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Author has written 14 stories for Juvenile Orion, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sandman, and Spiral.

(Bio-in-General Updated: 4-06-09)

(The avatar credit goes to me. Fanart of Rayyu in particular, including his great hair.)

Stuff about the crazed young lady who demands that you call her a fanfic AUTHOR (what is this ‘authoress’ crap? I'm not really big on women's rights as you can probably tell...)

I am a big Juvenile orion writer. I DO write other stuff, but you probably won't see much else. I'm growing an attachment to Yugioh Bronzeshipping thanks to my RP-mate NyamiRose, so that might swell upwards in future times. (She plays Malik, I play Mariku. And we all wonder why I feel like a creep pervert?) I'm also dreadfully attached to Spiral thanks to Azalee, so there might be a bit of that, but most other fandoms are collateral to the force of my undying affections for a fandom that barely exists.

This not-so-humble little snippet of paper limbs and scribbled hair is Miami born and raised for all nineteen years of her magnificent existance. (Uh huh. Sunshine state all right. For all the good it does my tan….I never go outside except for night walks and fiddling with my pepper-and-strawberries-and-pumpkins garden, so I’m as bleached as any northerner. And don't ask me about beaches, I think they're evil and the climate is wickedness incarnate.)

Oh, about me again, I’m a rabid Poetry-geek. I try to write my own, but it ends up being all matched couplets in iambic heptameter or octameter in the form of a bunch of odes on certain subjects (recently I’ve been picking selected angels). And I like writing shakespearean sonnets which have nothing to do with romance. For FUN.

(smile) Oh yes. I tend not to do anything by halves. I don’t really change my face from when I’m talking to my parents or talking to my friends. There’s not a lot of need for me to act differently to people—they usually like me anyway…and if they don’t, it’s usually because I’m being too weird or (as I was once told) ‘too escapist’. Heheh…whatever that’s supposed to mean…and technically it came from a cynic. I’m almost always honest, bust sometimes leave things out (loosely referred to in some cases as being tactful). If I have an idea, I go nuts over it and will lose out on sleeping, eating, and small things like checking the expiration date on the milk until I’ve pulled it up to the height my passions will permit it to go to. (And when you're at sea level to start, you have a higher limit than some...) Unfortunately it sometimes means that over a long period of time there is a rapid change in my writing style, so you’ll have to work with me or try to help me out I’m afraid. I like to think things keep getting better, but my self-mocking and all might make it sound like I don't want to... Don't be afraid to beat on my ego!

Also, on that same note, I'd fix old stuff, but then I'd never get up new stuff, so...

Current Projects: (Updated 4-6-09)

Gracious Wings (T)

Juvenile Orion-- ((EPIC FIC NUMBER ONE--7/?))

parts 8 and 9 are all but prewritten but I need to make sure all the scenes in there are the ones I want. I MIGHT still need to write a silent space sequence, but other than that it's all done. All in all, things are running quite smoothly.

Control (T)

Juvenile Orion-- ((EPIC FIC NUMBER TWO--8/?))

Still on hold because I'm still sick of the look of chapter 9. Once I get past that, it should change a terrible amount, but hopefully for the better. (it's going to tie in more with GW, just to warn you, and it might also tie in with Wrath, but it should have the same pairing center.) Just as a teaser, chapter 10's something I'm particularly proud of, so bear with me. It's been literally years in coming,'ll happen. (I feel like CLAMP, though...)

Crescere (T)

Yu-Gi-Oh-- ((DOUBLESHOT--1/2))

My doubleshot "intro to our RP universe" fic is experiencing mild difficulties because I'm revising the second chapter greatly. (Also because I'm no longer in the YGORP3 community on livejournal.) It has extra dialogue, and it's really working well. I'm trying to find a stopping point for part two, and NyamiRose has been inadvertantly beta-ing in her quest for decent bronzeshipping. (When she's supportive it means a lot.)

Tabula Rasa (T)

Juvenile Orion--((MINOR EPIC--3/?))

Found my pace for it. Chapter three came together well, and I'm writing scraps here and there. it should be faster paced than most of my work, but also unlike most of my work, it should actually have an end. I'm thinking it could probably be done in twelve chapters, but possibly more depending on where I divide it up. It's going a little more interestingly than the others because this fic is my way to make a completely new personal fanon take, so it'll probably get updated out of sync with the others.

