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Author has written 3 stories for One Piece.

I've had this account for years and now I decide to actually write it! (shame on me)

-Apologies to those who were following my first fic. I've decided to remove it as I no longer have any intention of completing it.

I'm still continuing with my long shot 'Uninvited Guest'. Make of it what you will!

I've been away for a while, mostly due to A LOT of uni work. My summer holiday practically evaporated because of it. Also, just finished my dissertation - hence updating here and posting up some more chapters in a few days time after everyones long wait - apologies for the wait guys, thanks for your reviews and support :3

Seeing as I'm now generally work-light I have the extra time to write more drabbles, so any requests, of any pairing from One Piece I can get to. Just send me an e-mail to captain_Levey @ and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p


Zoro/Sanji, Franky/Robin, Robin/Sanji & Garp/Kureha.

Kakashi/Iruka (that's all I think naruto is good for XD)

Favorite Animes:

One Piece, Coyote Ragtime Show (for the lolita only tho' guys), Cinderella Boy, Mushishi, Lupin III & Saiyuki Reload.

Favorite Manga:

One Piece, Mushishi, Saiyuki & Saiyuki Reload, Dragon Knights, Kenshin, Wild Adapter & Antique Bakery and XXXholic, that's a good one too.

And that's about it folks. Any suggestions or requests (1 shots only please) are welcome.

Drabbles will be up when I can be bothered to go through the archives.

P.s ~ My icon is not drawn/edited by me. It is the hell-spawn of a Azumanga-Di-oh/One Piece crack drabble I wrote a while back. That too shall be up.

And here's a little extra (Snagged from setr's bio :3 That quiz was good!)

You are: Shanks-type.


You are the ultimate party animal, a ture Lost Boy (or Girl.) Your take on life? The more the merrier, especially if they bring chips and beer. You are at your happiest and most content when surrounded by a roomful of happy people, friends, strangers, doesn't matter to you. Your gregarious nature helps you make friends easily and you are very likeable from the very first meeting.

When it comes to love, you are very laid-back, as well. You let others do the pursuing, and kind of wait to see what will happen. This is because you have a terrible fear, one fear which lingers beneath all the partying and boozing.

You can't make decisions!

Don't act so surprised. You know what I'm talking about. What kind of job do you have? What kind of plans for the future?

Yeah, I thought so.

You are so fun to be with and loveable that you often have more than one person who is interested in you at once. Making a decision would mean letting one of them down, and that would spoil your party. So in your mind it's best to pretend you don't notice.

Maybe this is for the best, though. Your life will take you many places and in and out of many people's lives. Life and time and other people will guide you, and if you go with the flow, you'll know what to do in the end. Beware though, your tendency to be on the escapist side. You need to face your problems, too, you can't always run off to some tropical hideaway with a sexy guy.

You are most compatible with: A Nico-type will find your bohemianism interesting, and might add a little, er, perk to your party. A quiet and serious Zoro-type is kind of your opposite and might find it relaxing to be with you, as well as giving you a little balance.

Advice: Take a long bubble bath to relax when you start to get tense, as opposed to skipping town. It's a lot easier.

Apart from the drinking and the partying, damn it's almost an exact description!

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