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Author has written 5 stories for Resident Evil, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Parasite Eve.

Why I love fanfic: I think anytime you can get a reader to begin the first line of something you've written, and already have a vested interest in the stories and characters, you're given an immediate advantage. There's no need to paint the scenery, muddle over the details of a character, or revisit a plot summary. This isn't to say that it makes our jobs easier, since we're burdened with the responsibility of living up to those characters that our readers know and love. But in a way, our imaginations are given more freedom, envisioning a story on a grander scale, a more intricate plot. Just like any writing, or any art, or entertainment, the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves. Don't be afraid to take your story where no one else has. Find what works, and build your style around it. I think you'll find yourself rewarded by doing so.

Mistakes: I just realized, after skimming an old chapter, that I made a big continuity mistake. In a Chris/Leon conversation, Chris says Leon has "zero field experience". However, earlier in the day, Leon talks with Carlos about the repurcussions of their first field mission. You can either take this as a mistake on my part, or the fact that Leon hid this awful experience from Claire and the others because of his own feelings of guilt. Either way, that slipped my mind completely. Another mistake I've been told is about my Outbreak fanfic, where I mention Mark Wilken's two young daughters. Somehow, I got him mixed up with Barry Burton, because Mark only has a son. It may sound small, but it was one of the details I liked about Mark, though it was wrong. It made him more than just business; I wanted him to find his role protecting Yoko and Cindy.

Some of the formatting on my Aftermath: Ada story was messed up in conversion. There are "breaks" missing from many of the intersecting conversations. Maybe I'll fix it one day.

If you've been paying attention so far (and i sincerely hope you have), I am about nine years out from the last story I completely finished. So many things have happened in that time. I got a new career (unfortunately not writing), got married (to a woman that also loves to write), bought a house (where I haven't done any writing). I had hoped to write professionally but gave up without really trying. Told myself that writing fanfic never took you anywhere. But let me tell you a story. Years ago, I was up late, checking a link for a naughty site my friend sent me. Something caught my eye though, tucked away in the poorly rendered banner: erotic fiction. Wanting to see how that niche market looked, I took a peek. The first story started off with this contract thing--it was pretty bad, so I went on to the next. Only years later did I realize that opening I had read (and panned) was 50 Shades of Gray. Disgusting, right? So that was the seed that got me thinking again--maybe writing stuff for yourself and putting it out there can result in something that is successful? I had worried about the financial side of writing (mostly supporting myself and anyone else), but that's no excuse to stop. Writing must be done earnestly. And so here I am, back to life and reinvigorated as a writer. Let's never stop again and always commit thought to page, no matter what.

One other interesting item that piqued my interest? Some zealous fans have recently brought back my favorite RE game, OutbreakFile 2, back online. Sadly only Japanese version, but I figure I can mod my old PS2 and just buy a copy of the Japanese version. It lifts my heart to see someone with the passion do this; that game gave me so many unique experiences in the world of RE, so I owe it to the game to write some more fanfic.


Jan. 20, 2014

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