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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

So I was minding my own business when I came across my old login for this site, turns out this is the only place other than a few dusty old notebooks, where my old writing still somewhat exsists. I had to laugh when I found the next chapters for each of my pieces of writing, as well as the final two chapters in a detailed outline for Song of a Raven. Just for the shits and giggles of finishing a story I'm debating actually putting the rest of what I found up...not that any of my old readers are still around at all.

In case you all are wondering and happen to stumble upon this, I'm now 19 and a sophomore in college (My last age update said 14 going on 15 for anyone who cares), I have never given up my writing I just don't write fanfics anymore. I'm majoring in theater and minoring in playwriting, this simply came about when I had a change of heart after my transfer, when I used to be a creative writing major. Reading these it's nice to know I haven't changed too much, although whatever actually possessed me to watch a couple of those shows I will never know.

I'm writing down a few of the summaries of the originals pieces I'm working on now. Just as a key, the Bold is the title of the story, if it has brackets around the title it is not an official title and that part of the story is still a work in progress. Italics are just a note that I wanted to add.


Theodora woke up in the care of Nico and his clan remembering nothing but a name: Zach. Now five years later she's fallen in love with the kind nurturing Nico, the man who took her in all these years and gave her the protection and family she wanted and needed. But when his true nature is revealed will she still be able to continue loving him, and the clan who has cared for her all these years, especially after their true intentions for her are revealed. Will she find the stregnth to venture off the ranch for the first time in five years with nothing but a faint memory of nothing more than a name, or will she be forever cursed to lay with Nico facing the awful fate destined to her since the beginning of time.

(Probably the darkest story I've ever come up with. But potentially one of my best, definately still in the sketching stages with this one)


Andy is a young man who leads a boring life, at at boring university, in a boring small college town. Bea is a seemingly normal young woman, attending a seemingly normal university, in seemingly the same small college town: seemingly. Andy's life is about to change forever, from the moment he met Bea he knew his boring life would never be the same. However, he never expected his very sould would be in danger, then again he never fathomed the creatures that really lurke in the darkness.

On a Lined Sheet of Paper/Life Happens

Sophie ran away from the only home she ever knew the day Tabby died. Now fate seems to be calling her back 10 years later, when her band lands a gig in her hometown the same weekend she is supposed to gather with her old gang to read Tabby's 10 year old will. But everything has changed, including her. Hw can she ever face her old friends? How can she ever face teh only man she ever loved? WIll they finally be together after all these years or has too much time and too much life driven them to far apart for mending?

(This is basically the "Normal" version of Song of a Raven it was definately a challenge to make everthing fit together but it's melded almost flawlessly, plus I was able to add some thing I couldn't before!)

I have a couple other pieces but not ones I'm going to put up simply because they aren't very stongly outlined and have absolutely no plot. If you know somewhere I can do this without restrictions let me know please!

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