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I'm Emma, if you want to know my age, just look at my pen name (Okay, so it's the year I was born, not my actual age, like anyone actually thought that, oh well... I have for some time now changed my age every year, but after doing it for several years, I felt like it's a waste of time and whatnot, so yeah, that's it...) and I'm from Sweden. I love to read books and fanfiction, listening to music, watching TV and movies and chilling with my friends, etc.

TV Shows and Ships:

DA Max/Alec (one of my absolute all-time favourite Het OTP's ever), Max/Ben, Syl/Krit, Jondy/Zane, Sam/Zane and Logan/Asha

Dark Angel is one of my absolute favourite tv-shows; (actually it was the reason I found this wonderful site in the first place, several years ago), so I guess it's only natural for me to love this particular tv show as much as I do, right?! Anyway, I just love Max and Alec, the way she bitch on him constantly to his smart-alec remarks, I also love their relationship, (their banter, to be more specific). And it's not that I hate Logan, well maybe just a little, hehe, (okay, so I quite liked him in S1, back then he's rather fun and pretty cute as well!), it's just that Alec is a way better match for Max in so many ways, they have great chemistry together and are just so perfect for each other, plus they are really sexy together too, of course, hehe! Some of my favourite episodes are; S1: "Rising", because of the fight scene with the Red soliders and O.C finally gets to know about Max past and whatnot!, "Pollo Loco", because of Ben mainly and the first introduction of Jensen Ackles, yum, lol! S2: "Designate This", because Alec is introduced, need I say more, laughs!,"Gill Girl", because of the lap dance Max gives Alec to blend in at the Blowfish Tavern (sp?),"The Berrisford Agenda", because we finally get to see an Alec-centric episode!, "Fuhgeddaboudit", because it's one of the funniest episode in the whole series, that Mia sure is a blast, hehe and again awesome Max/Alec interaction, yay!, and finally;"Hello, Goodbye", because of the tender moment between Max/Alec, when she finally tells him about Ben, awe, so sad and sweet! And that's it! Other favourite characters (including the one's who're dead or no longer are on the show): Syl, Krit, Jondy, Zane, Ben, Zack, Brin, Tinga, Eva, Jack, Sam, Jace, Joshua, Biggs, Cece, OC, Kendra, Herbal, Sketchy and maybe even Normal sometimes (that's only cos he's funny and the same goes for Sketchy, only he's both funny and kind of cute).

BtVS Buffy/Spike (OTP), Willow/Tara, Willow/Oz and Xander/Anya

BtVS is also one of my favourite tv-shows, Buffy and Spike are so similar in so many ways and are just so cute together, no scratch that, they're super sexy together and of course, the fact that they are enemies (at least in the beginning), makes them being together even hotter, (when Spike's evil, I mean, or at least before the whole; "getting his soul back", oh well, he's still pretty awesome in S7, just not as dangerous, that's all, I mean)! Anyway, Buffy kicks ass big time and she's really cool as well, Spike is really hot and you just gotta love the British accent. hehe! Some of my favourite episodes are; "Something Blue" (S4), because of the obvious Buffy/Spike moments, lol!, "The Gift" (S5), because it was so beautiful and so sad when Buffy sacrificed herself to save the world!,"Once More, with Feeling" (S6), because it was quite funny and pretty sweet, "Smashed" (S6), because of the ending when Buffy/Spike first hooked up, it was hot and angry!, And don't get me wrong I love Angel, but not when he's with Buffy, in some way they seem to get pretty damn corny and lame together, oh well, one cannot love all! Anyway, other favourite characters are (including the one's who're dead or no longer on the show): Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Tara, Oz, Anya, Faith, Dawn, Riley, Harmony, Giles and Joyce.

AtS Angel/Cordelia, Wesley/Fred, Gunn/Fred (but only on the show), Wesley/Lilah, Cordelia/Connor and Faith/Connor

I don't really read this fandom, but I love the show. Favourite characters are Angel (Angelus), Cordelia, Wesley, Lindsey, Lilah, Lorne, Fred, Gunn and Connor. I really liked Doyle, as well!

