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Author has written 2 stories for Phantom of the Opera, and Equilibrium.

About me

In real life, I go by the name of Jennifer. I'm 22 years old and am in fact German born and bred. So why do I write in English, you may wonder? Well, first of all I've always loved the English language, its nuances, its poesy, everything. I studied English at school for 9 years, and being a natural "language person", I simply was good at it from the beginning. Also, I've lived in Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand, so it kind of has become my second native language. Besides, whatever you have to say usually sounds better in a different language, doesn't it?

I've been writing since I was little. The first story I ever wrote at the tender age of 6 or so was about a pony. And yes, those early stories sucked. They suck so much that nobody is allowed to read them these days (unlike when I just finished them and enthusiastically handed them out to everyone and their dog). Occasionally, when I'm drunk or just need a good laugh, I dust them off and read them ;-) just kidding. But I do believe that practice is what makes a good writer, so I just kept writing, writing, writing, and by now I like to think that I'm kind of all right at it.

Besides writing (and reading, too), I'm big into sports and fitness. I've completed a half marathon in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and I'd live at the gym if I could. The outdoor sports I enjoy most are snowboading, horse riding, cycling and swimming.

My stories

Please note: I will only post under the names Reveria, Correllia or Miss Cicero, so if any of my stories exist anywhere with a different name, they were plagiarized.

Requiem for a Lonely Heart , my PotO fic. It was written betwen May and October 2006. I'd just seen the 2004 movie (yes, very late, I know), and I wasn't quite happy about poor Gerik being all alone and lonely. And as much as I like the E/C relationship in the movie / stage version, I also like Raoul. Shock! Horror! Gasp! haha. Meaning I was happy to have Christine with him, and ergo Erik needed to move on. What was meant to be a short story became 15 full chapters, and I'm thrilled that the reactions have been so positive, considering this was the first fan fic I ever finished.

Summary: Every endless night is followed by a dawning day...
Prague, 1900. Four years after Christine broke his heart, Erik is struggling on alone. When he saves a mysterious young woman from being violated, the course of his life changes dramatically. Unable to stay but unwilling to go, Erik finds himself in the middle of an emotional adventure that may after all lead to happiness...

Corrupting the Incorruptible, my Equilibrium fic. I started writing it in late September 2006 and it's still in progress because since then I've been to Australia and back, so computer access / writing time was restricted. Again, I discovered Equilibrium several years late, but just like PotO it was instantly addictive. I found the excellent EQ fansite at made a lot of friends there, and eventually they encouraged me to put this idea I had about a certain Cleric to (virtual) paper.

Summary: Nobody is completely immune to doubt…
Set four years before the movie, Corrupting the Incorruptible sheds some light on the past of Cleric Errol Partridge and how he became the man we get to know only so briefly in the movie.

A devastating bomb attack shakes Libria to its core, triggering a series of life-changing and unstoppable events. Who is who in the subsequent cat-and-mouse game? Whose secrets will be safe, and whose mistakes will lead to someone's death? And why would a Cleric turn his back on everything he's been taught and become one of those he used to hunt?

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