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A profile, I see. Well, I'm no-one special but I guess I'll have to introduce myself.

Feel free to call me

Voshira or Vo

If the "Other" people out there still know, I'm a Fan-Fic writer for quite some time now and I just decided to make a new account. So they may call me by my other name


But since I have friends here who knows me in real life, or simply got close to me, they call me by my real name. You know who you are so feel proud!

Well, you just have to talk to me to find out. Buahaha.

Age : 14

Gender : Female

Location : Earth, Asia, Philippines, Manila

Nationality : Pinoy

Status : Single

Extended profile:


Anyway, I'm your average (Yet crazy, but still still slightly sane) girl that eats, sleeps and lives like any human. I r a Yaoi-fan but not too obsessed. I agree with Yuri too but not as fan-ish as to Yaoi. I guess it's a human nature thing, okay? I play the violin. I like roller-blading. I love to write. I like to read a lot. I'm a role-player. One-liners to heavy para. Buahaha.

And oh, I lurve draw as much as I love photography.

Just in case you're curious. I do fan-arts too. xD

I'm a moderator of the Anime Alliance Philippines.

If you want to contact me, well, here you go

EMAIL: AngelxFria@gmail.com

YM ID: cherrovientteshales

When you add me through Yahoo Messenger, please state that you found me via Fan Fiction or I might reject your friend request and I would probably leave you an offline message asking who you are. If I get a decent reply, I might add you myself. If I didn't leave any message, well, try again and introduce yourself, okay?

Current Anime / Games I'm In To Right Now

(In random order)

> D.N.Angel

> Ayashi no Ceres

> Yami no Matsuei

> La Corda D'Oro

> Code Geass

> Zero no Tsukaima

> Code Geass

> The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

> Persona

> Star Ocean

Planning to Write on the Following:

( In random order)

> Zero no Tsukaima ( First and Second Season )

> La Corda D'Oro

> Anne Rice Themed ( Vampire Chronicles, Mayfair Witches, Cry to Heaven)

> James Patterson Themed ( Maximum Ride, Women's Murder Club, Alex Cross )

> Card Captor Sakura ( Off-story based )

> Kyo Kara Maoh

> My own story. ( I HAVE A LOT IN MIND. LOL )

Currently Working On:

To be Updated