Wrath (M)

Juvenile Orion--((MINOR EPIC--2/9))

Completed in draft form and started up. In the final stages of vigorous editing though, which is a terrible cycle indeed. Anyone who likes this fic though, should go check out LiveJournal's KKMRP and look for "precog_revolver", which is my Tracer RPJ. Wrath has sort of turned into a larger project of indefinite finish thanks to the RP, so...if Wrath doesn't come out fast enough for you, feel free to check out our lovable nitty-gritty mercenary in his natural environment.

Stagecraft (T)

Spiral-- ((DOUBLESHOT--1/2))

An experimental setting-piece. I'm editing chapter two for flow, but otherwise. I'm almost done. Azalee-san has been beta-ing in a way, and giving me space to layer in the ideas. Hopefully, this won't be my last Spiral fic, either.

Possible Upcoming fics: (Updated 4-6-09)

As far as I'm concerned, anything else just pops up, so these are tentative possibilities only. One-shots usually don't require a great deal of pre-planning on my part, but if you like the sound of any of these, feel free to email me, or ping me on my LiveJournal.

But I'm looking at the possibility of a fic detailing out the colorful life of Eyes Rutherford's literally killer knitting project for Azalee, so that's a possible second Spiral fic in the works. It could go either way depending on how the details smooth out. If it doesn't come up in that incarnation, I might have a small collection of Snapshot-style ficlet pieces turn into a collection of KanoneXEyes "growing up" pieces, and that could turn into a minor "Scrapbook" fic. (ie: A fic of drabble-esque little chapters, all put together into a collection.) If the killer knitting project works, it will likely be called "The Killer Afghan". If it turns into the collection, it'll probably be called "Sands of the Hourglass".

I'm investigating the possibility of putting together a small collection of rerunshipping (Noa KaibaXyami Bakura) drabbles for the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. I already have a tiny collection of the things from a bunch of emails between myself and Lina-san. These might be compiled together into a "Scrapbook" fic. As of yet, there's no name for this compilation, and it's only a slight possibility.

I also have an attempt which looks like a possible Crescere style fic told from Noa's POV. As of yet, this doesn't have a name, but is filed under "in search of plausibilities". It, like Crescere, would have to borrow elements of plot from my former RP. So I'd prefer to ask permission before even considering posting it. (It has the possibility of being a subtle!rerunshipping fic as well.)

As ever, I take suggestions for new fics as a possibility for inspiration, and I glory in odd pairings.

On the author:

The Author known as Neurofeces answers to the following descriptions:

--Height: 5’5”

--Weight: 125 pounds and holding. (So much for the freshman 15. Unless it decides to hit as a Sophomore...)

--Hair: Curly Blond, like a bad MarySue, but infinitely more strangely styled.

--Eyes: "Seasick" (Gray/Blue/Green odd combination)

--Preference: is "straight" but as of the past six years has been rather asexual nonetheless. (Ie: I'm semi pining and semi hovering over the same guy, knowing I can't date him because of my family. Family matters to me that much, yes.)

--has a real soft spot of guys with long hair (In manga and real life.)

--typically described as the nerdy type with a big nose, small mouth, and a moderate case of acne who sits in one of the four desked corner extremities of the classroom and makes jokes to the teacher that only the teacher will understand. (What a loser (grin))

--is insanely gifted with a set of scissors, and we don't mean the emo vein-cutting way. (I can make paper snowflakes and butterflies unlike anything you have ever seen, Ph34r my powers, yo.)

--draws on her bedroom walls with sharpee markers in epic murals of fantastical eyes and arms and wings and leaves all growing together in things that look a lot like stained glass spiders webs or dreamcatchers gone wrong.

--has a fascination with angels, religions, things with a slightly occultic flavor, and mythology/folktales of all shapes and sizes, and happens to be a cheerful religious landmine.

--really has no intention of ever writing for a living, unlike the majority of people on this site (I like to write, but I don’t think I could support myself on it… Hooray for hobbies.)

