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Failte (Pronounced Fahl-sha, which is Gaelic for Welcome)

Which means welcome and Merry Greetings to all readers,

I am Cosmina Inspira formerly Cosmic Inspiration, fan fiction writer, aspiring author and artist.

I also have Deviant Art account under the name CosminaInspira so as to create as little confusion as possible, and if any readers want to see what my OCs look like, feel free to view and leave me a comment, or you can also now follow me and chat with me on my Facebook page or Instagram, so please check them out and help me to grow them.

Welcome to my little corner of the fan fiction imagination universe, a Gargverse or an Inspiraverse, I don't know what to call it yet, but here I hope you will find fun, romance, and adventure. My favorite genres of any form of fiction has always been fantasy, sci-fi, or even animated adventures in some form or another, especially in animated movies and the superhero movies past and present.

I have been on FanFiction. Net for a couple of years now, and hope to continue to share some stories from my weird imagination. Most of my fanfic is about the classic 1990s Disney show Gargoyles which I also post at the Gargoyles Fans Website under the same author name now, and I greatly encourage readers to check out the site, but I am also a big fan of most things Disney, Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek: TNG, Hotel Transylvania, some Harry Potter, and plenty of other assorted geekdom.

When the show Gargoyles was first on, what drew me to it were not only was it a fantasy taking place in the then present day of the 1990s, where magic and fantasy were as real as every day life, it was also the intelligence it portray with its story telling while having so much Arthurian and worldly mythology, and Shakesphearean themes mix in, a lot of which I was already into at such a young age.

Some other great things about the show I loved were how several recurring characters were also voiced by actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I also grew up with and had been a big part of my childhood, actors such as Johnathon Frakes, Marina Siritis, and my favorite actor Brent Spiner. It wasn't until much later I learned the show was also owned and distributed by Disney, which just made me more excited and love the show more.

Gargoyles was among one of Disney's best shows, along with many others from the '90s and early 2000s, and it is greatly missed.

Though my Gargoyles fan fiction continues from The Gargoyles Saga from the Gargoyles Fans Website, my intent is to be as faithful to the original series and TGS as possible and hope to give it my own fun interpretation. However, I fully understand the original series was created by the great Greg Weisman and all the ideas for the series are his, and as a fan and author of fan fiction who wants to write about these ideas involving much of his 'canon-in-training' ideas and my own 'head canon', I have no claim to them and he gets full credit, as does the original staff behind TGS and the stories they created and wrote.

If you want to read about darkness and depression, while there will be conflict and some darkness in most of my stories, it won't be overwhelming here if it is all readers wish to find and are welcome to look else where for such stories, for here there is also light to bring balance and hope in my stories, and one form of that light is Gargoyles, Defenders of the Night.

As my mind often drifts from one idea to another, I will write other fanfics that are mostly self indulged fun and I hope my readers also find them entertaining.

For now, I hope to share some weirdness from my imagination and take readers on fun and fantastic journeys, as well as give plenty of laughter, and along the way face challenges that bring one close to the penumbra of darkness and emerge stronger than before. It is my hope and intent to fill my stories with fun, but also with a sense of philosophy and a spiritual journey as life itself is a journey and something new is learned every day.

As I have such a passion for writing and art, I hold myself to a rather high standard and expectation with myself and my writing. As a writer, I feel that it's always important to have passion for what one does, no matter the art or even goals in life as everyone wants to strive for something better.

Which is why my advice to any aspiring writers, new or experienced, is to always have passion for what you write and know what you want to say for then one can learn to and continue to expand their horizons. Also, if one intends to write different versions of a similar or same story, plan out ahead to see what works best and set aside ideas for a later time as they may prove great at a later time. Also, if different versions of the same story are to be written, have faith in them to stand on their own as individual stories instead of deleting and reposting over again, for I have learned that once an idea is out there it takes on a life of its own, and it may just frustrate any potential readers and supporters and they may not want to read the same if altered story over and over again, as they may grow tired of it and not come back to read more of one's newer stories.

My specialty can be making up new OCs (Original Characters) for franchises I love and trying to integrate them into these fantastical worlds and tell their own stories while trying to stay true to the original spirit of the franchise and giving it my own interpretation, and hopefully I can avoid the whole 'Mary Sue/Gary Stu' boring chiched trope, though I've sometimes thought the characters writers create in stories are allowed a tiny element of perfection as readers in a sense live vicariously through them as heroes are routed to win and villains live out darker desires and frustrations, plus all kinds of others in between as readers are taken on wondrous and fantastic journeys to see the tragedies overcome by triumphs.

