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Name: Nicolas Alexander Ryan

Other Names: Nick, Peanut Head, Chrissy's Boy,

Age/DOB: 15/ 3-14-93

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The Ierokitsune is going on a temporary hiatus. I was happily checking my email when my bro clicked on an e-mail sent to me by a random person. A big red smiley face appeared on my laptop screen with the words You've been burned and my laptop cut off. The Geek Squad determined my laptop is utterly useless so i have to wait for the replacement to come in the mail. Hopefully, it'll be here in a week's time.

The plus side is that me and my production team Nyghtmare Otaku Inc (yes, I have a team of gentlemen helping me; all equally obsessed with Naruto as i em lol). The plots for the rest of the story are complete and we're beginning the next story. Thank you for all your support and i love you guys!!

Nyghtmare Otaku Inc

Artist: Jace

Jace created the designs for Satsu, Chuuko, Haku, Zabuza, and some of the canon characters' costume changes. He also drew what i attempted to draw of Kiokure, Kyo, and Ikujinashi. He's currently trying to get the art on deviantart.com, but he's struggling lol.

Idealists: Shabba Marley and Amazing

They constantly argue and i use their dialogue for Sasuke and Naruto (Amazing usualy gets called an emo freak lol)

Author: Nyghtmare

I created the background for the characters, their futures, their jutsu, how they relate to the story, etc. I had pages of info on each character and everything in my story happens for a reason. I spent three years planning the Rosuto story line and even then i had to get my comrades to help. This story is my fanfiction mangnum opus (not sure if i spelled that rite; spelling is not me strong point lol). I want this fic to be something that people will read over and over and the librarian is yelling so i must log off :)

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