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Hello everyone, I'm aTasteOfDarkness, also known as Dirk Grey, an enthusiastic writer trying to polish his writing abilities through relentless practice.

I enjoy exploring the human sexuality in my writing, especially darker end of the themes that most people deem as taboo. For me, writing is a safe spot for exploring these ideas, tickling people's imagination through situations above and beyond the boundaries of the real life. If that's not your cup of tea, I recommend staying away, as not everyone enjoys the same things.

For anyone interested, my first book, Dominating the Boss, is finally out in Amazon. you can find it at /dp/B07RT2GZH7 (or or other extension based on your locale)

Also, please consider leaving a review in Amazon and Goodreads if you like my writing (which I'm hoping you do, considering you're here, reading this)

If you desire so, you can also visit my P/atreon, Dirk Grey, but it will be for my original writing only. ( /dirk_grey is the address if the search engine doesn't work)

I appreciate anyone supporting me on my writing journey, whether through a kind word or a gift.

Currently, there are several original stories in my exclusive website, including Behind the Camera , A Gamer Adventure, Dominating the Boss, Mafia Teacher, and more; with most of them already over ten chapters.

Below is a small excerpt from my new story, temporarily named A Gamer Adventure, for anyone interested:

A lot of men would have questioned my manliness if they knew that I was paying attention to anything other than the amazing view I had stumbled upon in the library, two very sexy women, their state of undress matching their great beauty, their limbs tangled in a beautiful tango. But in my defense, two glowing, floating sentences, invisible everyone except me, was an excellent reason for my distraction.

[Successful Voyeur Activity: 100 Experience]

[Achievement: Patience. Wait two decades before gaining first experience point. 500 Experience, 10 Wisdom]

Of course, it was difficult to understand its total magnitude without knowing my particular background. Not when more than ninety percent of the population had the ability to gain discrete experience points which then turned into sudden boosts of power, greatly increasing their capabilities, while the remaining few had to do it the hard way, studying tirelessly to enhance their abilities. Melius, these people had been called, increasing their skills and abilities through the points they have collected through killing monsters.

Nobody knew why something like that was possible. Some claimed it was a gift from gods, others theorized it was somehow linked to endless hordes of monsters that turned otherwise beautiful planes into blackened seas of death, interrupted only by occasional town or city. Some fringe religions even claimed that it was somehow linked to Demon Kings, and every single Melius was cursed by the demons -not a popular theory considering the only reason that people were still alive against the monsters was the Melia, especially the elite warriors that had been lucky enough to have a high enough level cap. Everyone had a different level cap, with no way of learning it before hitting to a point, causing a Melius unable to register an experience point gain.

That level cap neatly tied into my status as a disabled Melius. Or my supposed status, invalidated by the floating letters in front of me.

As the firstborn of a noble family, I was tested when I was five, revealing that, unsurprisingly, I was a Melius. It wasn’t entirely impossible for a noble family to have an Invalid child, but it was not expected by default. But things had taken an unexpected turn when I killed a small monster that had been captured by our family hunters, only to receive no experience. It caused a huge commotion. Repeated tries, or experiments with different monsters, changed nothing. No matter the creature, no matter the circumstances, I never gained a single experience point.

Experts, after making my father spend endless riches, deduced that I was the most unlucky Melius ever, born with a level cap of 1, meaning I would never learn a Skill, or earn a Stat Point. I was supposed to live my life as nothing. No skill points, no stats above one, no skills, and certainly no hope…

My father used his influence to record me as an Invalid, meaning I was supposed to belong to that particular unlucky minority that was supposed to improve themselves through endless practice. Still better than being a cursed Melius that never leveled up. Less damaging to family reputation, at least.

But those two glowing sentences changed everything...

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