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Hey there!

I'm German. And I'm oooold. (Well, maybe not thaaat old...)

I'm not a native English speaker and I make mistakes! It would be fantastic, if you pointed those out to me! I can make new and different mistakes! ;-) No matter where you find them, even if it's only in a review or e-mail -- please, do point them out every time! Don't be shy, be brutally honest! (be German! ;-p )

Here is some stuff that I enjoy:

The Lord of the Rings, hail storms, rabbits, puns and Hogan's Heroes.

A note on The Lord Of The Rings:

Tolkien's books have been with me for a long time... They definately influenced my character, and will always have their own special place in my heart.

Write Dúnedain stories, everybody!! Make Middle Earth a better place, give us more rangers! ;-)

A note on Hogan's Heroes:

That show just makes me smile... :-)

And then, thinking about the amount of time and life that has passed since its filming makes me infinitely sad...

I got to know (and love) the show when it aired in Germany in the 90s...

In the German dubbed version Colonel Klink ("Oberst Klink", that is) speaks in the most hilarious (dead on) Saxon dialect! I can never decide whether to watch the original version (always better!), or the German version, just so I can hear Oberst Klink's matchless Saxon ramblings... as well as hear the warmth of Schultz's Bavarian. Every word from him touches feelings of home, comfort, hope, and the knowledge that everything will be ok, always, even when it's not... But, I can't stand hearing the Heroes dubbed into German ( dialect for Newkirk... He doesn't even quib. Instead, he stutters! *shudder*). I wish there was a mixed version... The Germans speaking German, the Allies speaking English... the Heroes speaking German when out on missions, trying to pass as natives... Wouldn't that be awesome?? Aaand, it would finally solve the mystery of Hogan and Cos German skills! :-D (...which might or might not be excellent! :-p)

A note for writers:

I wish I could write more fiction myself! At the moment, I lack both time and skill. Still, I would love to be more involved in our fanfiction community, and get to know all you guys better.

I am always more than happy to help with German translations, and give pointers about German customs and culture... I might even sneak into Berlin Allied Museum for you if you have a very specific question... It's around the corner from where I live and even admission is free. I went there last week for the first time and discovered a little US Army handbook, issued to American soldiers, displayed behind glass, opened to a page instructing when to and when not to salute French military personnel... Ha! I learned so much! ;-)

Also, if you want to talk about anything animal- , yachting- , or medicine-related, drop me an email!

I know a lot about horses and riding ("Arise, arise Riders of Théoden! Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!"). My family used to breed Trakehners (Prussian riding horses) before WWII. The horses were drafted into the war and none lived through it. The estate was never rebuilt, but the knowledge and respect for the animals stayed through generations...

From a leasure time viewpoint, I am familiar with the ins and outs of sailing boats, high seas, wind and weather ...and fire safety. ()

And lastly, I am a professional veterinarian and know a thing or two about epidemics, nutrition, farming, milk- and meat production... I have profound medical knowledge and can tell you: Alas! A man cannot loose 17 pints of blood and conquer his nemesis on the morrow! (...not even if it is the hero of your story...)

Sooo, what I am trying to say is, I cannot offer full service as a proper beta reader (Heavens! Punctuation!), but you are very welcome to contact me anytime and ask about anything I might or might not know that could help with your story. Or, send me your pages and I'm happy to read through them! I would delight to be your sounding board, or give general feedback! ;-)

Au revoir and happy writing!

(Dez. 2016)

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