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I'm planning on writing (okay, so not planning on, but actually in the progress of writing...) a Sandle fic. It's entitled "The Litterbox". Greg buys Sara a little companionship for her birthday. ;) I promise, it'll be funny. It'll be long (5+ chapters). It'll be SANDLE. But I am not going to post it until it is completed! I've decided I've left you guys hanging too much, so I'm not going to put this out there until I know it is finished. Since this is where my inspiration is, this is where I'm going to put it for now. I'll try and return to my other stories when the time comes.

Hey, readers!

I'm Elizabeth...Lizzy, Liz, whichever you really prefer. I've been called the Lizinator, Lizzifer, Lizzykins, Lizbeth, QG (don't ask), I really don't care. I'm 15 and live in Wisconsin. (Yes, I'm a cheesehead). I've been 'writing' since I was seven and telling stories since as long as I could talk properly, about two. My three trusted writing partners are as follows (And you can owe most of the good stuff I write to them) ;)

Maria: I WUV YOU BUDDY! My ultimate editor--I swear, if she doesn't become the lonely old lady with hundreds of cats we've both predicted her to become, she'll open her own editing company and earn bazillions of dollars every day. And we’re best friends now so hopefully we’ll be best friends when she’s very rich. Right? RIGHT?

Caleb: I WUV YOU TOO! My ultimate--umm...what's the word? Well, he reads my stuff and gives me suggestions, points out stuff that seems off, and delivers criticism in a way that doesn't make me wanna rip off his head. Any more words? Yeah, well, he's what makes my stuff believable. We started working together on “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” And for those of you who are crazy shippers who think that anybody who works together must also make out together—umm…that’s not the case here. He’s just a friend. Haven't talked to him much lately--he isn't betaing "I Tried and Fell", so I'll see how that goes.

AND WAFFLE: The ultimate head inflator. Seriously. She leaves enormous reviews and I love them to death. It drives me crazy when people leave one worded reviews, or just say that the story was good without an explanation--but then there's Waffle with her 800 word reviews. I LOVE THEM! TO DEATH! Supposing reviews could die of course...I haven't been able to talk to her lately (sad) and I don't know if she even reads my stuff anymore. She's been busy with school. (sigh)

Here is the status on all of the stories that are out there at the moment (All bolded, italicized and underlined ones are in progress or have an immediate update to check into):

Cold Uprising: Personally, I think this is one of my best pieces, right next to “So Much for Vacation,” without the popularity. Sad, because I think it is better written. Caleb has helped me out a lot with this one, whereas in SMfV, he didn’t help at all. This is the “Sweet Childhood” rewrite, and personally, I think it is at least 150 times better. I’m very proud of it, and wish more people were reading it, but that’s alright. Chapter Seven is enroute, for those of you who are still reading! Don’t be afraid to leave a review, it lets me know I’m doing a good job!

I Tried and Fell: I LOVE this story! I can't get enough of it! I'm so proud of the plotline I came up with, and I've said this before, but I wish I was on the other side of the paper so I didn't know what was going to happen next, because a lot of this story deals with suspense. Sara gets accused of her father's murder, and she's really frustrated because she can't remember not killing him. All she can remember is what she told Grissom and one day she suddenly recalls holding the bloody knife. For those of you reading this and wondering why I'm bothering to go into the casefile of the 3 dead bodies--trust me, it's important. I wouldn't waste time with all that otherwise. 4/10/07: I don't know when I will get more on this story out. I am a horrible perfectionist and this next chapter is giving me a run for my money. Hopefully one day I'll write myself out of it but for now, sorry, but this doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Yes. I fell behind. So sue me. But I was SO proud of myself for the awesome case I came up with, I am going to keep the idea in my head, and write it out as Christmas 2006 comes closer and closer. I will with almost 100 certainty by able to post one chapter a day this year. 4/10/07: Okay. So I didn't finish. Again. Sue me. No, really, you might want to. Now you have to wait until Christmas 2007, and even then... I MAY do a one-shot or short story about Greg/Sara/Nick going to visit Greg's parents because that's what most people were looking forward to, I know.