Roswell Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Kyle and Isabel/Alex

Used to read Roswell fics, but after awhile it got a bit boring, and to be honest aliens isn't really my thing, so... More so, to me it's quite obvious that Max and Liz should be together, I mean; he saved her life and all that, plus their love for each other seems to be so strong. Michael and Maria seems to be so right for each other, so damn cute and funky together. Other favourite characters are (including the one's who're no longer on the show): Isabel, Kyle, and Alex. About Tess, as far as I'm concern, she's an evil manipulative bitch! Not much else to say, really!

Charmed Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Kyle and Paige/Henry

Charmed is also one of my favourite-shows. I really loved Chris because he was a bit mysterious and of course very hot, really a shame they got rid off him, but I do understand why, so never mind, I guess... Also thought Cole was really hot and just loved the demon part (i.e. I loved him being a demon, evil and all that)! Other favourite characters; Prue (hated it when she got killed off), but then Paige came along, and what a fresh spirit she turned out to be. And of course Phoebe, Piper, Leo, Billie, Kyle, Drake, Coop, Henry and Wyatt. Piper and Leo are so meant to be, they're perfect for each other.

SV Lana/Adam, Clark/Lois (my favourite Het OTP), Lex/Lana, Lois/AC, Oliver/Lois, Grant/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, Chloe/Clark, Chloe/Davis, Chloe/Oliver, Chole/Lex, Clark/Kara, Clark/AC, Clark/Lex, Oliver/Clark (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Clark/Whitney, Clark/Jason, Lana/Jason, Tess/Zod, Tess/Chloe, Clark/Tess, Clark/Zod, Martha/Jonathan, Martha/Lionel and finally Clark/Lana (after having seen almost the first half of season S6, I became aware that I'd become a Clana shipper, took me some time to get there, right, hehe)!

Smallville is also one of my favourite-shows, but one thing I didn't like about the show was the whole Clark/Lana theme in the beginning, but after a while I guess; they started to grow on me, lol! Anyway, I really liked Adam in S3, he was so hot and I just hated it when they got rid off him. One of the reasons I think Lana should be with Adam; is because they had such great chemistry together and also because they looked so sexy together, as well. S4 is one of my favourite seasons ever, it just kicks so much ass; thanks to Lois/Clark chemistry/UST, hehe! And Jason's pretty damn hot, as well! More so, I think Lois is super cool, she totally kicks ass, she's fiery and are totally bossy, she's just perfect for Clark, it's just meant to be, hell, yeah! I also think the dialogue between Lois and Clark are extremely funny and has a lot of tension, obviously, hehe! Furthermore Clark is really sexy and very sweet as well, of course! One of my favourite episodes in S4 was "Spell", because it was so damn sexy. Kristin Kreuk who plays Lana was so freaking hot and cool when she's possessed by the evil witch Isobel, same goes for Lois and Chloe. Also think Clark was so much hotter when he's Kal-El, loved "Crusade" too. Another really cool episode was "Scared", because of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon moments. When Clark and Lana/Isobel were fighting, it was so cool. Other favourite characters are (including the one's who're dead or no longer are on the show): Lex, Chloe, Pete, Kara, Martha, Jonathan and Lionel. One of the most thrilling episodes in S5 was "Splinter", because Clark was really sexy when he got all paranoid and thought that everyone were betraying him. And "Lexmas", because it was so cute when Lex and Lana were married and Chloe and Clark were together (so cute), but of course Lex would go back to being all evil, again, hehe! Lex and Lana, I can definitely see why people like this pairing so much, simply because they're hot together! And Lana's a lot more bitchier in S6 and Lex is on the path to become evil, hot, hot, hot! Clark and Lana are really cute together after mid S6 I say, especially after she finds out about his secret! Which we all knew she'd eventually anyway, so...laughs! But it's just one more thing I've to say about them; even though it's very clear that they still love each other very much and all that stuff; it's still not going to happen, because they simply aren't meant to be, which is quite sad, in a way, I guess, oh, well! But then again; Clack/Lois are the future, (S8 rocks and S9 is effing kick ass!) hell yeah! Oliver/Clark, now they are pretty damn hot together, as well as apart and I love it when they're arguing, so hot and cute! Oliver/Chloe are pretty much a perfect match as well, so cute and whatnot.

