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Author has written 11 stories for StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Online, and StarTrek: Other.

About Me -- What About Me?

I've been writing off and on for a very long time, then stopped as work and other hobbies seized my attention -- not to mention online games. When I started playing Star Trek Online, I got involved with the roleplay community but found myself far more interested in the writeup afterward than the actual roleplay.

I found I was also far more interested in good stories than good roleplay, and while I like reading, where the social contract is clear -- the author writes and the reader goes along for the ride -- roleplay had a clunkier mechanism at best, a protracted ego battle at worst, and while accomplished role players are quite certain their roleplays are as entertaining as any novel, I could only disagree. But, this is not a laundry list of roleplay melodrama -- I'll leave that barrel of fish for someone else's shotgun.

Star Trek Online had a small writing community, but no reviewing community. It's hard to get better when everyone either says "it's great" or says nothing at all. I find that "plus one" is the bane of actual content.

Important Authors, Influences, and Writing Style

In my roleplay and my writing, I also wanted to bring in the aspects, but not necessarily the material, of science fiction authors I enjoyed: Kim Stanley Robinson, C.J. Cherryh, Richard J. Morgan, to name a few. I have tremendous respect for their drive and their skill, and at times, I'm their pale imitation, at my very best, I'm a faint echo. Star Trek purists might get upset that I'm willing to pull in so much non-canon work, but when your television series, which has had some very fine episodes, had moments of Abraham Lincoln reborn, zombie Vulcans, Tuvix, a much too soon recap of 9/11 -- well, suck it up, buttercup. There are whole websites devoted to what is incongruous and even outright bad in Trek. Still, a weekly series. I can write that fast, but Sturgeon's Law applies in either case. Science fiction is a wonderful conversation of the state of the future and the fantastic, and I try to add that to my writing, taking some of the interesting and even outrageous statements thrown about in Trek and providing my own haphazard view.

What am I Writing?

I mostly write Star Trek Fiction, set in the Star Trek Online Universe. One day, I will probably wean myself off of this technobabble-laden crutch, but for now, I'm content. My characters are universally my own. I was never much of a fan of Deep Space 9 -- I was suffering from Trek fatigue at the time, but I can look back and admire the show's ambition, and explore some opportunistic gaps they provided in things like species like the Trill, who were only explored at the extremes. Evlyn Lahn rolls up the day-to-day complications of Trill life and my answer to a rather sloppy Section 31. Evlyn is a spy trying to get out of the game, only to find out even her hosts keep secrets from her. She is both a player and played in a very subtle game that sometimes has less than violent turns, and at the same time wrestling with what it means to be a Joined Trill, and through her, see Trill's struggle as well.

I thought there were other shows that did psionics so much better than Star Trek. At the same time, I needed a break from Lahn's darkness and while they started out completely separate characters, I found that when Evlyn Lahn and Juliette Sri cross paths, they are excellent foils for each other. Juliette Sri, a Betazoid, a species I feel was built by the creative team as a way to provide bridge candy and a caricature of a matriarchal society. And throw society babble around the same way technobabble was thrown in. What is the house structure? What's with all the leaves? Naked Weddings and "The Phase" (A sad take on menopause). I wanted to build a Betazoid culture I could enjoy and look at it all through the eyes of an ambitious, if flawed, officer. Juliette Sri is as flawed as she is powerful, and a dichotomy where her greatest strength is killing her.

Reviews and Reviewing Style

I review as if someone is writing for an audience and for publication. It's how I want to be reviewed, so it's how I review. I'm no saint, I review best when I'm reviewed in a thoughtful manner. Particularly good works will cause me to pre-emptively review. I am immensely grateful for even negative reviews, provided there's at least some thought there. Every second and every word is just one more that moment when we never write or read again, so someone has given a rather precious gift when one gives time to a total stranger to read and review. Bluntly, life is too short for crappy writing or reviews. I do have an English Lit background, and bring a variety, if somewhat dated tools, to the table, with always an eye to the above. I try to be fair, but honest, and always give someone something to improve on. It's all I'm really asking for myself.

Fictionpress, why are you horrible?

The late 90's called, and they'd like this WordPress mess back. I'd personally like to see writing that's not dated 2009. I'd like to not see softcore porn rated K. I'd like to see someone actually running this thing. But I'd like a lot of things.

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The Stone That Sings reviews
In an attempt to control her telepathic abilties, Juliette Sri attends a Vulcan monastery built on an ancient fortress built before the time of awakening. She finds that nothing at the monastery is as it first seems, where forces even before the Time of Awakening still hold sway.
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A collapse at the Algara Dilithium Mine reveals a centuries old secret that the small team of miners stationed there must contend with, or risk losing the mine entirely.
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Lahn has always been a symbiont that never liked things easy. Lahn's current life is unusual, even by normally flexible Trill standards.
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