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This is in response to all the people who have been reviewing me, inquiring impatiently as to why I appear to have disappeared off the face of the Earth...or in other words, why I haven't been updating 'Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?'

Well...actually, there are several very good reasons for why I just left it sitting.

ONE: I'm in the lower year of Sixth Form, and at the moment I'm slap-bang in the middle of revising for/sitting my AS Levels. (Exams that are kind of like NEWTs in that they too are Nastily Exhausting, and also very important)

TWO: I read over 'Did it hurt...?' a while ago and I realised several things about it. One of them being that the writing, and plot, is kind of crap. I started writing this story with no idea as to where it was going, posted it on a whim, and literally made up the plot when I wrote the summary. Not a good idea, wouldn't advise it...

THREE: Something I've picked up from all of your reviews - I've made James into too much of a bastard. In fact, I've kind of grown to hate him as well, and I can't ever imagine Lily wanting him at all. Because you see, when I first started writing this story, it was the time I had to endure this boy in my year, called Max. I had to sit with Max in lessons, and he seriously pissed me off. He was cocky, arrogant, and generally enjoyed annoying me. I based James around him (in fact - the 'do you like ducks?' conversation in my story actually happened between him and me in real life) only obviously my sheer hate for the boy leaked through my words, and my readers started to hate him as well. Only you were all hating James, without realising he was my exagerated, HPfied version of my worst enemy.

Well, anyway. Basically, I'm not happy with my story, and I'm far, far too busy to continue writing or edit it at this point in my life. I don't know if I'll ever continue it - maybe, maybe not. I'm very, very sorry to all you guys who liked it. Consider it as on a very long hiatus.

Love to you all, and thanks for reading for all this time,

Bubbles xxx




This is a joint account, thats right, you heard me, a JOINT one, which means we are two people.

Helloooo, you will know when it's Burping talking (thats me) because i write in ordinary font and Bubbles (above) writes in bold. Bubbles is picky! She is moaning at me, as i type, clean this, mow that, oh the list just goes on and on!

Cheek. It is very hard for me 2 type as I am leaning over Burping as I speak, and she has ENORMOUS boo- er feet.

So. About us.

Well we are both 15, but i am older, mwa Ha Ha Ha! In your face Bubbles. Bubbles likes her name to start with a capital, so you will know if i am with her or not, and she gets shirty if i spell something wrong! Oooooooooooo! (Bubbles hits Burping round face with keyboard.) Ow! I'm going to have a bruise there now. (threatening fullstop) i just spelt it fullstastop hee hee hee.

Obviously, we are both females, and very mad as Burping just mentioned. Bad Murping heh eh hee! Burping, the rude creature just inturrupted my grand sentence. DARN HER. Oh great now she's crying. Sobbing in a very heartfelt way over my shouder. Oh dear. BURPING SHUT IT, YOU. (Burping wilts in background)

Yes we know we stole the wilting sentence from 'Lord of the Flies' but we don't care! Bubbles (ha see spelt it right this time) has promptly cracked up laughing at the previousline: 'Wilting sentence'. Think about you'll soon understand. (sounds like the words are falling over).The world: That just isn't funny! Hang our heads in shame Oh no wait we found it funny and we are the world! Or not. Hang on, the underworlds laughing! Hear them roar!

We both go to a hellhole secondary school otherwise known as mumbles something, and changes the subject where I have a crapola time. Burping doesn't she loves school. She runs to it every day snorting "Must...get...to...school!" Or not! I don't love school but i like seeing my friends thats the only good thing about it , my favourite lesson is english, the only lesson Bubbles is in, oh how i love her so! She is just opposite my science class but still not the same! I have to sit next a lovely boy called peter, cough, cough Who keeps staring at my boo-er, feet. And another boy who makes rather rude gestures at me with his toungue and fingers. Ew. It's like a mouse humping a pumpkin it's just wrong. (another threatening fullstastop)

Right now fluffy people (immediatly checks armpits) we must be orf because Burping has to be rollar blading home now and my brother lurks behind us waiting impatiently for us to get off HIS computer, yes you heard that, HIS computer. So ta ra! xxxx

Bibi and no Bubbles darling i will not be rollar blading i will be ice skating, get it right! Bye all Mwa XxxxxxxxX

Oh yeah, go me, i'm on my very own computer now and feel the need to say, bubbles! Ha! Take that i didn't spell it with a capital letter, what you gonna do bout it? Oh wait we share an account! Dang and blast! I will have my moment, damn you, i will have my moment! Bellows into cyber space. I will next update when i am with bubbles, as i can't be trusted alone. Heh heh heh.


Bubbles has now logged on. Bubbles is looking back on Burping's latest entry and wondering whether to use physical or mental abuse to force Burping into spelling her name right.

But for now, Bubbles is content to simply carry on ON HER OWN.

At the mo we are working on a FANTABULOUS story for your (yes, you invisible reader!) enjoyment! I won't reveal any more here, but watch this space, its up soon...


Hello. Yes, it is me, Bubbles. Note that capital. Anyway, I just came on to say, for anyone who is interested, our story will be updated as soon as Burping gets the dammed disk round to my house so we can upload it onto here. We keep forgetting. Sorry! (Although I don't know who I'm apolagising to. I seriously doubt anyone is reading this. If you are, then read our story and review it! It's very funny!)

Anyhoo, I just thought I'd put the quote of a lifetime on here.

Q: "What's brown and exciting?"
A: "A rainbow!"

And if you just frowned and mumbled "What the hell?" then don't worry.

New chapter should be coming as soon as soon as soon...

bubbles! HeeHeeeHeee

Darnation I tell you its Bubbles! See that capital! Right there! See? Looks like a pumpkin


I'm going to be the bigger woman here, and type away, yes, TYPE away. To anyone who is reading this, no, at the moment me and Burping are not together, suprisingly enough. She is on her computer and I am on mine. (No duh) and are having a conversation (of such) on here. In fact, I don't even think there is much point in you reading it. It will only result in you all going brain dead in any attempts to understand it.

Love you all loads xxx

Hee hee hee, i smell!


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