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Heeey everyone!!! Wassup? I'm Faded-Faith. This is my profile. It's fun to state the obvious...well, not really but I have nothing better to do. I'm a"dudette" by the way, Almasy11. :D

Oh, and if anyone is attempting to do a joint fic on any of the following: FF VIII, FF X or FF X-2, I am interested, so feel free to contact me. Know that I fully support the original pairings, but if you contact me and give me the details of the storyline, I will consider whatever pairing you have in mind. Just as long as it fits whatever storyline you suggest to me.

So back to my profile! I guess I should include...

Name: Hmmm...I don't think I want to tell you.

Age: 13

Birthday: 26th May 1991

Starsign: Gemini

Favourite game: Final Fantasy VIII

Favourite Colours(s): Black, Red and Silver

Likes: RPG, Violence, Chinese Food, Fast rollercoasters, Rock (mainly Evanescence), R'n'B, Hip Hop, some blues, but not all, ooh! and Jaffa Cakes :P

Dislikes: Spiders, Bimbo's, Spiders, Pink and did I mention SPIDERS? YUCK!

I'm learning to speak the following languages: French, Indonesian and Spanish.

I also know a few words of Japanese thanks to an incredibly funny fic by HoneyToTheBee called 7 Final Fantasy X Strangers. It's probably in my favourite stories, if you want to check it out. OHAYO GOZAIMASU! That was waaay random...

ANYWAY I am a slightly violent person,my best friend says she is sometimes scared of me. But she loves me just the same ;)

J'habite en Angleterre parse que, Je parlez en Francais...randomly (what the hell is randomly in French?!?!) zoot alore...

Moogles are cute...but I swear they're really evil little things. Hence my first Fan Fic: Evil Moogles.

I'm so proud of Evil Moogles! and even more proud of Complicated Love! I wanna add some other Fan Fics...it'shard but I'll do it anyway...probably.

Also I apologise that none of my fan fics are actually finished...I need people to R & R to help me, *hint hint*

I always thought that R & R sounds like an alcoholic drink. If you don't know what it is.

BIG BIG BIG Thank you to ALL my reviewers, I get so happy when I read them...kinda sad really.

Only two of my friends like FF, but haven't played it so much. ARGH It's so lonely being the only one I know who really likes it!

By the way, if you want to read a REALLY REALLY good fic, although it's quite long, then there's one called Duels of Fate Redux in my favourite stories. I really reccomend it. It's by a really cool guy who helped me when I was having trouble writing a fic. YAY HIM!!! I don't know if he considers me as hios friend, but he's my friend, so there.

And finally, R & R my fanfics! I've decide I will only update when I get a minimum of 5 reviews for the latest chapter. Sooo...If you want me to update then REVIEW!!!! And please, if you want to suggest ideas for the next chapters(s) I would be soooo grateful!

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Complicated Love reviews
We all know what happened when Rinoa fell into a coma. What happens when the situations are reversed? Chapter 5 finally up! R & R.
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