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Hi all!

You are currently reading Jitterwhacks profile! Now you are scrolling down to see what Jitterwhack has written. Joking aside: thank you for taking an interest in my writing! Truthfully, I was planning to only write Those Days as a two shot, but after getting a few reviews and having more ideas pop into my mind, I felt like continuing to write. As stated in all my fics, it's a none profit. Also because I don't have a credit card at the moment that or any other site would accept. F*k.

SO I guess I'll be writing fanfic for fun until I can make a show or original comic/manga/anime/novel/animated story that others could write fanfics about too. Or until I do get a card and some other sites would accept.

Some fun facts.

My plans so far:

As all of you know, I am writing Those Days and NoL(Blake's version.) If most of you are wondering how long Those Days will be, I can honestly say I don't know myself. I already have the ending chapter in case I can't think of any more interesting chapters for it, but considering the amount of plots I poked in, I can tell you all that the ending chapter is far from being submitted.

As for future stories, I had a few ideas I had that would be typed out when I feel like it (which in other words means when I have enough time to juggle more stories):

Velvet Page:

Velvet becomes a writer for the Beacon Newspaper after finding out the Velvet Room has pending taxes she hasn't paid for. Sadly the newspaper is a load of failed toilet papers, so she decides to spice things up a notch by writing juicy gossips about other people under the guise of an anonymous writer named Redcakes. How will people react to her work, and what will her victims do?

This fic is something I wouldn't be able to fit into Those Days without it being all scattered. I like to keep all my works neat and orderly.

Hrisi San Iliahtida:

I got the title listening to Cat Steven's Ruby Love. …Shut up! I like some of the old songs.

Anyways, since Blake has her own Ninja's of Love book with her and Jaune having some spicy l'amour, why not let Pyrrha have one of her own?

Finding a story written by an unknown author online, Pyrrha was hooked on the tale of a young swordsman who must battle the forces of evil to destroy the curse brought onto a kingdom while having a fallen goddess stripped of her power travel with him to gain back her power. Enjoying it so much, she replaced the names the same way Blake had done with her novel and had a few things edited.

This is something I bet most Arkos fans would enjoy. The timelines of each chapter are in sync with some of the chapters in Those Days. I had this idea come to me after my inner LoZ fan told me how similar Link and Jaune were.

RWBY and Co Reacts:

Team RWBY and friends give their opinions on manga, anime, some videos, books, and genres that everyone on the internet knows about.

I'll be honest. After reading a review somewhere about making a fic like this, it has stuck in the back of my mind each time.

Magical Girl Ruby:

Yes, I know! WTF Jitters. But bear in mind, I plan on making it as exciting and entertaining as possible even if the world is a bit AU. Also it will be M-rated.

…Ruby is a magical girl. Enough said. We all know those conflicts. Don't be expecting any Tuxedo men or some cheesy recurring line though. It will have some dark parts and a few gory scenes. Don't think it'll be like a Madoka because DA*IT my heart will break if i have to kill off the characters lie that.

Some fun facts about Jitterwhack

Every time I see a review/PM that I feel like responding to, I answer it but also leave them guessing of what I plan on writing next by giving a list to guess from.

- Jitterwhack also has a deviant art account with the same name.

- I have said I will not write a harem fic, and I mean it. No amount of PM's and challenges will have me do so.

- I will not OP any characters. Reason? It gets boring when they are seriously strong at the beginning. Now I can predict some people saying "But Jitter, you wrote Jaune as OP." or something similar to that so I'll ask you to reread the fics again and then reread the meaning of OP. Because I am confident in saying that I did not make him OP in any fic. He still gets hurt, he is not perfect, and he's still goofy.

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