--is an ex-convicted class A StarWars psychopathic fangirl. (Seriously, anything up to 15 years after return of the jedi, and I will go on and on and on like nobody’s business)

--has a laptop named "Potato-kun", a black-cased beautiful little compaq presario with no wifi, and the words "DEATHNOTE" drawn in white paint on him. (Incidentally, I like to refer to him in ambiguous ways, like he's a boyfriend. "Oh yeah, he's black you know, and um...maybe a little heavy on the silicon enhancing, but he keeps me totally organized, and supports my writing, and MAN does he feel good in the lap." I'm sick. I know. snicker)

--has a pretty-lousy-though-on-key singing voice, but is decent at whistling, and pretty good at humming. (Don’t ask…)

--believes that anyone who wants to go off and ‘rescue the princess Zelda’ should play against her in Super Smash Brothers Melee. (especially since I can beat the tar out of my siblings the majority of the time. Link Roxors.) Or play against her as Snake in Brawl...

--will work for pickles, ramen, and/or pepper sauces… (or Hamlet!Omlettes...)

--is not God (unlike what Shirley McLaine, or Akito Sohma, or Light Yagami seem to think…)

--follows the fandoms of Yu-Gi-Oh (Original Series only), Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary, Loveless, Godchild (or Count Cain), Megatokyo, Juvenile Orion, Saiyuki(and Saiyuki: Reload), DeathNote, the Demon Ororon, Vassalord, Vampire Hunter D, Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle, xxxHOLiC, Legal Drug, Dogs (and DOGS:bullets and carnage), Spiral (and Spiral: Alive), Category: Freaks, Demon Diary, Sandman and several others devotedly to the point of starvation. (okay, well, that might be an exaggeration...for now...when I get further into college I'll have to see... I can answer competantly in any of these fandoms, and a bunch of classic books besides. But...uh...don't ask me questions about movies)

--Is actually very well read, but likes to keep it a secret unless she is in similarly geeky company, or in the company of people who already think she is insane (most people in other words)

--always follows her common sense and her nose. (Because there's just so much nose to follow...)

--doesn't HAVE any common sense, but DOES have a rather massive hairdo(though not out of proportion to her swelled ego).

--Adores Red vs. Blue, XKCD, and Wondermark Comics, and is currently overcoming the temptation to barrage a possibly clueless audience with random quotes.

--is a female gamer and is therefore crazy and or ugly, or unstable at the least ( long as we're going off stereotypes). Therefore she is not a mary sue.

--Is addicted to tea, mountain dew, mexican food, livejournal, fanfiction, stepmania, scanlations from stoptazmo, onemanga, and habanero pepper sauce among other things

--Uses the word "tripe" as a swear word. (and in fact only swears/cusses in writing oddly enough)

--is the only known user and/or source of the Expelative "WJSTLL!"

--believes OCremix is God's gift to man. (where else would one find "Zelda: the music of my groin"?)

--believes that you can actually marry someone if your name is not "Ernest", and intends to go forth into the world and prove this point.

--wants to be a teacher someday and share her insanity with masses of young and impressionable children/teenagers.

--Is a kolledj stoodunt.

--Writes too much when she should be concise. (case in point.)

G.E.E.K. Faction/ S.P.A.T.T.E.R Representatives:

Kasumi Sora though she claims to lack description—which I don’t believe for an instant—she approaches Juvenile Orion stories in interesting ways for sketches of normal character life. A talent I envy greatly. She inspires me with her insights and questions as well as her stories, and I consider her a good friend as well as a talented author. On many occasions I have sworn her literary babies... (but I do that to lots of people so apparently my literary self gets around...) Tracer and Lafayel? Tracer tops Lafayel because Lafayel equals "pissy uke" Enough said about KS-sama's outlooks on life. Fear this twenty-year old, not! She can take fantasy and make it "real" which is a talent of alchemy similar to taking an oil portrait and turning it into an actual photo. She is our conjurer and our force of alpha-fan initiative

