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Jan 11

So, so tired-mn sugoi i think I might have a potential editor xp guh-I've still got to get through the rest my studying-studying for damn exam since like 4 when I got home x_x wish me luck! Once it's over I can write more ~_~ thankyou so much for the reviews! I love you all 3 I'll try to update soon-- oh and YES I am going to write a shikasaku story @_x my fave pairing 3 and he'll also be in saku's gym in my latest updated story 3 sweeet dreams-I'm up till 2 in the morning with this stuff...maybe it'll lodge into my brain :D

oooh and check out that Wallflower it's sugoii! One of the best animes..._ look on youtube under the jap title-g2g studying, later xp

April 4th

New Sakura story up called Lean on me

So there you have it--IF YOU WANT TO VOTE ON PAIRINGS YOU CAN--yeah but I'm currently finishing up my tenth chapter of Naraku's plan! I have not forgotten / but I hope this tides you over so you don't wait foooorreeever for my updates yeah xO hope you liked the first chapter xDD it was like 4 pages when i wrote it out Reviews please, as I said before faster you review faster I put up the next chapter

April O2~

Hey luffs~ Yes after MAJOR PROCRASTINATION xX --I've finally updated and I was impressed by how quick I got reviews 33 Hehe! Thanks so much! It really makes writing this worth it; and I hope you're enjoying my story as much as I am ; so I'll update in two days--keep the reviews coming _ and I promise new Sakuraxpiairing stories in the near muture since I've become so obsessed with Naruto! anyways chpt. 9 up: Fish

Nov. 26th

I did not think I'd have any ideas tonight but lookie here! A whole mash of em! Hehehe I'm proud to say the 7th chapter is up and its the longest one yet! xP Nov. 21

Woot! I'm in such a great mood..even though I should be sick! x3 days off make me feel floaty :3 I updated my story finnaaaaly 3

Oct. 20th

Ugh..been sick all day ; Sorry it took so long to update I had to wait for people to vote and I had serious writers block. Anyway right now I'm working on 6 th chapter to Naraku's plan and it'll be up as soon as I get more reviews. Also for all those Sango/Bankotsu fans out there I'm currently working on a new story.


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'Bloody hell!'

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Highschool Chaos reviews
Sakura after barely escaping her last school of hell tries to make a fresh start at her new school, but Kohoha High is no walk in the park what with five the most desirable and cruelest men and they've got their eye on the new girl
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Sakuras' fallen into depression after Sasuke left. How far will she go to be happy again, and who will stop her if she goes too far? Possible pairings: GaaraSakuraItachi with some HinataxSakura, NarutoxSakura, and NejixSakura
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