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The House
What is your full name? Jessi-kah Renee (Insert last name here)
How many people are in your family? Four, excluding me
How many people are currently residing in your house? Three(including me)

How many TVs are in the house? :counts on fingures: Six

Who takes the longest showers? Me
Shower or bath? Baths
Do you own any pets? Yes
If so do you still like as much when you first got them? Yes

How many CD players are in the house? around four
How many are usually playing at one time? mine at night
What is a CD in one of them? HIM
Do you listen to it often? Yes
Which room do you find yourself in the most often? Computer room
If your house was on fire what would be the first thing you would grab? My skateboard

Movies and Entertainment
What movie have you seen the most? Hmm, I dunno...
What was the first rated R movie you saw? The Cowboy BeBop Movie
Were you allowed to watch it the time or did you have to sneak? Sneak
What is the saddest movie you have seen? The Notebook, and I hate chick-flicks too! ;-;
Is there a movie where your side hurt from laughing so much? Napleon Dynamite, yesssssssssssss!
Which Hollywood star is the most overrated? I duno
Who is the most glamorous star? Drew Berrymore! She's a little cutie (and i mean that in a non-lesbianic way)
Who would you be if you could be them for just one day? Jenn Rivel, Bam Margera's fiancee.
Which one would you hang out with? Bam Margera
Do any of your friends remind you of any movie stars, which ones? Nope, sure don't
What was the last movie you saw? Ring 2
Was it worth watching? Yes
What is your favorite phrase from any movie? "I'm not your fucking mom!"

Your Friends
Who makes the most people smile? Dalana
Who do you spend the most time with? Dalana, Callie, and Kevin P.
Who understands you the most? Dalana and Callie
Will any of them become famous? I dunno
Who is the nicest? Kevin P., he's a sweetie
Who is the funniest? Dalana
Who do you talk to on a daily basis? Dalana
Who has the most friends? I dunno
Who is the most popular? I dunno
Who is the most athletic? Ro
Have you lost touch with any of your friends from the past? Colten, Zach, and Cody- my hot guy friends I met at a hotel... ;-;
If so would you recontact them? YES
Which one listens the most? Callie
Which one talks the most? Dalana

Which One?
Ocean or the river? Ocean
Car or truck? Car.
Boys or girls? Relationships: boys; Friends: both
Dogs or cats? Cats
Give or receive? Give
Coffee or hot cocoa? Coffee
Radio or TV? TV
Eating out or home dinners? Home dinners.
McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King
Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Ice cream
Solid or liquid? o-o;
Talk or listen? Talk
Backpack or purse? Backpack
Math or science? Science

Moment that’s going to be the hardest to forget? I dunno, I have a lot of things
Who will you remember forever? My friends 3
Do you think you will keep in contact with many of your high school friends? Ihope so ;-;
Do you think you will get married? Hopefully
If so do you want kids? Yes
What do you want your job to be when you grow up? Professional skater for the element team, or a real estate agent
Do you want to go to college? Yes
Which one? UMKC
Where will most likely move or will you stay where you are? Move
Who has had the biggest impact on your life and why? my friends, I almost commited sucide but the next day my friends made it all better... that's my personal secrect
Would you break up with someone because your friends didn't like them? pft, yeah right. Screw them xD
Have you impacted someone and made them a better person? I dunno... maybe Callie a little...
Are you happy? Yeah (excpect when I have depression...)


InuYasha: InuKag, InuKik, MirSan, InuKouga, SessKagura
TRC: SakSya, FaiKuro
Onegai Teacher: KeiMiz
Ranma 1/2: RanAka
Love Hina:NaruKei
Naruto: SakaSaku, KakaIruka


Seven Trials- my first (long)chapter story, InuYasha and Kagome must face the Seven Deadly Sins to stay together. Hiatus because my muse is gone

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge- a 13-chapter InuYasha story, all songfic chapters. Based on My Chemical Romance's latest cd, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. It follows the basic plot of what Gerard said the cd went in the direction of
(A couple get cought up in a gun fight and the man dies. When he gets to hell the devil tells him his wife is still alive. The devil tells the man that if he kills 100 evil people he can be with his wife alive again.) Waiting for my muse

Of Princes and Winds- A one-shot of Sesshoumaru and Kagura. Half-way



Louis Vitton hater and PROUD=D

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