Foolish Mortal All her works rock, enough said. Innovative, creative, with a touch of character rounding out that makes me want to cackle riotously in glee. Perhaps my favorite writer for the whole Juvenile Orion Fandom. Her ideas have on two occasions been so close to my own thoughts or ideas that I’ve had to change my ideas so that I can not possibly detract anything from her reputation with my own lesser bungling. High on the list of people I must have literary babies with. More conscise and clearer than my writing, and one person else I can depend on for an interesting idea of pairings aside from MOG. Currently writing among other things a Mizunagi/Itsuki fic. I worships teh FM-san and all her many years of existance. Also, she is of the opinion that I am worth cheating on Emily Dickenson for, which further makes me like her. (Hey, I can be flattered, call me biased, I don't care.) Wants to steal Ragshiel from me. Not a chance. Greatest person ever to spell 'honor' with a 'u.' (She uses british spellings. I enjoy it.) Her AU works make you want to leave the REAL universe just to go and live in them. And her high-society men man even a geek-chaser like me give pause... A gem. We're lucky to have her.

MOG("mokuba's official glomper" aka "Sapphire and Gold") The wench who can write anything from a humorous cross-fandom game of boggle, to angsty rape fics. This country-listener cornflake is the girl you go to with a challenge and she will never put you off despite her bad taste in music--though that of course is only my not-so-humble opinion, which she will smite me for at a later date--give her your Lafayel/Tsukasa, and she will bring you relief! (And she can CRACK! Shiba/Gabriel. Enough said.) MOG-orange, we love you, we want to have literary babies for you as well! (Azrael answers all your woodchuck questions my dear, and humbly requests you stop stalking him demanding answers to all your esoteric questions.) Master of crack, and a truly wide-ranged talent, MOG is the person you come to with your requests and leave satisfied and amused.

Psychokitty13 Never writes, but always reads. Also the person who has added more to my pervy pairings list than any other person on the planet it seems. (though FM-san seems to have a talent...) Forget who-tops-who, she's among the people who are trying to figure out the stacking order for a foursome between Tracer, Kuro, Gabriel, and Tomonori. Also shares my crazy-blonde-hair pain...unlike anyone ELSE without such unfortunate genetics. One of the people who's actually younger than me and does not ph34r my madness, yogurt points to you, PK-chan.

Desert.Illusion (AKA: "Nodjmet") Oh! Another of those lovely people who manages to juggle work schedules and still write superbly. Nodj-sama writes AU-esque "fleshing-out" works about as well as Foolish Mortal. If I had to pick one author favorite between them it would be interminably difficult. I also know next to nothing about her except that she's asian, and far prettier than me as well as far smarter. (Which, despite the ease of such, is impressive all on its own.) She can write a fic teaser that will leave you drooling. She can write sci-fi which makes you want to scream for a publishing agent just so you can get a signed copy. She can take your worst nightmare (Ama-Inu/White Rabbit) and turn it plausible and softened enough so you end up LIKING it. Real talent. Enough said.

Also to the many others for whom I have yet to think of a properly witty description to detail out their awesomenesses.

"SPATTER" is the Supporters of the Protectionary Agency for Troubled Teens with Evolutionary Regrets ("It's all fun and games until someone grows an extra eye...") All Erasers are automatic lifetime members and Kaname donates generously in the hope there will one day be a cure. The society itself is a product of Foolish Mortal carelessly telling me the phrase "Tsukasa or Lafayel in drag is a given. Erasers should have anticipated this before evolving into pretty-boys. Evolutionary regret, it's a hard thing to deal with. No wonder Tsuka is emo and Lafay is angry all the time." All those who wish to become members, inquire within!

FAQ (oh yes, I made this section because I can read minds and I know thy thoughts. Foowhoo.)

What's happened to Control?

It's coming, believe it or not. Tsuka-pon is being a girl. That's what's happened.

What's happened to YOU NF-pon?

Oh. Hahah. I'm fine. College is crazy. If you want detailed blow-by-blow accounts, then you'll have to read my livejournal.

Hey, you rock NF-san! If I want to beta (aka. join the NF test squad) how do I do so?

Easy, you email me and astound me with your brilliance or your knowledge of icelandic herring or something. (or you just email me, or track me down by other conventional means) My email for that sort of thing is sweet(underscore)jumpin(underscore)jillybeans(at)yahoo(dot)com, and prepare for a response from a 'skunky the proboscis monkey' and or 'ruler of rants and all humanity' or such. That's me. I generally give people things depending on their personality, so being a blab-squad member gives you all sorts of random stuff I write. Most of the things I do, don't get put up in places like this. Also, if you are a Zen Monk, I could really use you. If not, then at least be a nun? No? Well..okay. At least don't address me in AOL speak, and use semi-decent grammatical structure. (Or have a very wacky sense of humor, otherwise we'll probably both scare one another.

