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Welcome to my bio. Glad to get rid of my other one, it was from soo long ago, like when I was 13.

Anywho, I'm currently 23 and I live in Central Illinois. Big fan of Supernatural and NCIS. I am random so I give my stories random names and chapter titles.

I am like a Gilmore Girl in real life. I'm all about the dialouge. I talk fast and talk a lot so my stories are full of people talking. It's how I express my characters and how the story gets told. Plus reading giant paragraphs of stuff gets boring so I break it up, make the readers eyes move.

I have a short attention span but yet I write a lot in one setting. The only thing wrong is I put big gaps inbetween when I write. So I need to work on writing back to back.

I know I make mistakes in my stories but I try to edit them as best as I can. Sometimes I just don't put two and two together right away.

I was born in Alexandria, Louisiana which is my mama's home state. I'm cajun by birth and cajun by nature.
When I was 3, my dad was stationed at RAF Upper Hayford in England. I learned to speak over there and didn't notice the difference between my parent's American accent and my (and everyone else's) English accent. The mixing of this accent, my mom's casual southern drawl, and a drab midwestern one created my speaking style today, hence, I talk rapidly and mumble.
Right before I turned 7, we moved back to my dad's hometown in Central Illinois. I live inbetween 2 big colleges, U of I (Illini) and ISU (Redbirds). I love my town but when winter hits, I wished my mother had urged we lived in Louisiana instead.

I write my lead female characters in my image, with striking differences. The characters are confident and strong at times, which isn't me, but yet they are talkative, sarcastic, random, and strange, like me. I usually write the second female character in the image of my best friend numero uno Liz.

I've always loved to write and have striven to write a novel but I haven't created those perfect characters in my head yet. Instead, I choose to go with characters that have already been created and mold them to my specifications. Just like customizing your car.

Music is also another passion in my life. I was raised on many a different music stylings. I could listen to Metallica and Garth Brooks and The Highlights of Andrew Lloyd Webber in one sitting.
I like to listen to anything and everything now a days but tend to stay away from rap. There are some songs that do strike my fancy but all around it's a genre I could probably live without.
My favorite singers/bands are:
Brand New
Bonnie McKee
Michael Buble
Marc Broussard
Sarah Brightman (singing ALW stuff)
Snow Patrol
Kate Nash
Lily Allen
The White Tie Affair
Imogen Heap/Frou Frou
Lady Gaga
The Veronicas
Taking Back Sunday
Sara Bareilles

I love to sing. I have an okay voice and hope to write my own music someday. It would be freaking awesome if I could put out my own album, even if it's me paying out the ass for recording time for like 8 songs. I'm currently trying to learn to play guitar but I have discovered that coordination and playing it go hand in hand. I lack coordination and even basic directional skills. I can't tell my left from my right without holding my hands up and making the L to know which way is which. My Drivers Ed teacher thought it was funny when he would tell me to turn left and I would turn right. Of course I wouldn't realize it til I was half a block away from where we just turned.

I have read the Twilight series and am a fan of movie. I've seen it 3 times. No I'm not obsessed, I just happen to have people who would only see it if they saw it with me. IE Liz and my mom. I'm not one of those girls who are gonna wait in long ass lines to meet the stars. Tho it would be pretty sweet, I'd rather meet them under different terms. I am a person who is subject to reality and therefore knows that when Rob signs my picture of him, he's not going to take one look into my beautiful eyes (I'm modest I swear to god, my eyes just are gorgeous. Blue and green) and whisk me away to London town. Though I would LOVE to go back to London I'll just stick with my fantasy of marrying some rich billionaire who takes me all over the globe. That or I get my own show like Samantha Brown and travel wherever I want and do whatever I want. That would be killer.

I tend to be...well...a complete klutz. I trip over nothing, tend to stumble whenever I move, and run into things constantly. I always give myself paper cuts or some sort of strange injury. I've had my ankles sprained way too many times, fractured my elbow, almost had a concussion twice, sprained my wrist, and have slid down and up many a flight of stairs. There is nay a day that goes by where I don't run into something, trip over a rug, get caught on something, say ow or curse loudly when something hurts. When you're around me, watch out. I might take you down with me. I've only hurt one person and that was my friend Eric. We were on the trampoline together and he fell, causing me to fall. I accidentally (hear that Eric, ACCIDENTALLY) sat on his head and he still reminds me of it to this day.

That's all I can think of right now. Hope you enjoy the stories and check out some of the stories I have favorited.

To see the images I've created for my characters, click here!

Well I finally deleted the story The Note so sorry guys. It can be found either on or here and it's COMPLETED. To find it on you have to register. My username is Ashhole04. Enjoy it. And also, check out the two new Jesse Lacey stories I wrote.

Oh, and to let you ALL know, if you favorite anything of mine, I usually end up checking out your stories if you wrote any. I got the time sometimes so why not. :)


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