividing them would result in a chapter of maybe a few paragraphs. For exceptionally long chapters, however... then I will take length into consideration. And thanks to website layout, keeping the chapters short is a bigger concern on dA than it is here. As a result, some of my stories (most noticeably the Sonic fics), but by no means all, are divided up differently between the two sites.
I have yet to make up my mind whether to migrate my Secret Saturdays fics. If I do, that may mean editing the versions here for chapter length, to match the way the Sonic fics are uploaded--most of my other stories, due to the actual content, don't seem to have a problem with chapter length the way these ones do.

Not to mention making other edits. I've a few story elements that, shall we say, "sounded like a good idea at the time," but the more I distance myself from the stories, the more I dislike certain parts.
Namely, the orphanage section in Ships (you know which one) and Aeron's related part, and Doyle's behavior during much of Heist. The mentioned section in Ships will be taken out entirely, with the other chapters being modified to account for most of the change; Doyle's behavior in Heist will, hopefully, be less obviously out-of-character, while still fitting the plot I had in mind.
I don't know when I'll get back to these stories, but I do intend to copy them over to deviantArt round about the same time I begin the rewrites.

I will, eventually, attempt to draw up some of the scenes from any of the series/stories. Something to use as chapter images (on deviantArt) or "book covers" (on here and AO3) perhaps? But I'm currently interested in what my readers might dream up.
So take a look, and see what strikes your fancy!

And finally... anyone else feel like there should be a checklist for certain fandoms, to allow us if we so choose to say which episodes our fics take place during without using up our limited space in the story's description? No? Just me?
Okay then, on to editing my descriptions. (Really only one fic right now that's giving me this issue...)

Now back to your regularly scheduled rambling. ;)

Introduction to

I technically started on here because I was looking up a fellow classmate.

Then I started work on a Pokemon fic. That went nowhere after two chapters, and I eventually took it down. It still plays in the back of my head now and again. I might give it another go some day, but for now, it's just shoved to the side.

Secret Saturdays

Then I started with the Secret Saturdays. I began with a one-shot, Waking Nightmare, which was only meant to test the waters and introduce one of my conspiracy theories. I'll eventually work it into a later part of one of the longer stories...whenever those longer stories reach that point.

I originally had about umpteen-trillion things (or so it seems) I wanted to try that were supposed to take place after the show was over. But these stories tended to rely on situations from (at the time) recent episodes. I found myself changing the stories quite frequently to take new episodes into account.
I noticed I had quite a few memories--essentially a collection of flashbacks from a variety of unrelated stories--from Doyle's early years that I wanted to work out, so I finally just wrote them into one story, Ships in the Night. I decided I'd get that worked out of my system before I worked on any others.

Then I started my Master's Degree, and Ships in the Night went on a long hiatus.

I switched to a new story, figuring that Ultimate Heist would be much shorter, and that I could still work on it even during my degree.
But this was not to be.

Sonic the Hedgehog

NaNoWriMo 2010 began, and I switched gears again.

My first Sonic the Hedgehog fiction, Spectres of the Past, played a crucial part in my word count, and will play a role in the finished product--once I edit it for copyright purposes, of course--and other than focusing on classes, I simply haven't dropped that project.
It, too, was initially intended to be a "modern" setting. It, too, contained memories that I wanted to develop, that I finally decided to write into a story all their own.
The history became three stories: Spectres of the Past, Uneasy Alliances, and Endings, New Beginnings.
And a Mature-rated one-shot, Liaison, that one of characters wouldn't let me avoid.

Then I wrote another one shot, Self Reliance, that was only meant as a gag, and that I'd like to draw up as a comic for my deviantArt account... assuming I ever get around to practicing enough to manage something worth drawing.
And this one-shot, alongside the "modern" settings used in my NaNo's first draft, inspired the Alternate Universe that came to be known as Bad Blood.

In May of 2011, I had an odd dream that prompted the story now known as Forgotten War.
I wanted to get the general idea down, so I set Bad Blood aside and started on the "prologue" of this new idea as another Sonic-fic.
NaNoWriMo 2011 rolled around, and I had no idea what I was going to write for my novel. However, I'd determined that Forgotten War, once revised for copyright issues (very little revision, under the circumstances), could make a workable original story. So I cut off the fanfiction at the end of the prologue and began my NaNo at the next chapter.

Then I dropped the fanfiction in favor of my final college courses. I hope to return to these projects soon.

