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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

It is now November 9th, 2010, and I am not sure if I am going to finish story of overpowered, not very well written characters apparently. To be honest, the story was quite influenced by anime such as Dragon Ball Z, movies such as The Matrix, and books like The Lord of the Rings trilogy. As I read through my old works, it's rather eyebrow raising to see the concepts I used for my stories then to what I would use today. The story "Weapon of Atlantis" could never publish in its present for should I write it as an independent novel.

In any case, this update is to point out should Tawaki from livejournal check my profile for proof that I actually replied to his parody of my work.

PS: At this point, I'm never going to finish the Fullmetal Alchemist story. So to simply close it up, it turns out that the guy from another universe is actually from a third parallel dimension spawned from the war from the first two, and for as long as technology had dominated one dimension and alchemy the other, the third dimension was trapped in a war between two major countries that specialized in either technology or alchemy. The dimension travelling guy is actually a product of both alchemy and technology, and his alchemic powers consisted of reversing matter into antimatter, hence the "flashes of light" when the bullets struck him. Refinements to his alchemy technique prevents the reacting matter and antimatter reaction to explode in a all-so-violent explosion. Some sort of mathematical formula will reveal that if antimatter and matter equal to the mass of a bullet reacting would make a huge kaboom that can take out the world or something (curse my nerdy math friends), but for the sake of this story, I had ignored it.

The story would have gone along the lines of him being sent to that dimension to find the complete, working formula of making the Philosopher's Stone (FMA version this time) and return to the third dimension via a second Gate (How'd he get there then? The first gate goes somewhere else) and end the war. Which country made him? I never got around to deciding on that. Ultimately when the traveller guy returned to his dimension to end the war after a heartfelt departure from Ed and Al's dimension, his efforts to end the war goes horribly wrong and ends up annihilating the third dimension through a cataclysimic chain reaction. Result of that which I wouldn't have bothered writing a sequel for was that the resulting energy released from the death of the third dimension caused the first Gate to open up in an entirely different manner, forcibly establishing a connection between the two dimensions that anyone could walk through. As with the first story, it was a cliffhanger ending for the reader to decide on.

No spoilers for the Harry Potter story because I might decide to finish it.

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