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Hey! I just love Fan fiction! I just joined and im in middle of my two Teen Titan ones. I love Teen Titans. I will occasionally read some harry p fics. My fav website is Fan fic (um duh) and neopets.com! If you want to neomail me my username on np is icanhelpu18. My screen name is lbk529@aol.com I want to be a writer when im older so if you spot a mistake in one of my stories (Im a terrible spelloor lol) or want to help me out just email me. I love to draw. Im mostly good at horses (i usually draw them all over my notebooks) I was born in May 1992. Since I love writing so much I took an aptitude test (that was for adults you had to be at least 14) I took it for fun lying about my age testing if I have the potential to write books. So yesturday (jan 29) I got the results saying I passed and I'm exepted into an institute. (which is an at home thing and I'm not doing it) How cool is that!

(My story "The Begining" is my first story and as well an experiment. I will only continue if I get more reviews.)

Teen Titans info: Fav characters: Terra, Raven and Slade.

Terra because shes not perfect and many resons why and if i discuss them now youll be reading this the whole night. And for Terra Bashers. Just because I like Terra, doesnt mean you shouldnt read my stories. I respect anyone that is against her and I understand why. If I read the the Comics I probably would of been disgusted. But I didnt and in the cartoon shes innocent at first but evil in the end. She can never make up her mind can she? Her persona is awsome. Shes so spunky! I love spunky charries.

Raven because of her dry humor. ex The whole city turned dark and goth in fractured "Cool...I mean oops." and what really made me laugh was in MAd mod starfire "I have mentioned the word Underpants yet he does not laugh.It seems we have totally lost Beast Boys brain." Raven:" Did he even have one?" She's so mysterious and different. She is like the strongest person on the team.

Slade is really freaky and cool. He is the baddest bad guy i saw even out the cartoon world. He scares me sometimes I really like his charrie.

PLease review my stories I put in a lot of time and effort and I will update as soon as possible though im very busy and my dad forces me to go to bed early (he thinks im 4) hmm what else...I love to act and on neopets.com theres this thing called Roleplaying simialr to this ecxept thers a topic (ex Harry p) and you r your own character you control it and how it looks and you interact its hard to explain check it out for you selves. Well ttyl! Email me if you have some simularities or intrests.!

Neopet username: Icanhelpu18, neomail me! But my stupid comp is messed up so i cant neomail back untill my firewall is fixed.

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