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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

I really don’t know where to begin… so I’ll just start by saying that I’m “thirty-something” and obviously and most unexpectedly, a huge HP fan.

I haven’t written anything significant for over ten years now. You could say that I’ve suffered writers block for at least that long. I thought writing about my favorite story would be the cure…

I have read and re-read the HP series more times than I can remember. The books both surprised and captivated me. I had always thought of them as children’s books, until that one fateful night in the beginning of 2002.

I had heard of HP of course, (who hadn’t right?) but was never interested in it. My two boys, who were 7 & 8 at the time, wanted me to read them a bed time story. Since I had already read all the books in their collection, I purchased Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I have been caught in the wonderful web that JKR had weaved ever since.

For all intents and purposes, I am a Remus Lupin – hence my chosen pen name. Loss of love and friendship are no strangers to me. Introspection is my constant companion.

Hermione is my favorite character. Her interactions with Harry epitomize the perfect companion. In Alchemy, she is the red to Harry’s white, the male to his female, the mind to his heart, they are the two ingredients made to create the Philosophers stone…

That being said;

1. I feel that JKR’s characters should always be in canon. They are all so well written that to add or take anything away from them would be a crime.

2. I believe firmly in JKR’s advice to always “read between the lines”, and I have tried to follow suit with my continuation of her story. JKR is the cleverest witch of them all, she doesn’t spell things out for her readers - she relies on their intelligence to sort things out on their own.

3. I am NOT a H/Hr “shipper”. I believe that a thorough reading of the series reveal a deepening and advancing relationship between the two, which I believe, will end in the love that Harry is subconsciously seeking and so desperately needs to survive. The R/Hr shippers constantly talk of obviousness… Since when has JKR ever been obvious? What is very clearly evident, and completely supported in canon is; Hr has intense feelings for H and, for the most part, treats R rather inconsiderately most of the time; since R reacts to Hr the EXACT same way as he does Ginny, he either fancies her or thinks she’s his other sister (I’m actually a bit confused); and Luna seems to fancy R.

4. Harry is an imperfect observer, not everything he sees is what’s actually happening. Most of what he interprets is in fact, wrong. That is why JKR has admonished us to “read between the lines”.

5. I AM a R/L and a N/G shipper. I can’t help the romantic in me I guess! So if any of you know of a good story involving those ships, send them my way! ;-)

Originally, HP & the Godric Parallax was to encompass Harry’s entire sixth year. I had started writing it back in December 2004 and thought I had at least a year to complete it. Then, lo and behold, the HBP was announced to be released in July 2005! So, I have had to cut quite a bit out of this story and accelerate the plot so that most of what I had planned would have to take place during Harry’s summer holiday only. If things seem to be happening pretty quickly, then that’s why.

Ultimately, the HP series is a mystery. But, all the great authors would tell you that any story worth telling involves love. That is why I listed this as a "romance".

I sincerely hope you enjoy the story; it truly is a labor of love… And your thoughts are always appreciated.

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