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Author has written 6 stories for A Nightmare on Elm Street, Phantom of the Opera, and Law and Order: SVU.

Hi! I'm Alicia, I'm 18, and I currently reside in a small town in Ontario, Canada. It's quite boring, and someday I hope to live in London, or New York... somewhere exciting. I like excitement and things happening, I hate boredom. I love animals and have a cat, although I plan to have many more in the future. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my life, although writing a novel is up there on my list. I just know I want to travel and experience the world.

Umm, I have a lot of fandoms. My current ones are: Law & Order: SVU, Phantom of the Opera, Doctor Who, Charmed, Iron Man, Dark Knight, Labyrinth, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

I ship: Elliot/Olivia, Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Jack/Sally, Phoebe/Cole, Sarah/Jareth, Freddy/Nancy, and Tony/Pepper.

I love to read, especially mystery, and I adore Agatha Christie. I'm not a sports person, but I do enjoy skiing and swimming. I aso like to write random things, whether they be one-shot fics, poems, short stories, or full-length fanfiction. It usually takes me a while to write, I tend to end up disliking my ideas and starting over, tee-hee.

Hmm... what else to say about myself... I'm stubborn and like to do things on my own. Sometimes I'm a 'lone wolf', but I also do like to be around people. I'm friendly, but I'm pretty happy with my current friends, so I guess I'm not too interested in making many new ones. I like to think I'm tough, not physically, but... emotionally and mentally. I don't put up with crap, and don't waste my time on people who don't show me respect. Usually, I don't let what people think get to me. I'm very much my own person, with a firm set of beliefs, that I don't change for anyone. I'm loyal and protective of those I love, so don't mess with them either. =D

Update: Okay... I've been fighting with myself for a while, and I've decided to RE-WRITE my fic 'Obsessed.' I know it's gotten a lot of reviews, but I'm really not happy with a lot of it, and I think it could be much better. I'm not going to outright delete the story, but I am going to rewrite it, so there will be two 'Obsessed''s out there. Once the new version is done, I'll decide whether to delete the old or just keep it.

Also, I'm unhappy with 'Twisted.' So I'm going to delete it until I can get the new version of 'Obsessed' finished. It's just not going the way I want it to. Sorry!

Update #2: I'm sorry! I've been on a VERY long hiatus... I apoligize... school has just been very hectic, and I've been having major writer's block. I promise to try to update my fics soon! I'd much rather be writing fanfic than writing essays.

Update #3: Yes, I am still alive. xD I'm working on updating Hell's Nightmares and Shattered Souls first. Obsessed (new version) is kind of at a stand-still at the moment, as is Ballerina. Just a sidenote... if you notice differences to Shattered Souls, it's because I looked back on Chapters 1 - 7 and there was a lot I didn't like, so I edited them (I think chapters 5 and 6 will be edited the most.) :D

Update #4: I know, a lot of updates! I'm an IDIOT and I deleted Chapter 5 of 'Ballerina' (#@@!!) accidentally... so yes, that's why it's gone. Bloody HELL. So now I'll have to re-write that... it'll be different, 'cause I don't have it on my laptop, and I can honestly only remember a bit of it. DAMN IT. sigh. Anyways, I'll get on that when I can... sigh.

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Ballerina reviews
We all know the story and it's main players: the lovely Christine Daae, the mysterious Phantom, and the heroic Raoul. But what about Meg Giry, Christine's best friend? What was her story? [Mix of moviemusical]
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