When will you write another humor fic?

Humor fics just happen, like I said. Every epic-fic chapter though will have the end of chapter parody team come out to relive those put through excessive angst. Lately things are half dark undertone humor and half realism. The style's changed a little, but I have no doubt my crack!fic abilities will return in time. (Incidentally, I am also not responsible for MOG's Shiba/Gabriel fics. I swear.)

When will you write (Insert x pairing here)?

Like humor fics, pairings tend to just happen. But I might not know you want me to WRITE a particular pairing if you don't say anything, so feel free to bother me with random requests. (Also, unlike certain memebrs of XCKD, I'm totally on board with random friend requests on my livejournal, and I keep it public for a reason, so feel free to bother me.)

When will you start another fic in general?

Uh. It's hard to find a time I'm not actually writing something or other. (It usually only happens when I'm forced into exhaustion or the slavish writing of papers) So if you jsut sit around, it'll probably spontaneously generate. Badger me.

What the heck is this whole triumvirate thing? How'd that happen?

If you don't know how all these people have connected theirselves with me, visit the fandom forum, run by KS-sama and take a leap into the GEEK faction with the rest of us. Pimp your fic, ask for writing tips from the fandom giants (and general old farts), bemoan steak, anything! Join us! Despite the name, the triumvirate is capable of expanding outside of three weird people who like to blather at eachother alot.

Are you still taking pervy and outlandish pairings?

Am I ever. Hit me, my dears. And while you're at it, what pairings would you like to see more in the fandom? Or...are you up to a challenge for some Gabriel/Tomonori or something? Because I have some really weird thoughts.

Um, I'm just a reviewer, do you like me?

Yes, I love you. Please feel free to say anything you choose to me.

Boxers or briefs?

I'm a girl. That said, which bishounan are you referring to?

Can I adopt (insert eraser OC here)? Pleeeease?

Yes, so long as you write fic about him. (Any of my OC characters are free for using ANYWHERE.)

What the heck is all this 'check for ants' stuff?

You'll figure it out. I work for an exterminator. Checking for ants in a closet is best left to professionals, like Lafayel. It is also the given overused running gag, expect to see it an awful lot.

Who's your favorite character? (also classifies under 'OMG --insert name here-- is sooo cute!') depends. I actually don't like Tsukasa much. (he's very feminine, and...well...I'm not one who likes feminimity or prizes it really...) Tomonori I've warmed to a touch more lately. Shiba used to be my favorite, but nobody EVER writes about him and I miss him...I am especially partial to all minor characters. I really like Mizunagi, Lafayel, Gabriel, Kuro (given fanon name of Gabriel's mindbreaker), and Tracer (the long haired guy hitting on Tomonori in book 4) and I run through love/hate relationships with most of my Original characters at some time or another. Never ask me this question. You'll get a billion people, but if you really want me to rant, send me an email and I'll ramble on and on about characterization importances. (I'm actually very good at that thanks to yugiohrp3. Those people can't seem to stop me, so they just let me go...)

General considerations out of that single fandom include a large array of villains and antiheroes and sideways little heroes. I usually latch onto odd characters and write with them while my favorites don't always get a line in. (Shiba is a case in point.) So my "favorite" characters aren't necessarily the ones who show up in the msot fics.

If I review your stuff, will you review mine?

I actually read just about everything that comes up here in the entire Juvenile Orion fandom. But even stuff I love and write up a review for at home might never get up because I have the distractability of an ADD person, yet am not ADD. It's fair to say I'll read it, but I might not review it. If you REALLY want me to look over or beta something for you, or give suggestions, try emailing it. (you can even introduce yourself then or whatever and I won't mind) I'll try to get it back to you as soon as possible, and chances are, that would be more punctual than anything else. Feel free to pimp off your stuff to me in exchange for reviews if you have the dignity to do that. I don't mind. Reviewing my stuff though isn't the way to do it. Don't feel obliged to review me jsut ot pay me back. Only review me if you really find something you like, or something interesting, or you have a question or such

Sites I can be found at:—under ‘obseletevulture’ (this is my normal online journal, and I always accept random commentary. I kid you not, it's how I met a random person from Belgium, who's turned out to be my main Spiral-crew babbler. So introduce yourself! Make soem comments! Any time!)

