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A New Beginning ~ A Ratchet and Clank novel set almost a year after the events of Up Your Arsenal, Angela Cross stars as Dark Angel, an aspiring heroine who must overcome her fears, live out her dreams, battle her internal demons and go against her way of life to prevent an unforeseeable war from happening between two great galaxies--Solana and Bogon. With the help of an uncanny group of thug bounty hunters and the resourcefulness of a thief, they must strive against time to stop the plans of a rogue scientist and his latest creation; a brainwashed, super soldier of unparalleled battle experience, better known as the savior of two galaxies, Ratchet. Will she and her new allies be enough to stop the diabolical scientist, the unmerciful lombax, and their legion of technologically advanced machines from dominating both galaxies?

This novel aims to be the most epic story ever told featuring the secondary characters of the Ratchet and Clank universe as well as some new ones.

Last updated on 02/08/2012

I can now be reached at Send all comments and concerns there. Thanks for reading!

(08.02.05) - Chapter 19 is available, titled "Hostile Takeover." There is only one more chapter to go (before I officially continue the novel), which concludes the original fourteenth chapter. I don't agree with how it flows, so I'm going to rewrite it and fill in the gaps I left behind in this latest chapter. Next in line for publication is "The Arbiter."

(08.01.05) - Chapters 17 and 18 are available, titled "The Invasion" and "The Machines."

(07.31.05) - Another part of the original Chapter 14 is published, titled "Brothers in Arms." The next few chapters will be filled with wonderful action as the original chapter draws to a close. =3

(07.30.05) - Another part of the original Chapter 14 is published, titled "Velak Thratcher." On another note, you'll have to excuse me when it comes to revising and publishing new chapters because I work four days a week, for eleven or more hours all through the morning and night, and my only off days are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I'm dreadfully tired, so not much gets done when I'm feeling drained. But today was different. I'll continue revision as soon as I can, so keep your fingers crossed for another chapter really soon, and always be sure to check back here for more updates.

(07.28.05) - Chapter 14 ("Estorando") has been uploaded. Because the fourteenth chapter is a long one, it will be divided into five or six chapters. New chapters will become available with every new revision to the original, lengthy chapter. Up next is Chapter 15 ("Valek Thratcher"). Character profiles will be updated when the whole revision process is complete.

(07.28.05) - Chapter 14 ("The Thugs-4-Less Army") is now complete. Revision is underway. This chapter is approximately seventy-one pages, so I'll see what I can do to make it shorter than that. Otherwise, you'll be in for one hell of a ride. I have a feeling that this chapter will have to be published in three or four separate chapters. In time, you'll see what happens.

(07.20.05) - Chapter 14 is 98 percent complete. Hang in there, fans. The chapter is a really long one and will take ample revision time, too. Be prepared to see different side of the Thugs-4-Less world. Chapter 14 features Captain Natasha, Stravek Thratcher, Thug Leader #2, Infernox and many new faces.

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AN: I'm currently on hiatus, trying to keep up with my occupation. Yes, it's very tiring work. Upon my return, expect an increase of eighty thousand words. Moreover, Angela Cross and the Manhunters will return.
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