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If you have any story suggestions for my C2 groups, please PM the suggestions to my main user account, Keronshara, otherwise it might be months before I even see your message.

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Community: Harry During Hogwarts Years
Focus: Books Harry Potter

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  1. AU Harry Sorting
    Books Harry Potter
  2. Batman & Wonder Woman ship fics
    Comics Justice League
  3. Harry & James, Lily
    Books Harry Potter
  4. Great SVU Stories
    TV Shows Law and Order: SVU
  5. AU Harry Childhood
    Books Harry Potter
  6. Harry After Hogwarts
    Books Harry Potter
  7. Great Voyager Stories
    TV Shows StarTrek: Voyager
  8. Batman & WonderWoman ship fics
    Comics DC Superheroes
  9. Sara & Gil ship fics
    TV Shows CSI
  10. Beckett & Castle ship fics
    TV Shows Castle
  11. Great Doctor Who Stories
    TV Shows Doctor Who