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(3/27/11) Hello one and all! This is Andre and I'm back! I've been away for a while focusing on school, and im pleased to say that im finished and moving on to working. then i found out that i didnt want to do what i went to school for, but hey, thats life, right? so while im searching for my path, im gonna go back to my roots and write fan fics. Now i am aware that a lot of people have moved on to other, better things. thats a part of life. but if there is anybody out there who still enjoys reading fan fics, then I'm going to keep posting for them. This means you, whomever is reading this messege. So stay tuned. i promise i'll be updating throught the year.

- FORGET WHAT YOU KNEW ABOUT DUEL MONSTER FRONTIER!! Duel Monster Frontier: Chain of Memories (AKA Kingdom Hearts meets Yu-Gi-Oh!) is being deleted and erased from the DMF storyline. so everything after that story will be disregarded. I've been working on how to breathe new life into the series. i feel that we all have gotten older and matured, so its only proper that the characters in the story does the same. So i'll be starting the new path after the original Duel Monster Frontier ended. i'll keep up Project Starsign however, seeing as how it is a prequel.

- I know everyone has been itching for the return of Survivor: Duelist Style! so of course that one is also in the works! it is in the form of Duel-A-Lympics! however, theres gonna be a new catch: the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds will be joining the madness!

- And the final story in the works is a Pokemon story. I'll keep this one on the hush because it's still in creative mode. i dont have a name for this one.

- I had an Idea for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but i want to finish book 5 before i get to that. however i think 3 stories are enough at this point. too many and i may lose the will to write again.

anyways, its great to be back and even if people dont read, I'll continue to post and hope that someday, someone will have an interest in Yu-Gi-Oh! and stumble across one of my stories. take care and i never forgot any of you! :)

~ DJ Shortstop Clue

What are you doing? this is supposed to be all about the fan fictions! Well since you wanna know about me so badly, I'll tell you! :)

Name - Andre Jones (Yes i am a male, NOSEY)

Nationality - african american

Location - Los Angeles, Cali

Birthday - Sept. 20th, 19XX

Occupation - Cook

Major - Dental Assistant

Last but not least, my Friend's Characters!!:

Isis the Sphinx - Meiki (Duel Monster Frontier)

Twilight Ranger - Koichi (Duel Monster Frontier)

Superspyder CJ - CJ (Fast Times at Duel Academy High)

AlukaKaiserin - Aluka Kaiserin (Fast Times at Duel Academy High)

Hitsugirl - Hikari Hitsu (Fast Times at Duel Academy High)

10joinfei - Fei (Fast Times at Duel Academy High)

Sakurascorpion - Sakura (Duel Monster Frontier) , Kadee (Nintendo Hearts)

Lord Nysakeo - Damian (Duel Monster Frontier) , Lars (Nintendo Hearts)

Contact Me!!

If you ever wanna get a hold of me to talk or just plain say hi, you can hit me up on AIM at:


Well, thanks for reading my profile!! Now read and review my stories! ;)

Peace out!

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