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From the desk of the Muse: August 8, 2017

Still working on updates and they should be ready before the end of this month (or at least very close.) They're delayed not because I want them to be, but because I'm actually working on all of the reunion chapters at the same time in hopes to run them back to back so there is no multi-month wait in between each one. You've waited so long to see them, I at least owe you all the time to invest in them good and proper. Mission fic is also slowly coming along as I find spare time. Expect that one to pick back up sometime this fall. Thanks for the patience, everyone! - The Muse

About me:

I'm the type of person who likes to play the "What-if game" with most of the things I write. Even if the ending of something is already known, I'll still give it a go to see how it might have played out behind the scenes to get to that point, or a different one altogether. I enjoy getting a reaction from people and hearing their thoughts on a story. Maybe I'll get a review with someone who enjoys the story and thinks my theory is clever, or maybe I'll get one from someone who wants to throw spears at my rump and tell me otherwise. All opinions are welcome here.

I write because I love to share stories with the amazing readers and fellow writers out there in the fan fiction world. And over the years, so many have become wonderful and dear friends through the stories I'm able to write for this site. Fan fiction is my way of dealing with and preventing writer's "burn out" on my several other non fan fiction projects, including the novel I'm currently fine tuning as it does its turn in the submission rounds to publishers at the moment. (That story is a whole lot better grammar and structure wise than my current fics, but I do try to bring the same level of quality now-a-days because I take my writing far more seriously no matter if it's the novel or the fics. It's not perfect, but it improves with each word and I learn from it.) But I enjoy being able to entertain and these stories wouldn't exist or have gone this long without so many wonderful people taking the time to read them.

I'm not afraid of learning and improving my writing craft, and take criticism extremely well. Not everything I write is going to be everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay. I won't bite if you don't like it, promise! Sometimes you need to have a little bit of fun on the side while working on your life's passion and that's what this is to me, fun.

Don't get me wrong, once my stories are complete, I will take another look at them in about a month or two (or sometimes years) and as time permits, fix the technical issues just to try to help smooth out the rough grammar problems. Many of the fics are over 8 years old now and in those 8 years I've learned a lot. I will often leave the earliest work as is for a long while just to look back for motivation and see just how far this journey has come. (And because time is hard to come by sometimes to fix things.) Even the best writers miss something. :)

So yeah, while reviews are nice, I don't thrive on them to continue writing. Nine times out of nine, I'll keep writing regardless of what anyone thinks. Not just for myself though but because so many people over the years have followed these stories and I owe them so much for them sticking it out this long. I cannot thank you all enough for putting up with the delays along the way and hearing someone is enjoying the stories warms my heart. And because of that, I will see them all to completion.

On Reading and Reviewing work of others:

Don't be afraid to tell me about your fic or recommend a few to me to read! I love a good story and being encouraging in any way I can. :) I can't promise I will get to your story immediately in my reading que, but I will read it, I promise. If I don't review to your fic right away, don't panic. It's not that I do not like it by any means. (Usually I tend to subscribe to the story and then read it when I have the free time to do so--I do have non-writing things to tend too that take priority, so fan fiction is often reserved for my free time.) Don't be afraid to poke me with a reminder though if I'm taking too long to get to it. I don't bite and most likely I'll try to get to it right away if I have the time that night, day, morning!

My current obsession: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and Stardew Valley

Still obsessed with and all time favs: (Feel free to recommend fics to read outside of the categories below too, I don't have everything listed.)

(Games) Chrono Trigger (which is my all time favorite game still to this day), Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Final Fantasy I-XV, Final Fantasy XIV, Suikoden series, Tales of Symphonia, Chrono Cross, The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, Stardew Valley, I Am Setsuna, and a whole lot more...

(Anime/cartoon) Monster Rancher (Does ANYONE else remember this series?), Digimon (series 1 and 2, didn't care all that much for 3 and beyond,) Fullmetal Alchemist (both the first series and Brotherhood are simply epic), Tales of Symphonia the OVA, Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and a few others...

My Current In-progress Projects:

One Hundred Tiny Missions- "All he wanted to do was get out of lunch with Palmer, not destroy half of Midgar." A fun look at just what Tseng goes through on a daily basis while managing his Turks. Get ready for 100 fun missions with our favorite 'bumbling' branch of Shinra. In which Flower Carts will be blown up and guinea pigs will fight back. :) (On temporary hiatus due to time constraints and sickly family members killing the inspiration to be comical.)

He Let Me Live -The much anticipated sequel to 'I Let Them Go' detailing Cissnei's life after the Sector Seven Incident as she attempts to pick up the shards of her life and put them back together into some semblance of normality, which isn't easy with friends turned worst enemies and a certain blonde-haired infantryman back on the scene...

Current update schedule is: Loosely tied to the availability of marshmallows and gummy bears...and coffee, lots of coffee

Completed Projects:

I let them Go - What exactly did happen to Cissnei after the events of Crisis Core? A unique 'what-if' story that paints a very different picture of what happened after she let Zack and Cloud go.

Projects under revision:

A few too many to actually pin down right now because I'm prioritizing the current active fics over anything being rewritten first. More info will come later.

Planned Future Projects:

1. Our Brave New World (The highly anticipated sequel to He Let Me Live. I received, and am still receiving, a lot of requests for this. I'm not even finished with He Let Me Live yet and people are flagging me down asking if the story is going to continue into a third fic to cover the events post-Meteor and the aftermath of what happens at the end of the current fic from our favorite little unlucky watchdog's point of view. There is enough material for me to work with to write an interesting and compelling story and I will be pursuing this, so yes, folks, it's happening. Look for more details Mid-Summer 2017.)

2. A possible sequel to One Hundred Tiny Missions. (I'm getting a strong demand for this via PMs as well as lovely readers pitching ideas for missions they'd like to see done but were suggested too late in the fic for me to make them work in the final chapters that are on current hold due to some time constraints. Let's get the first one finished first so as of right now, not confirmed to happen anytime soon just yet, but not off the table once I get the current fic going again. Will keep you posted.)

Additional comments:

I've said it plenty of times, but I don't bite (or even snarl or growl, I'm pretty laid back and do my best to be polite and kind to everyone.) I also don't get annoyed with anyone who feels the itch to send a PM to chat, ask questions about writing, talk video games, or even to just say hello. I get a lot of PMs sometimes from people who start out with an immediate first line apology for "bothering" me with their PM out of the blue because they're worried they're taking up my time. Folks, you don't ever need to worry about that with me because I absolutely love interacting with the fan fiction community and answering PMs! :) I really do. So don't be a stranger if you're thinking about sending a PM. I'll definitely respond as quickly as I can!

And with that, I'm off to work on new updates and stories and wish you all happy writing and a wonderful day.

'Til we meet again,

SageQuill and her marshmallow loving inner writing muse

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