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Hey, Hisaki Kage here!



What does the name mean? It means: Flaming Shadow. Ho yeah.

I live on Gaiaonline... so if you ever go there... Give all your gold to Hisaki_Kage so she stays happy and she can write more stories for you! Hahaha, just kiddin' you don't have to... But it would be nice...

I write my fanfiction to satisfy my needs. Not others. If my characters seem Mary Sueish to you, so what. I don't care. - I do like it when people say my stories are cool though. Criticizing is okay... up to a point. I'm tired of Mary Sue this and Mary Sue that. That ticks me off. AND if you come here to just post that it is... I really don't want to hear it. I want to hear the good points of my writing, or HELPFUL things like I need more discription in it or something like that. (end of rant)

I try to update as soon as I can... so be patient. I thank all who review my stories, and post HELPFUL things. - Please, no more flames! They burn,

So, I'm gonna go back to Gaia until I feel like posting my chapters. - On a quest to become rich and pretty on Gaia. Tralalalalala!

(P.S. I'm bad about updating. I always get caught up in school and different activities. I promise I'll try to get better at it!)

Favorite pairings:

RatchetxMikaela ((=_= Yes. I shall make it popular. You will see in the fanfict I will post soon. I mean hey, she loves cars and knows a lot about them, he's the Autobot's medic/doc... and every girl wants to get with a doctor and you know it. ;3))


One Piece:


Kingdom Hearts:

Annnnnd that's all I can think of... at the moment...X3

OH! Check out my awesome AMV's that I made!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8An2jPrsDms(Roxas's dreams)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgL9ToVEB2c (Sora/Kairi)

My bishies! (Long list that never ends):
Mori (from Host Club),Axel, Roxas, Auron, Sora, Riku, Leon, Xemnas, Zexion, Saix, Xigbar, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, Cloud, Eiri Yuki, Mr. K, Ryuichi Sakuma, Tatsuha Uesugi, Kakashi, Iruka, Ebisu (Ohhhh yeah he's sexy!), Jiraiya, Rock Lee, Gai, Shino, Zabuza, That one ANBU member..., Shikamaru (No matter how badly I treat him, he's the one I love the most I think...), Neji, Kiba, Kisame (YES!), Zoro, Sanji, Ace, Shanks, Captain Kuro, Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk, Reno, Cid, Sephiroth, Zack, Zell Dincht, Irvine Kinneas, etc. I'll add more later.

Stories I'm working on:

Flames of Inspiration: ((ON hold for now))
It's a work in progress, I got the idea from rewatching Gravitation. I'm not following Gravitation in any way, but I thought Axel would make an awesome writer, and hell... the voice actor for Roxas sings so, there you go! After that it was easy to come up with bands.

So far, all I have is Shikamaru is hanging out with Sakura a bit. He likes her. He's captured someone that we all hate, and that person wants to kill Sakura. Sakura doesn't know. Blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile. Neji hasn't been talking to Sakura because there have been problems within his family. A certain someone refuses to take the head of the family and there is pressure placed on Neji. Also, his family isn't too happy with him joining up with ANBU without receiving permission from them first. So there you go. I'll update the chapter once I finish it... but that's going to be coming soon.

This strange triangle sets into motion when Sakura wakes up to find Lady Tsunade was murdered, and her world is flipped upside down. Suddenly, she's a demon slayer, Kakashi is her guardian angel, Sasuke is a vampire and Naruto is a demon?! There are three suspects for the murder of Tsunade and Sakura and her new group of slayer friends split up to murder them. However, poor Sakura just so happens to be the one slayer who has to team up with a vampire mistress, and fight Akatsuki! Can Kakashi keep her safe from their grasps? Can Sakura learn to love him and stop angsting with the mysterious vampire Itachi? Will Naruto ever stop bursting into flames? Wait and find out! ((You're just dying to read it aren't ya. ;3))

With that being said, I'm thinking about starting a Zuko Katara fanfict. But meh... I dunno, message me if you guys get any ideas.

OH. And if you want to add any of my stories to your C2's, you just GO ON AHEAD!!! LOL

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