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Well, to be frank, I'm just a veteran who upped and decided to start making fiction. I served four years in the United States Marine Corps as an 1812 M1A1 tank crewman. I deployed to Afghanistan on the fourth of July 2013 to December first that same year with Second Tank Battalion, Delta Company 1st platoon.


Now that I've EAS'd from the Marines, part of me has begun to realize I'll miss some of the experiences I've had and guys I've worked with. For the longest time I've always wanted to make stories, every time I'd be sitting in the driver's station of my tank I'd brainstorm ideas for fiction. Even when I workout I think of ideas for stories as I listen to music.

I've always loved to lose myself in a different world and be consumed by music as I weave ideas in my head. Be it while reading a book, watching anime, I could keep going.

I would read stories on this website and become inspired to someday make my own, but I'd always hesitate thinking that...well to be honest? That my work just wouldn't be "up to snuff." But one day a month before I got out, I said: "Eh fuck it, why not?"

Now here I am with a healthy amount of followers, ya'll rock by the way.

Hollywood can make its war movies and military authors can write their novels, but sometimes it takes a service member to really capture the essence of what goes on when the guns and explosions aren't going off. That's not to say anyone else's portrayal isn't right, but who can truly understand those in the military besides those who have walked that path?

Some of the most interesting people I've ever met were in the military, especially the ones in my old MOS. To cram four fundamentally different guys in a metal box for hours sometimes even days? It builds a bond that no other MOS can say it shares. They have to live; eat, sleep, piss, and be proficient on that tank.

What results is a community of close-knit misfits who command one of the most destructive pieces of modern land equipment, yet have the personalities of children. All of their personalities, stories, and experiences are just begging to be written. That's why I'm here, to tell stories of military fiction. Hardened men fighting against all manners of foes from this world and beyond.

Stories of men like us made of flesh and blood who command 70 ton tanks; carry rifles into battle, pilot sophisticated fighter aircraft, make things happen behind the scenes, and sneak through the worst in a covert operation. All of these men separated only by the jobs they carry out, but united by one goal. To protect an idea, a people, and a way of life. It won't always be about Americans either.

That's why I'm here.

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