My RP journals at LJ are as follows if you're interested. (Also, any of these places would probably love new members.)


Yami Bakura: 'ringedmenace'

Yami Mariku: 'nightmares_rod'

(Moulin_Noir RP --HIATUS):

Rio Takeuchi: 'melons_of_truth'


(Kyo_Kara_Maoh RP --ACTIVE):

Katan: 'wholeadsme'

Tracer: 'precog_revolver'

On deviantart as "Neurofeces" (Featuring fanart for characters in my fics if you're curious.)

Email: (If you want to run by and say hi)

fun stuff: (Edited but still incomplete: 4-6-09)

JO pairings:

Most pervy/outlandish pairings (so far):

--here’s the deal, this is an ongoing section of my bio, so if you have a suggestion, send it to me and I’ll put it up, FAME AND GLORY SHALL BE YOURS! But remember, it at least needs to be unconventional, also, if you do it in a fic, I’ll put up your name here too! Does your pairing have what it takes to become something really pervy or are you simply a little outlandish? Find out! Already existing fics are allowed! (if not given your own name for it, then I’ll make up a name for your pairing)—

banned pairings from this list (because they’re too common or too obvious):

Tomonori X Tsukasa (90 of the fandom is this!)

Kaname X Mana (it’s canon for crying out loud!)

Itsuki X Kaname (it’s almost as bad as TXT, far too obvious and common)

Lafayel X Mizunagi (It’s been done three times, it’s obviously out there)

Shiba X Mana (Sorry, the one sided aspect Shiba Mana is Canon)

Itsuki X Mana (Unrequited perhaps, but still off limits. Canon onesided again.)

Gabriel X Tsukasa(Israfel) (Sorry, it’s just too obvious, and it’s been done at least twice already)

Kuro X Gabriel (AKA Gabriel and his mindbreaker. I don’t think I even need to say anything…especially with the ‘hand holding’ in volume five)

Consider this an ongoing challenge center! (grin) run here for a couple of strange ideas if you dare!

(PS: This section needs to be updated. I intend to get around to it once my literary load calms down a bit.)

The ‘Rebound’—Haruna/Shiba (Sonseray)

Rating? Outlandish

Comments: This is about as outlandish as you can get and still stay Hetero! A good choice for those of you who want Shiba to get a happy ending. It also leaves a lot of room for creativity since so little of Haruna’s character is developed in the manga, and the only quirk seems to be her fondness for wrestling moves. A fun pairing for sports junkies to try.

The name comes from a bit of a pun. Rebound in basketball, and Rebound in love. Get the drift? Heh, that wasn’t funny was it? (sweatdrop) oops.

Done By: Sonseray. Fic: Gonna Getcha (Rated K+) humor/romance (Note: this fic is the birth of this pairing. Congrats to Sonseray for making the list!)

The ‘Exorcist’—Tomonori/Kaname (Shi Ting)

Rating? Pervy

…um…yeah…considering that Tomonori’s a preist and Kaname’s a pretty hetero demon…don’t see it happening in too likely a situation, especially considering that in books 1 and 2 they basically can’t stand one another (or at least Tomonori isn’t too happy about Kaname’s demon-ness) that’s why I say it’s a definite pervy, because something pretty drastic would have to happen to change all of the defining factors for such a pairing…and typically that’s done in a less than child-friendly fashion.

Done by: Nobody yet. If anyone does though, I’d certainly like to know…

The ‘drugged carrot’—Tomonori/White Rabbit (Shi Ting)

Rating? Pervy squared!

Comments: Forget pervy, that’s just sick! If anyone does this one, I swear I’ll gape, then probably have a nice nervous laugh and run off to go get some kleenex for my nosebleed.

