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I do not use my real name on websites, only for safety purposes... however my nicnames are Sparow and/or Demon Mortal. I am 14 years old in grade 9. I personally don't like flames and or flaming other people so if you ever get a review from me, it will never be a nasty statement. My favorite pass times are playing nintendo, drawing animations or reading graphic novels. I am Canadian and I like cheese... oh and the rumor that we live in igloo's is not true. Also I am really getting pissed off at people flamming others... flames are nothing but a form of hate in words. If you don't like someones fanfic, don't say anything at all. Anyways be nice to eachother y'all and peace out.

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"Go Toronto Maple Leafs GO!"

"Wow, a toaster"

"Terra, you suck!" Laughes and runs away

"I'm special!"

"I'm an idiot! YEEEEAAAHHH!"

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Pizza and cheese.

speghetti and especially, CHOCOLATE!

My favourite video games of all times were the Mario games and the Zelda games. I liked them the most because they were the originals that started all of the other games to come out.

Also girls, beware of the real world, you never think somethings going to happen until a good scare haunts you the rest of your life. I just recently had that problem. Some guy older man added me to his msn list and kept trying to convince me to go meet him. So becareful, it's not only on the streets, but it's in your very home as well. Look out for those sicko's and never let a person you don't know talk you into meeting them. As far as you are concerned, they don't know you, and you don't know them, so it's best off keeping it that way. Educate yourselves and be more aware. It's a scary world out there, and everyday it get's scarrier. So always keep a sharp eye around your surroundings and never let yourself or others you know go walk alone. Avoid dark alleyways and avoid secluded short cuts, sure they are the easier way of getting home, but do you really want to take the risk of knowing that no one is around if something happens. Also the number one thing to avoid is chat-lines. Yeah sure there fun, but if you go into one, make sure someone is there to supervise the conversation. Trust me, some sicko's out there can be very persuasive. It isn't fare that us woman have to live like this, but for some reason it is. Just follow the basic safety tips and you should be fine. Also, if you are ever walking home from school and some creep decides to try and follow you home, there are many things you can do to get him off of your back. You could try to act really wierd like trying to catch imaginary butterflies. Another thing you could do is to run to a friendly house... key word 'friendly'. Or you can cross the street and walk the opposite way. Remember, always stay safe. 0.~

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