Doctor Who

In 2012, I started work on a set of loosely-connected Doctor Who fics, many of which I focused on when it came time for NaNoWriMo. I'd like to get these legitimately published, though I don't see that happening any time soon--I simply have no idea who to talk to for permission, and have little enough "reputation" as a writer to warrant getting that permission even if I knew who to ask.
So I'm rewriting many of them into "original" fics via the Faction Paradox method.
As such, most won't be appearing on here, but there are a few--some that simply won't be rewritten, such as the Ten/Martha story The Prince and the Doctor, and others that have no connection to that set, such as the crossover Spies of Cybus, or the occasional random shorter ideas, those based on dreams, or those intended only to explore my headcanon--that I will eventually put up.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I'm also toying around with a handful of My Little Pony fics that I simply... haven't gotten around to posting to here. Three short fics can be found on deviantArt, detailing the events that dragged certain characters into the (yet to be written) longer main story.

DC Arrowverse--Flash, Legends, etc.

Late 2016, I finally caught up on Season One of Legends (and the first two seasons of Flash), and now I have assorted ramblings about Captain Cold. A few of these ramblings might even be the rare "short" stories once I've finished them.

FYI, anything titled with "Random" in front of the name is either an intentionally short fic (exploring only one small aspect of what may eventually be a larger idea, or at least relate to one of my main fics) or is, well, a random fic that has little to do with anything else. Occasionally both.
In the first case, these fics may eventually get renamed (dropping the "Random" label) if I find that small aspect building to a larger story than I anticipated. Flash Sideways, for instance, was originally a "random" story as it only existed to explore how Len's eidetic memory might affect things if history changed around him, and was supposed to be a one-shot (that plan didn't last long ;) ), and became less random as I started piling on the consequences and the entire premise became a major part of my personal headcanon.
In the second case, OOC almost certainly will occur, as character behavior often relates to situations explored in the longer fics but the "random" ones simply aren't meant to be long enough or detailed enough to explore the motivations behind that behavior. In other words, some characters might behave OOC by accident, but if your first instinct is to cry "out of character" in a short story or even in the first chapter... well, writing the behavior so it makes sense is certainly my responsibility, but please consider the possibility that I might have something else planned that you just haven't seen yet.


And unless you're lurking over on deviantArt, you're now caught up with me.
Come 2013, I'd gone back to my original works, and I've been going back and forth in these different storyverses ever since.

Reading Order:

I have recently been messaged asking me the general order certain of my fics take place.
Now, deviantArt allows me to sort individual uploads (chapters) within custom folders as I see fit, and AO3 allows virtually the same thing by connecting stories within a series., however, does not allow writers any way to control the order in which fics appear on my profile except by a) giving them titles to indicate their general order or by uploading the complete fics absolutely in the order they occur, both of which depend entirely on the reader choosing to sort my works according to one of those two options.
I have begun adding numbers to the titles of certain of my works according to their place in their storylines, but I'm afraid this method will not work in all cases. So here I give you the general order in which stories take place... given that my DC fics in particular involve a lot of time travel, that order is with respect to the overall storyline and character POV (and frequently which episode(s) the fic relates to), not with respect to the actual date it occurs.

Flash/Legends of Tomorrow main timeline

1: What Could Have Been (starts way back in 2000 and extends for a few years; covers two timelines--one before and one after Eobard Thawne's attempt to kill Barry)--WIP
1.5 Stargazing (the original version of a scene in WCHB chapter 13 before I realized I messed up the timing; takes place April 18, 2000 in Timeline 1.0)--COMPLETE
2: Beginning of a Legend (the night the Particle Accelerator blew up, pre-Flashpoint)--COMPLETE
3: Flash Sideways (main plot occurs during Flash S1 Out of Time/Rogue Time two-parter)--COMPLETE
3.5 Lecturing Lenny (extended version of a scene in Flash Sideways chapter 2)--COMPLETE
4: Enemy of My Enemy (a few weeks following Flash Sideways)--COMPLETE
5: Recruitment Drive (during and shortly after Flash S1 episodes Rogue Air and Fast Enough)--COMPLETE
6: Legends of Another Day (during Flash S1 episode Legends of Today and Arrow S4 episode Legends of Yesterday crossover)--WIP
6.5 Alternate Universe (main plot is an alternate timeline in which Len never joined the Legends and Zoom took notice of him, takes place shortly before Flash S2 episode Welcome to Earth-2 and continues from there)--WIP
7: Confessions (first day on the Waverider before they set down in 1975)--COMPLETE
8: Frustration (following the bar fight in Legends S1 Pilot episode)--WIP
9: Necropolis (between the two episodes of the Legends Pilot)--COMPLETE
9.5: Flash Sideways framing story (chapters 1 and the second half of 4 take place immediately following the events of Legends S1 episode Blood Ties)--COMPLETE
10: Catalyst (several time skips, occurs toward the end of Legends S1 Night of the Hawk, during and after Left Behind, during and after Flash S3 episode Infantano Street, and may involve more as I pile on the torture)--WIP
11: Phoenix (follows the events of Catalyst)--WIP
11.5 Alternate Universe framing story (first two sections of chapter 1, all of chapter 3, and the as-yet-unwritten final chapter all occur during and after Legends S1 episode River of Time)--WIP
12: Final Thoughts (during Legends S1 episode Destiny)--COMPLETE
And of course whatever I continue with for the Majummed arc once I've finished the fics that are already in there.
Note that none of these fics involve the Flashpoint timeline, though a yet-to-be-written chapter of Catalyst involves the ARGUS break-in in Flash Season 3.