Here is a short list of some personal favorite OCs I have begun to write about, or hope to write about soon in the future, and be warned now of a few small spoiler alerts:

Athena: A female gargoyle with a complex origin and is related in a strange way to Goliath, Demona, and Angela. In the future she will lead her own clan in Chicago and teams up on occasion in a kind of crossover, with a private investigator and wizard from a book series by Jim Butcher.

Description: She is 6'1'', and may weigh 215 lbs, with a muscular lithe and hourglass figure, she has Demona's azure sky blue skin coloring and purplish wing coloring, and several other characteristics from her 'mother' such as her browridge and small horns, and her wings are dactyl like meaning they are ribbed like Goliath's wings and has fingers like Demona's, and she has long wavy midnight black hair like Goliath's hair, and instead of typical black gargoyle eyes she had deep blue eyes.

Danger: Athena's love interest, he is basically a human who becomes a gargoyle, but by weird science instead of magic.

Description: He is 6'10'', and may weigh 350 lbs as a gargoyle with a powerful brawny build to nearly rival Goliath's warrior figure, shoulder length dark brown hair and deep bonnie brown eyes, and gorgeous heroic face with high cheek bones, a square jaw and cleft chin, as his face may have a slight resemblance to actor Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, and ATOM on CW's Legends of Tomorrow) deep twilight violet-blue skin coloring, standard male ribbed wings, and two sharp fin-like spurs on each of his lower arms, lower thighs, and two small but sharp curved spikes on the end of his long tail.

Destiny: The first born child of Goliath and Elisa, she has made a brief appearance in my We Live Again saga, but may have her own mini series spin off called Gargoyles: Legacy, with a cast of other OCs, taking place in 2025-2065.

Description: She looks mostly like her mother, but has her father's gargoyle features, such as wings, tail, pointed ears and browridge. She had copper tan skin coloring, deep brown eyes, and her father's sable dark hair, and one extra digit on her hands, feet, and wings to show her human heritage.

Atrana A'Qilla: An original Star Wars character in development, she is a Dark Jedi trained by Darth Vader, another of his secret apprentices. But her relationship with the most iconic Dark Lord of the Sith may go beyond Master and Apprentice.

Description: A human woman of average 5'6'' height and weighing 145 lbs, she has a strong lithe and athletic build placing her in her prime, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes that sometimes may turn an ugly yellow as she becomes too deeply empowered by the Dark Side of the Force, yet somehow pulls back. She wears a black tunic mini skirt dress, fingerless elbow high gloves, black leggings, and knee high black boots all to hide fighting and training scars acquired by harsh grueling training with her Sith master.

Elona Parker: The main love interest of Count Dracula in A Hotel Transylvania Holiday Love Story, she is possibly the reincarnation of his beloved Martha, but is a bit complex as she suffers from a mild case of HIV. She will also appear in sequels to this story as their wedding is planned, and they may have kids.

Description: A human woman of average 5'6'' height and weighs 145 lbs, with a slender hourglass figure and lithe muscular dancer's build, she strongly resembles Martha Lubov Dracula with a sweet oval round face, rosy cheeks, long cute button nose, and azure blue eyes. However her skin is caucasean peach and she has back length straight medium brown hair.

Typhon: A gargoyle warrior from the New Olympus clan, he is the future love interest of Demona.

Description: He is 7 ft. tall, as tall as Goliath and just as powerfully built, with a bright scarlet red coloring and bright golden yellow mane. His browridge is T shaped with two pairs of horns, two inch diagonal inside ones and eight inch wavy outside ones that frame back his hair, and his lower arms and lower legs have four thick and deadly spurs like he's wearing Batman's gauntlets, standard male wings, and his tail ends in a deadly arrow shaped spade tip, and his handsome stoic face is shaped between Goliath's strong and square facial features and Othello's more triangular features, with a slight resemblance to a younger Harrison Ford.

Silvia Dracon: The daughter of Brando Dracon, and Tony Dracon's cousin, she is temperamental but with a cold intelligence, and is a seductive temptress and exotic beauty who is far more than she appears to be.

Description: A young woman of a tall 5'8'' height and slender hour glass figure she pridefully flaunts, with bluish black hair, gray-blue eyes with specks of violet, and pale ivory peach skin. Her face has high cheek bones and an attractive face and pearly white teeth.

