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Darkness' Raven

Favorite T.V. show: Teen Titans

Favorite character: Raven

Favorite band: Evanescence

Favorite song: It's sort of a tie between Whisper, Tourniquet and Haunted, all by Evanescence.

Idol: Amy Lee

Personality: I love hoods. My favorite color is that purple-ish color on Raven's hair. I can be very dark when needed, but that's only part of me. Being hyper is fun. Especially when you drink Coke. Black is cool. Black is your friend. Yes I am crazy. I love base-ball, swinmming and rock climbing.

People call me The bookworm 'cause of my love of books! I got like ten books this Christmas XD. Also, I'm working on a Raven fansite, check itout if you can! It's called Shadows of Mind.

Shadows of Mind:

(U U)


Silence: Raven's Song by mew-xena reviews
Raven has a secret from the Titans- With the help of a new Titan, she's a hit singer. But while singing is her expressing, it's also her most dangerous power. BBxRae (FORMERLY RAVEN AND SILENCE: ONE AND THE SAME)COMPLETE
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Possesion reviews
Since Slade's last appearance, ( aka "the dust" ) one last questions still remains in the air. Now that Slade is really gone, will anyone else take his place? Robin will get the answers he needs... at a price.
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