I call it the ‘drugged carrot’ because it sounds a lot better than the ‘fluffy pedophile’ or something else a lot nastier. (wince) I wanted to call it ‘the convulsions of horror’ but it wouldn’t fit. (grin)

Done by: NOBODY! THANK GOD! Let’s just hope it stays that way! (gag)

The ‘ practice session’—Tomonori/Itsuki (Argent Inluminai)

Rating? Borderline outlandish/pervy.

Comments: The pairing is strange, but it has potential if you think about it. I call it ‘tennis practice’ because supposedly Itsuki’s in Tennis, and Tomonori’s the faculty director for the tennis team…it could work if you do it right, you could make it simply outlandish or pervy by your own choice, which is why I have it going in the middle of the fence there.

It’s called the ‘practice session’ because I intended to let minds wander where they chose with that particular wording. (cackle) Shame on you! You perverts! (wink)

Done by: Nobody yet, but if they did, I would actually be interested, I don’t mind this pairing idea so much. There's also an iconist on LJ who does icons of it, and a Deviantartist who supports it, so there's probably a market for it

The ‘alter ego’—Tomonori/Israfel (Argent Inluminai)

Rating? Outlandish/pervy

Comments: This pairing is probably the closest to the practically universal TomonoriXTsukasa. Lots of people have different definitions of Israfel. My own is pretty tame. It could be anything from ancient seeming and wise, to blood thirsty and cold, so depending on the way you take the ‘Israfel’ character it could probably determine how outlandish it actually is.

Done by: Nobody yet. I personally doubt I could pull it off, but if you’re up for a more simple challenge then this is the one for you!

The ‘bad influence’—Mizunagi/Itsuki (Feirdra)

Rating? Outlandish

Comments: I really liked the idea of this one, because it COULD actually work. Both characters are alive and un hooked-up in the end. They’re both very similar ‘joker’ characters. They both smoke. Not to mention they’re even the same faction, EGO. This is a pairing I would actually like to see done, even if only for the humor value, because it could work if you’re creative and like fringe pairings.

Done by: Foolish Mortal "Stranger Caught in Amber" (Rated: T) drama/romance --this is cetianly worth a read jsut simply because it's by Foolish Mortal even if you don't need another reason--you can always trust her to take an AU and make it into a REAL Universe. This fic in particular seems well worth it. Besides, how else can you resist? Itsuki's the fandom whore--you could stick him with anyone and get a good story out of it. shrug

The-HOW THE HELL?!--Shiba/Gabriel (I'm blaming MOG)

Rating? Outlandish/Pervy

Comments: I totally had nothing to do with this. I make some very weird jokes at times, but I RARELY see them put into practice. Clearly, I was wrong. Gabriel/Shiba is food of the diehard crack addict. They never meet, and they sure don't seem to have a reason...which is prescisely why some want to try--you can do whatever you like with them! (My! What a cute little red-haired angel...)

Done by: Sapphire and Gold (aka. MOG) had a Gabriel preganancy fic...unfortunately, I think she's hiding it after my rather explosive outburst at her blaming me...ahem If you ask real nicely I think she might put it back up. There is another by her called "Caught Staring" which features crack Gabriel/Isshin that could be taken any way you'd like. It's the sane option, beleive me...

The ‘forgiver’—Mana/Tsukasa (NF)

Rating? Outlandish

Comments: This pairing works especially if you’re into one-sided love and don’t want to support the shounan-ai pairing of TomonoriXTsukasa, the suggested starting scene is the running scene between the end of volume 3 and the beginning of volume 4 of the Juvenile Orion manga…a lot can be done with that hug scene. Makes for a great love triangle possibility between Tsukasa, Mana, and Tomonori if you’re into that sort of thing.

Done by: Me. See below. Look for the fic entitled so obviously "the forgiver"

Also, narakunohime's "Valentines Day" features TsukasaXMana

I think there's another somewhere, but I can't find it...

The ‘provocation’—Tsukasa(Israfel)/Lafayel (NF)

Rating? Pervy

Comments: This would have to be a love/hate relationship obviously since it’s not simply Israfel/Lafayel back in the good old days (I have another pairing for that one strictly…) it would be an interaction between Amnesiac Tsukasa and Bitter Lafayel. It would likely lean towards a pervy event…possibly rape if you had the stomach for it. This was one of my darker ideas, but so far I haven’t had the guts to do it, and I hope I never will for my own sake.