The Vegetable Series (Arson and Asparagus & Bodies and Broccoli): B&B is totally complete, and still amuses me, especially when I recall the dream. That was the one based off a dream. A&A--I know I haven't updated it in forever, but I've hit a roadblock. I'll pass it though! I promise! Don't think I'm done with this! In fact, as long as I have at least one person interested, I will have TWO more sequels. Tentatively titled, “Crime and Carrots” and “Murder and Mushrooms.” And my sister has been tossing around ideas of a crossover (with Miami), that deals with tomatoes. Is it a fruit or a vegetable? I highly recommend this series for you humor-lovers out there. I know I certainly have fun writing it. Althought the sense of humor is rather...bizarre...9/7/06: Currently writing Chapter 6 4/10/07: Yeah, okay, not many people are reading this, so I don't know if I'll really go further into this. I may, if someone asks, but for now it's on the far back burner.

So Much for Vacation: I was extremely pleased with the feedback on this story, no matter how unhappy I am with the actual story as of now. I feel like I could have done so much better if I had met up with Caleb and Maria. I'm thinking about redoing it, but I'm afraid the effect it left will be lost. For now I’m not going to change a thing. Except maybe a humorous epilogue my friend April is helping me write. ;) It deals with Ecklie. 9/7/06: Added epilogue

Nick's Love-life Crisis: As of now, my shipping views have shifted ever so slightly. I might redo this with a little more input from Caleb and Maria, or I may leave it as it is. Or maybe a sequel of Nick feeling even worse about himself. Nick's Love Life Crisis revisited?

Flowers of Flame: The flame of this piece fizzled out almost as soon as I started it. The idea seemed incomplete from what I had. I'm leaving it on because so many people liked it after just the first chapter. Plus I may come up with something to add one day...who knows?

Sweet Childhood: Due to new information in the series, my increased ability to write, and Caleb and Maria, I will be REDOING THIS! I'm working on that right now—information on it is at the bottom of this list. If you like this story the way it is now, I'm hoping you'll especially like the rewrite of it. More information, more emotional depth, and a college life sequel. I'm looking forward to this rewrite. I’m very excited. 9/7/06: 7 chapter up on rewrite. Trying to decide the appropriate time to take this down. "Cold Uprising" College life sequel is a no go, for now. Writing a different story based off of the rewrite, "I Tried and Fell".

Broken Hearts Remember: Oh dear God… This was my first CSI fanfic...I am so disgusted with it as of now. It’s awful—please don’t read it. I may fix it--or I may just throw it in the trash. Still deciding. That’s why I’m leaving it up—so I remember to make a decision.

Can't Stop Loving You: Nothing to fix, redo, or anything as of now. My only Harry Potter fic. Not a favorite of mine, and I don’t really recommend it.

CSI Ships:

1) Sandle! THE best relationship. I couldn’t help myself in SMfV, it just seemed to fit into the story perfectly. I make a lot of Sandle music videos--message me if you want a link. In ITaF, I'm planning on a little bit of Sandle jealousy and a big amount of Sandle friendship. Except...see...I kind of made this different original guy dude thing...for Sara to is...out of the picture for most of the story. cries herself to sleep at night with the guilt of putting Sara with somebody else

2) Yo!Bling or Grillows. I was a Grillows supporter originally, when I first watched CSI, but as the Warrick/Cath relationship developed, I started to like that more. As of now, I’m about equal for both of them. If Catherine ended up with Warrick, I would like Grissom to be with Sofia. If Catherine ended up with Grissom, I would want Warrick to be with Ecklie...(dramatic pause) Oh jeez, you didn't really believe that did you? Wow, you're gullable.

3) Ecklie and the Devil. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Recommended Authors:

1) Emmithar. She is a Sandle GENIUS. I adore her series with no name. I usually refer to it as the “Greg and Sara Torture Series.” It is VERY cool, and THE FOURTH ONE FINALLY CAME OUT! (scrambles to read first chapter) (sigh) I finished. Two weeks ago. And the day after. And the day after. And the day after. Umm, yeah, so I have read it more than once. Cut me some slack here.

2) Phrenology of a Waffle. (Yes, the head inflator) She’s not a bad writer herself. ;) She writes like she’s a bazillion years older in wisdom. She writes mainly House, though. Land of Qualms is a good read.

3) Lemonjelly. Not a Sandle genius. But still a writing genius. Loved her story “Wake the Hope.” Warrick/Sara, which I don't like, but loved the action and suspense.

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