Lost Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire, Sawyer/Kate, Sayid/Shannon, Sun/Jin, Ana Lucia/Sawyer, Ana Lucia/Sayid, Ana Lucia/Jack, Jack/Juliet, Sawyer/Juliet, Sayid/Sawyer, Jin/Sawyer, Charlie/Desmond, John/Ben and Daniel/Charlotte

I love this show, everything from the danger and adventures to everything in between. Favourite characters; Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Sayid, Hurley, Locke, Jin, Sun, Desmond, Juliet and of course everybody else as well! I also really liked all of the characters who're no longer on the show such as; Charlie, Boone, Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, Shannon, Michael and Walt. About Charlie/Desmond, I just think they're hot together and so cute together too, laughs! And their accent's are to die for, I mean come on! Who can resist Charlie's Manchester accent and Desmond's Scottish one! I know I can't, that for sure, hehe!

McLeod's Daughters Tess/Nick, Claire/Alex, Meg/Terry, Jodi/Luke, Kate/Dave, Kate/Patrick, Tayler/Patrick, Regan/Dave, Jodi/Rob (aka Matt), Jodi/Riley, Stevie/Alex and Stevie/Riley

I just love this show, everything from the horses, the Australian Outback, the girl power, the relationships to all of the adventures. Wow! Favourite characters; Claire (hated it when she got killed off), Tess, Stevie, Jodi, Meg, Terry, Moira, Kate, Becky, Alex, Nick, Dave, Patrick, Rob, Riley, Tayler, Craig and Luke.

Desperate Housewives Julie/Austin, Julie/Zach, Susan/Mike, Susan/Ian, Lynette/Tom, Gabrielle/John, Gabrielle/Carlos, Bree/Rex, Bree/Orson, Andrew/Justin, Katherine/Adam, Susan/Jackson, Bob/Lee, Bree/Karl and Mike/Katherine.

I also love this show very much, because it's so funny, mysterious and kind of dark. I love all the characters, but my favourite characters are of course; Susan, Gabrielle, Lynette and Bree. Also think Zach, Andrew, John and Austin are pretty cute.

Gilmore Girls Rory/Dean (but only on the show) Tristan/Rory (OTP), Lorelei/Luke, Rory/Jess, Rory/Logan (but only on the show) and Lane/Zack

Gilmore girls is a really great show, bu, sometimes it tend to get a bit annoying, especially the conversations between Lorelei and almost everyone. Anyway, even if Tristan only was on the show for about 10 episodes, I think that he and Rory did make a beautiful couple, simply cos they're both very gorgeous, witty and just perfect for each other. Favourite characters are Rory, Tristan (why did they get rid off him, WHY!), Lane, Paris, Lorelei, Luke, Sookie, Logan, Finn, Zack, Doyle, Dean, Jess, April and I can't really think of anyone more.

Alias Sydney/Vaughn (but only on the show), Sydney/Sark (OTP) Will/Francie, Will/Allison, Rachel/Tom and Jack/Irina

This is also a really great show, scratch that it's one of the Best. I just love the action, the spy stuff and the adventures. Sydney is so cool and definitely knows how to kick ass and Vaughn, he's pretty hot but a little bit boring, not in S4 though, so never mind, I guessl! Also think that Sark is pretty damn hot, (okay, so he's a lot hotter than Vaughn and much more interesting, maybe it's the fact that he's evil) and very cool (why he's hotter than Vaughn I mean), and a big plus is that British accent of his and that he is one of the bad guys, of course, hehe! Furthermore I love the chemistry between Sydney and Sark, they're so one of my many OTPs, hehe!

Prison Break Michael/Sara, Michael/Whistler, Michael/Roland, Michael/Sucre, Gretchen/Lincoln, Lincoln/Sofia, Sucre/Maricruz and Nick/Veronica.

