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Just a fun loving girl that loved NaruSaku fics.

Update Sun, 10, June, 2012.

1.) FNW Chap13 posted. 14 will be posted this week as well. 14 is much shorter. Also did some quick editing of the first 3 chapters. I really wish I didn't start FNW yet. If i started it now knowing what I knew and the tone i wnated to write. I would have been finished already. Shame.

2.) "Coming Home" in progress and coming along nicely

3.) Crossover and all pokemon pieces on the backburner for now. If you still read them, hit me a review or pm. If there is interest I will def. try and get an update out.

Fics on hiatus:



Crossover (Update. Returned to Hiatus list as of 02, Nov, 2011.)

Crossover: Back on the Hiatus list. I'd like to finish it indeed. But. FNW is a long fic and there's an audience for it. Only 30 something people actually read chapter 5 of Crossover. I don't mind the not reviewing. Hell I don't mind not many people reading. But as much as I'm busy and writing FNW it doesn't make sense to try and invest FNW time into Crossover right now. Especially since the community for Ash/Misty seems to be totally dead.

Fics in progress:

Coming Home

The Fifth Ninja War

FNW: Plan for Parts 1, 2 are done. Part 3 is semi done. Part 3 will be more action in any case and the plot points are done so it's not going to be delayed. Part 1 is almost done. I suspect. 8-10 more chapters based on the plan.

Update:- FNW will no longer be in books 1,2 and 3. Plot points are being condensed and the story will be be one story, but with three arcs. I expect just about 20-24 chapters overall.


New Naruto Fic

Coming Home

Coming Home: It was writing itself at a pretty decent pace. I wanted to release as a one shot but it will be too long. All chapters will be published altogether and not in installments.

New Naruto Fic: The prologue is pretty much known, just to flesh out and make an actual chapter of it. It will be the dark fic i had planned for FNW. As it stands FNW will still be pretty awesome on it's own. But this new fic will be a bit darker. However, I won't release a chapter until I've finished the layout and plan to a tee. Reason being, I plan for it to be about 11-13 chapters, with each chapter much, much longer than chapters in FNW.
Because I have already decided this, it brought me to the realization this will be a big project, I want to make sure I have enough time to give FNW and Crossover the attention they deserve. After having not been given love for a 3 and 6 years respectively, I would like to focus on those two first and foremost.

EDIT:- This will be my next fic after the release of Coming Home due to lack of audience for pokemon. That's fine since I have not watched in years and only wanted to finish Crossover and Rain for everyone who read. Plus i loved the 'Crossover' universe.

The new naruto fic will be my biggest project.

I LOVE! reviews! _

Update! 14/09/11

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccckkkkkkk!!!! After years of M.I.A I've finally returned... HOME!

It's been such a long time since I've written anything. Much less read my own chapters. I went over Crossover today and realised I REALLY want to finish it now. I really want to finish ALL my works. I don't want to leave them unfinished. :(

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The Fifth Ninja War reviews
Five years have passed since the Fourth Ninja war was won, but that was just the warm up. The real battle, starts now.
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Crossover reviews
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