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Hello_ name Nicole

location Michigan

age 13

birthday September first

favorite things


-Fruits basket

-Chrono Crusade

-Full metal panic

-Full metal alchemist

-Inu-yasha (though my fandom for it is dwindleing)

-Elfen leid

-Steel Angel Kurumi

-Ranma 1/2



-Raroni Kenshin

Video games

-Tales of symphonia

-Ragnarok online (T-T it won't work anymore, but what should I exscpect from a free private server >.>)

-Super smash brothers melee (Zelda and Marth are my best, beware my nerdy wrath!)

-The sims


-The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.

-Anything written by Jack London

-The harry potter series.

Well rabbit-ninja is going to ranht about her favorite pairings.

Ragnarok online:

My all time favorite pairing is KnightxAssassin. It just appeals to me, like a forbidden love, making it all hotter. And War Of Emperium stories are awesome when it's two lovers of different giulds, or guilds that set each other as antagonists. Though I have a few other pairing I love like DancerxAssassin, Dancer/Priest(o.o don't ask) PriestessxBard, MonkxRouge, AcolytexWizard(I am so going to make one of those damn it) But I have to piont out one thing. PRIESTxASSASSIN PAIRINGS ARE BORING, STOP MAKING THEM! I mean I've read dozens of them. It's annoying.


I'm and odd pairing fan so I have to say my absolute favorites are InuxSango, SangoxKoga, KikyoxKoga and KagomexMiroku. But for usual pairing let me make one thing clear, I DESPISE INUxKAG! There is not one fanfiction that InuxKag that I have not read a fanfiction thats simalar. That why usually I despise highschool fics. STOP MAKING INUxKAG HIGHSCHOOL FICS! If you're going to make an alternate reality story than play with the pairings alittle. I'm sick of the same old boring Inu-yasha is a punk and he meets a punk/goth/geek/prep named Kagome and they fall in love. Getting on that I'd like to piont out, KAGOME IS NOT GOTH, KAGOME IS NOT PUNK, KAGOME IS NOT A GEEK, KAGOME IS A PREP! Kagome doesn't need to be changed at all for highschool fics because she's already from that time period. On aother normal pairing note I LOVE INUxKIKYO PAIRINGS! I AM A DIE-HARD KIKYO FAN! I really don't see how anyone can hate her. She help sick people and plays with children, how! HOW CAN YOU HATE SOMEONE LIKE THAT! I also Like KagomexKoga pairings.

Chrono Crusade

MexChrono! lol j/k j/k. I'm a drooling Chrono fangirl. Anyways, If Joshua hadn't gone COMPLETELY INSANE I'd kinda like to see a JoshuaxAzmaria pairing. As a matter of fact for a long time I've felt compelled to write a fanficabout an Azmaria pairng, but it's just some guy I made up, based after Rosette died. But I absolutely love the ChronoxRosette pairing. I couldn't find a more suitable woman for my Chrono bishie-san. Mainly because I act a lot like Rosette.

Steel Angel Kurumi

I'm basically a fan of the NakahedoxKurumi pairing buta KirinkaxNakahedo Pairing never hurt, and niether did a SakixKurumi oneshot _ Though I've been thinking lately, what coulda pairing for Komahedo be. Perhaps KirinkaxKomahedo, and SakixKomahedo but, eh I just don't think so.

Elfen Lied

Well I haven't watched a lot of it but I think the Nyu/lucyxKoda pairing is hilarious.

Friuts Basket

I'm a TohruxKyo fan all the way. Yuki, well Yuki is a pansy ass, and I hate him. He's got an entire school of creepy obsessive women and he does nothing. I tell you he likes it, is some weird creepy way he likes it. And after Tohru chooses Kyo he'll become some weird stalker guy. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AH!... Okay I'm done. Anyways Kyo needs Tohru more than Yuki anyways. As cool as Kagura is I just like KyoxTohru the best, though I would be against some KaguraxKyo pairing stories.

Ranma 1/2

The only pairing I've found that I actually like is RanmaxAkane. And I don't like Ryoga, he's a pansy crybaby.

Full Metal Alchemist

I really don't see why people don't like Winry, she's awesome. I mean SHE THROWS WRENCHES AT PEOPLE! WHAT COULD BE MORE AWESOME? I am a WinryxEd fan and a RizexMustangall the way. Though I wouldn't mind seeing a trend of RizaxEd or WinryxRoy stories. Thus breaking up each of my favorite pairings for some awesomeness and a break from the same old same old.

Full Metal Panic

KANME-SANxSOSUKE-KUN_ They is the most Kawaii pairing there. though I'm watching the second season, and to say the least it's pretty dispionting...


I can't really see a pairing or any romance in this story at all, but I'd have to say if I had to choose a pairing it would be VashxMeryl or MillyxWolfwood.

Tales Of Symphonia

Now I hate Mary-sue's as much as the rest of you but I myself really like the LoydxCollette Pairing. However I'm not against a Sheena(Ms.Well-Endowed, I'm so envious of her)xLoyd story.

Thats it for now, more rants on characters and pairingsmay come, btw CHRONOxKURAMA YOAI CROSSOVER STORIES FTW

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