The name comes from a cross between ‘provocative’ like Lafayel’s clothes (cough) and ‘Provoked’ like being provoked to anger or rage.

Done by: Silver Candle has a fic called "Destiny" out with a terribly tantalizing first chapter.(Rated T) Supernatural

Also, a fic called "the Armistace" featured some Lafayel/Tsukasa in it, but it lies incomplete

Ahhh...I'd LOVE to see more of this pairing in the fandom though--I am a massive Lafayel fan for some strange reason (I think it's just because he's so damn nasty it amuses me...)

The ‘Physical Exam’—Itsuki/Tsukasa (NF)

Rating? Outlandish/Pervy

Comments: Heh, this is more of a gag pairing where poor Tsukasa gets put into a bewildering position by Itsuki or such. And of course it stems from the excuse ‘you’re so pretty some people think you’re a girl, I’m just making sure!’ (sweatdrop) This pairing is brought to you by Volume three, obviously, but is not limited to such. I mean, Itsuki’s stole a kiss off Mana anyway, it’s implied that he’s got a touch of playboyishness to him. (grin) We’d just need to elaborate on that a touch. (poor Tsukasa. So abused…)

Done By: Done it. (sigh) I was insipred. Look below at "from the pond, from the nest". Despite the odd title, it's actually one of my better fics. Prosaic metaphorical unrequited glance at a one sided Itsukasa pairing.

The 'Little Love'--White Rabbit/Little Witch (Desert.Illusion)

Rating? Outlandish/Pervy

Comments: A pairing I would have thought perverse if not for the way I've seen it done. Both Little Witch and White Rabbit have very little canon basis, so it depends on the characters you choose, and, if like Desert.Illusion's done, whether or not you let them grow up first.

Done by: Desert.Illusion's fic "Hyacinthus and the Dark Apollo" Features teenage!White RabbitXAma-Inu with an unrequited, one-sided Little WitchXWhite Rabbit, and background KuroXGabriel. It's wonderfully pulled off, I thought. (And despite the "step out of your comfort zone" warning, you really don't have anything to fear. D.I.-san is a wonderful author.)

The 'Animal'--White Rabbit/Ama-Inu (Desert.Illusion (?))

Rating? Outlandish/Pervy

Comments: So named for the two animal-darklore getting back in touch with their inner selves. No really! White Rabbit never gets a name, while Ama-Inu means 'sea dog'. So what more could you want? A little cat and mouse? of course, you ought to wait until our little fluffy friend grows up a little, and turns out looking like Tsukasa with a bit of cosmetic surgery, otherwise it's liable to get perverse...

Done by: Desert.Illusion's fic "Hyacinthus and the Dark Apollo" Features Ama-InuXWhite Rabbit as its heavily warned main pairing. But it's actually quite masterfully done. So much so, you'd never suspect it was a discomforting thought at all. (And there's yet to be any kissing or sex in the thing, so it's not really a problem.)

The 'Apprentice'--Tomonori/Tracer (FoolishMortal)

Rating? Outlandish/Pervy

Comments: So he smokes, and he sits on rooftops, and he likes glasses. That makes it inevitable, right? Wrong! It's a little trickier than that when you want up the cassock of a catholic priest. So how would they manage? Well that's for you to decide. Token chemistry of two men fighting on the street for their lives. Take it from there. Just how hard could it be, after all?

Done by: Well...TracerXTomonori is a step away from canon anyway as long as it's unrequited. But so far:

Foolish Mortal's "Dark Priest" has vampire!TracerXhunter!Tomonori. Wand what mroe could you ask for there?

My own fic "Wrath" presents the strange little triangle of TsukasaXTomonoriXTracer into the world. Unrequitings all around...


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

What Doesn't Kill You by Azurite reviews
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 28 - Words: 547,886 - Reviews: 1482 - Favs: 755 - Follows: 355 - Updated: 8/6/2016 - Published: 10/9/2003 - [Anzu M./Tea G., S. Kaiba]
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That which is describable sometimes doesn't follow its own descriptions, that which passes is sometimes most memorable. Canon-setting, Hizumi and Ayumu interaction, Possible one-sideds within
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