Lilith: An unseen clone of Demona, she works with Thailog as one of his executive assistants handling many of his 'nightly' projects. She is equal to him in intelligence but also programmed with the same obedience as the other clones.

Description: She is nearly the spitting image of Demona, save she has sharper facial features, brownish sienna skin coloring, burnt brownish orange wings, blond hair, and wears a more feminine version of Thailog's armor. Also her eyes glow white instead of red, as she is a clone instead of a naturally born gargoyle.

These are only a few OCs that I have created, and there are more that will make this list go on and on, but may be added at later times. Use of these characters are mine, and mine alone, and may not be used without my permission. If OCs are not your thing to read about, that is okay, though I feel my stories my suffer without them.

I am also a bit of an artist and have drawn most of these characters and what they look like. If you wish to see them, I don't mind suggestions of where or how to upload them as I'm unsure how as of now. I know I could try an art website, but I don't mind suggestions or help on how to show my amateur art work.

As my fan fiction section grows more and more now, though I hoped to keep things a surprise, I wanted to get some ideas out there, so here is also a list of present and future stories and sagas to be written and I hope you enjoy:

We Live Again: This is a continuation of the 1990s Disney cartoon Gargoyles and from the Gargoyles Fans Web Site The Gargoyles Saga. It disregards the infamous third season, The Goliath Chronicles, though I may use some ideas from it because I saw their potential. It involves the growth of the Manhattan Clan and my version of their adventures based a bit on ideas by Greg Weisman, canon and canon-in-training ideas which can be found on the Gargwiki web site. It begins in late 1999 and may go to present day and beyond.

Labyrinth: One of several spin off series involving the Labyrinth Clan and their allies. While much of their struggles and conflicts are intertwined with the Manhattan Clan's adventures, their own struggles and growth are different but no less important. It begins in early 2000 and goes into present day and beyond.

The Chicago Clan A kind of crossover series, maybe a mini series, about my own clan's adventures and often teams up with and becomes friends and allies with a private investigator and Chicago's only know Wizard for Hire from an occult book series called The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Begins around 2004, before Blood Rights, and goes into present day depending on the book. Also, as it's a spin off of my other series We Live Again, and has much tie in with this series, some things may be different from the Dresden books such as fairies and other many other forms of magic from the Gargverse and the Dresdenverse.

Legacy: Another spin off taking place in the future, a new generation from the Manhattan Clan carries on her heritage and discovers more to herself than even she ever thought possible. Begins in 2025 and does occasional flashbacks to the 2000s and present day.

POVs: A series of stories told from the point of view of a major character, primarily Goliath, including the mini series The Triangle, about the perception of the romance between Goliath, Demona, and Elisa. I may even write Timedancer stories under this same series.

The By-Stander Chronicles: A small series of stories about the points of view from normal every day people and their experiences with the Gargoyles and other supernatural elements they had been unaware of before or didn't believe was possible to be real.

My Big Fat Vampire Wedding: The sequel to A Hotel Transylvania Holiday Love Story, the wedding of Count Dracula and Elona Parker is planned to perfection, but not without typical drama between families, the return of Elona's ex-boyfriend, and the mean and cantankerous Lydia.

On a side note with this story, I've seen HT3: Summer Vacation and while I'm glad for the best for Drac and Ericka Van Helsing, it will in no way effect my sequel to my story. Instead I think of my story as a 'parallel universe' all its own and I may get some ideas to use from the movie for a future story.

I am also considering writing my own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fiction. However, at this time it is merely an idea rolling around in my head and ideas are still in the works for plot and characters. I decided to try and write a fun and epic fan fiction about Celestia and Luna being summoned by the Friendship Map at Twighlight's castle as I do believe the Map can summon even the Princesses of the Sun and Moon due to their connection to the Tree of Harmony. But I need some help. Where would they be summon? And because I'm a hopeless romantic, I want to pair them with OCs, but who are they and how do they meet? What is the Friendship mission that only the top two Princesses of Equestia can accomplish? Ideas can be shared by PM, or even through my Deviant Art account.

There will be others, but these I am currently working on the most.

Reviews are welcome, as well as constructive criticism, but no flames please.

Thank you to everyone who reads, follows and favorites my stories and for all the positive feedback I have gotten these past couple of years, it really encourages me to continue writing and I hope everyone enjoys my future stories.

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We Live Again: 16 Virtue and Vice
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