Flash/Legends of Tomorrow Legion of Doom Timeline

1: Time May Change Me (alternate timeline to the events of What Could Have Been)--COMPLETE
1.5: Legion of Doom (alternate timeline to EVERYTHING)--COMPLETE
2: Tracing Time (my interpretation of Len's role within season 2)--WIP

Blind Date does not (yet) have a specific timeframe except that it occurs at some point following Len learning the Flash's identity in S1 episode Rogue Time; I may decide on something more specific if and when I decide to continue it.
Headcanon versus Canon (otherwise known as "What If") takes place... all over the place. The chapters are uploaded in the order I wrote them with no regard to any particular reading order and they rely entirely on in-chapter descriptions to identify which other fanfics they draw from to inspire a rewrite to which episode. I might decide at a later point to break these up into individual one- and two-shots (and longer as needed?), at which point I can include them here to identify the proper order, but for now these are as random as they come.

Knuckles the Echidna fanfics

All of these except for Self Reliance take place well before official canon; the main characters we're familiar with from the comics' early days haven't even been born yet.
1. Forgotten War (occurs way back in history during the aforementioned war)--technically COMPLETE as I stopped after the prologue and am rewriting the general plot for copyright reasons so I can publish it as something entirely my own
2. Spectres of the Past (Spectre's past as he grows from a child into the fearsome Guardian)--COMPLETE
2.5 Nightmare Spectre (a recurring nightmare of an event from Spectre's childhood--specifically between chapters 4 and 6 of Spectres of the Past--a waking moment that occurs between Spectres of the Past and Uneasy Alliances, and right back to Spectres of the Past chapter 6 for one of the Legion's thoughts on the matter)--COMPLETE
2.75 Liaison (things get heated between Spectre's wife and the then-constable)--COMPLETE
3. Uneasy Alliances (the next chapter in Spectres life)--COMPLETE
4. Endings, New Beginnings (the final story about Spectre as he discovers the young echidna Remington)--COMPLETE
5. Bad Blood (Remington's adoptive family tries to help him cope with his lost memories as Spectre tries to discover more about the child)--WIP
6. Self Reliance (occurs at some point after Komi-Ko is official introduced in the comics--COMPLETE

Secret Saturdays

1. Ships in the Night--WIP
2. Waking Nightmare--COMPLETE
3. Ultimate Heist--WIP

Doctor Who

1. Spies of Cybus (follows the events of Doctor Who Season 2 Doomsday, after all of the Daleks and Cybermen are sucked into the void and before the Doctor finishes sealing the breaches)--WIP
2. Sensory Defensiveness (some point after season 4 but well before the events of Waters of Mars)--WIP

Anything else is either something I forgot to list or doesn't have a particular reading order (e.g. Tree Fu Tom, which only has one fic listed in the first place).

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Flash Sideways 1: What Could Have Been
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Majummed Prologue 2: Catalyst
Prologue the Second. Time skip a couple of years after the particle accelerator explosion, and Leonard Snart has mostly settled in as a member of the Legends. He still finds it uncomfortable every time someone remind him of the good he has done, but that doesn't stop him from jumping in head-first now and again to protect the team... with unpredictable consequences.
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In which Rip Hunter explains why it is so important that Snart stay on the mission, by showing him what would have happened if he hadn't joined the Legends... and Zoom took notice of him instead. Alternate History, for obvious reasons. Much OOC, for not-so-obvious reasons.
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Legends of Tomorrow - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 4 - Words: 16,231 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 3/20/2017 - Published: 11/28/2016 - Leonard Snart / Captain Cold, Mick Rory / Heat Wave, Sara Lance/White Canary - Complete
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In the main fic of the Flash Sideways saga, the Legends team explores the consequences of changing history when those changes affect someone with an eidetic memory. Leonard Snart recalls the events of Out of Time and Rogue Time (both from Season 1 of the Flash) as EQUALLY REAL. O.O.C. is Serious Business.
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In which Leonard Snart finds himself confiding some very old secrets to Sara on the day they meet... and discovering he has secrets even from himself. Occurs during Season 1 Episode 1, while the rest of the team is exploring the Waverider before they time-jump for the first time. Trigger warning: non-con flashback from Len's childhood. Canon warning: OOC is Serious Business.
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