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Why hello there! Nice of you to-

looks startled as a tiny pigmy shrew comes rushing at you

Higghigg! Biggahuman baddabad! Dinjer killslay wittha pokeystick!

grabs Dinjer by the tail and pushes him aside

Sorry about that.As I was saying, nice of you to dropby my little neck of the internet-woods. My name (or one of them) is Nera Black, though this may change soon. I took Nera from the Italian word Nero, meaning Black. Yes, the name is Black Black. Why? Because Iwas bored. nodds

I'm currently a sophomore at my highschool,though I am hoping tosomehow jump ahead in time two years so that I may go to college...sighneedless to say, highschool is a drag for red-headed-book-worm-violin-playing-Christian-artist-writer-musicians. For those of you who are slow to grasp concepts (don't worry Delia, you'll catch on eventually!) that's me. Yes.

What else is there to say? I'm turning 16 this month, but still won't be able to get my driver's lisence for the simple reason that I cannot, and will not drive. At least until I get over my fear of teen drivers...

Anyways, please read my stuff! I take criticism badly sometimes, but if you sincerely believe you have some good advice, feel free to review or email me. I do not, however accept flames, and will place you on my invisible wall of shame if I catch you bad-mouthing my precious creations.

Note for Belles, Elves and Lost Realities: I deleted this fic becauseI lost interest. I don't think many people read it, so there's no great loss. I don't think I'll be attempting another x-men story for awhile; I just doesn't hold my interest.

Of Mice and Men: Chapter 7: Quick disclaimer, there are swear words in this story. I don't use them on a day to day basis, and it physically HURT to write them (seriously) but I was writing the story as a study of John Steinbeck's writing, and chose to use certain language that may offend some people. So, if it offends you, I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me, and I promise none of my other stories have that sort of language.

The Sparrow Flies: I've spent a lot of time on this one, and though the first chapter or two may be weak, I can see a bright future for it. It includes an original character by me and another by my friend, but I ASSURE you they are NOT Mary Sueish. Please read and review, the story is well worth it! I'm working on chapter six right now, and then I'll start posting the other chapters, so please give me some input!

Morbid Transformation: I've started the third chapter, but I'm not going to post it until I've gotten part of the fourth done as well. This is my way of encouraging myself to continue. If I uploaded everything I might lose interest! So, be patient and give me input on what you would like to see happen, especially concerning Cyborg as he's not exactly my strong point! Thanks!

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