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Author has written 6 stories for Hellsing, D.Gray-Man, and Avengers.

Hi I'm Blumarshin.

I'm an Australian , female, live on the Gold Coast and currently I am a PhD candidate with a bachelor in Psychology with honours (soon with this knowledge gained I shall rule the world!).

I love Hellsing and own the Anime, it cost me a pretty penny too (Australia is always the last to get it and the most expensive!), but was worth it. I am trying to get a hold of the OVA but I think I am going to wait for the Box set when I decide to buy it, so it will be awhile yet.

I now also own the manga too- 1-10 (does a little dance). However, the ending was just so disappointing, as if Hirano just gave up and wanted the series over. But meh, he is the author, so he can do want he wants.

I also love many other animes aswell. E.g. Death Note, Get Backers, XXX Holic, D. GrayMan (which is another favourite I like to post for), Naruto, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Ghost Hunt, Kyo Kara Maoh, Chrono Crusade, D.N Angel, Trinity Blood, X by Clamp, Tsubasa, Full Metal Alchemist, Deadman Wonderland, Digimon, eh well the list goes on...

Generally I only post fics to anime/manga, but so loved the Avengers movie that I had to get this idea out of my head and expanded into the movies genre.


Lillian is in, Integra is out: (Work in progress) Sucky title I know lol. But I hope you enjoy Lillian and my story. It is for a bit of fun and even I admit it really needs some work done of the start...T_T I attempted to re-write the first 25 chapters but then fate intervened and I lost all of my work, and computer. So I'll just finish writing it, I don't want it to go over fifty chapters, and then delete it from and re-write it from the start because some of it is well, just painful to read. But my defense is that I did start writing this story in Grade 9! So long ago... Oh MY GOD I have just recently updated it!!! But it is still slowly moving along.

Dominance: (One shot complete) This story was written on a whim, during a time I was a real fan of AlucardXIntegra. It was an idea running around my head and so I just put it to paper so to speak.

Broken Little Doll: (One shot complete) This is a short fic written for a competition in the D.Gray-man genre. My good friend SarahFreak got me into to it. It is a really angst fic, there is kinda a character death. Not a feel good fic. However, at the moment it is my most proudest fic written and most recent. So if you want to look at my writing style, this is the fic to read.

One Cold Winter's Night: (One shot complete) Well this is my first Yullen fic and is dedicated to my bested bud who goes psycho over anime like I do and makes me feel normal. It is another angst story in which ways I find my fav characters to die in again, also touching on the mysterious 14 and Allen's connection to him. I don't know why but just making people cry from my fics just makes my day lol :D

Mocking Bird: (one shot complete) Another alternate spin to the Fourteenth and Allen. Playing around my head for a while, been written up and on my computer for awhile. It is about time I start to fix up and publish the work on my computer and this was one of those. Linalee gets the short end of the stick this time.

Allen in Dreamland: (Work in progress) A tragedy befalls Allen in a routine mission and consequently he is imprisoned within the Black Order, his friends turning their backs on him in his moment of need. In a dream a voice calls out to him, "Shall I take you to a wonderful world?" A white rabbit dashes in the distance. This is my adaptation of Allen in Wonderland. A new song is created and Allen's and the rest of the Black order members souls hang in the balance. My new take of how Allen becomes the Fourteenth, again as always with my D.Grayman fics full of angst and death. But that's the good stuff! I hope people enjoy this new adaptation.

The Truth in the Mirror: (Current fic) Set after the Avengers Movie, Tony decides to have chat with Loki and show him just truly who Loki had been dealing with. Does the Trickster believe this charismatic mortal who proposes to offer him the Earth on a silver platter? Tony smiles, "Maybe I'm curious, maybe I'm bored with this world, and maybe my eyes have been opened with the new knowledge of other worlds out there..."

So basically what I've done is re-written Tony Stark as a psychopath (extremely different from a sociopath!) and let's face it, the character can absolutely be one. This idea came from watching a documentary called "I am Fishead", highly recommended. But in my universe Tony actually sets out to help Loki (for a price and with his own ulterior motives). I can't wait to see where I'm heading with this fic, because I'm sure it is to change as I write along.

Suggestions to my story or characters, even new scenes are welcome.

Anyone is welcomed to drop me a line on my email, at I would love to talk to you.


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“I don’t want you to die” “Too bad. What you want is irrelevant moyashi. You can’t save anyone, least of all me!”...He was now being showered by fragments of his tattered walls, he had to leave, escape, before they they all came down around him. Kanda POV
D.Gray-Man - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,829 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/6/2008 - Complete
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