What can I say? Wentworth Miller is so damn gorgeous and his character is so damn likeable and of course, the show pretty awesome too! Michael/Sara are so perfect for each other and not to mention cute as well! I really think Michael/Whistler would make a killer couple, cos they're both hot and they totally have UST going on between them, as well as Michael and Sucre and Michael and Roland! I also think Lincoln/Sofia would make a very cute couple, cos they've obviously got chemistry together. As well as Sucre/Maricruz, they're so cute together. And lastly Nick/Veronica, now they were hot together, cause they certainly had some fire between them! Pretty much the same when it comes too; Greatchen/Lincoln, because they're both a bit hot-headed and would so look pretty great together, as well!

Grey's Anatomy Meredith/Derek (OTP), Cristina/Preston, Isobel (Izzie)/Alex, Izzie/George, Addison/Mark, Meredith/Mark, Derek/Mark, Alex/Ava (Rebecca), Lexie/Alex, Callie/Mark, Cristina/Owen (OTP), Cristina/Teddy, Mark/Jackson, Lexie/Jackson, April/Jackson (OTP), Jo/Alex (OTP) and Callie/Arizona (OTP)

I love this show so much, it's got it all, romance, drama, tragedy, sorrow and humour, you name it, laughs! I love all the characters, of course; but I do have favourites amongst the favourites and they are: Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Alex, Mark, Lexie, Callie, Teddy, Owen, Jackson, April, Jo, Arizona, Miranda and Richard. Two of my top favourite couples right now are without a doubt; April/Jackson and Jo/Alex, they are so unbelievable cute together and whatnot!

Ghost Whisperer Melinda/Jim and Melinda/Rick

I really like this show, it's so beautiful and sad, and I'm always crying when I'm watching it, (well, almost every single time, that is), lol! I really like all of the characters but I've favorite ones of course, hehe, like: Melinda, Jim, Rick, Delia, Ned and Andrea. Melinda and Jim are so cute together and so perfect for each other. I also think that Rick and Melinda would make a very cute and funny couple!

Dead Like Me George/Mason

I love this show as well, it's really great. Love all the characters, especially George and Manson, they're so cute and funny together.

The O.C Ryan/Seth (OTP), Ryan/Luke, Seth/Luke, Seth/Zach, Marissa/Ryan, Marissa/Luke, Seth/Anna, Summer/Seth, Ryan/Taylor, Marissa/Johnny, Ryan/Johnny, Ryan/Sadie, Johnny/Katlin, Johnny/Chili and Kirsten/Sandy

I love this show as well, lol, my favourite characters are: (including the characters who're no longer on the show); Seth, Summer, Ryan, Marissa, Taylor, Kaitlin, Johnny, Zach, Anna, Sadie, Lindsey, Julie, Kirsten and Sandy. Big surprise there, huh! Seth and Summer are so cute together, I just love Seth, he's so cute and funny! Ryan and Marissa was really cute together, what else can I say, hehe! And that Zach was really hot, as well, as Johnny, no wait he's actually hotter, I think, way hotter than Ryan at least, hehe! About Marissa/Johnny, they're so cute together and a girl can dream, can't she? Why did Johnny have to die! I really liked him (no wait, I LOVED HIM!), he was so sweet and gorgeous! And now Marissa's dead too, so sad!

House M.D. House/Cameron, Cuddy/House, Wilson/House, Wilson/Amber, Thirteen/House, Cameron/Chase and Adams/Chase and Park/Chase

Man, I love this show, it's so great, hehe! Dr. Gregory House's so awesome, he's quite handsome and he's sarcastic, cynical, rude and brutally honest! Dr. Chase's pretty hot as well and you just gotta love the accent, hehe! I love the other characters too of course, hehe!

Supernatural Sam/Dean, Sam/Jo, Dean/Jo, Dean/Bela (who the hell spells Bella with only one "l"?), Sam/Bela, Dean/Ruby (but only blonde Ruby), Dean/Castiel (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Sam/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel (second favourite Yaoi OTP), Sam/Ruby (brunette Ruby), Becky/Chuck, Sam/Brady, Sam/Lucifer (third favourite Yaoi OTP) and Sam/Balthazar (fourth favourite Yaoi OTP)

Wow, this show just blew me away, two very hot guys plus all of that supernatural stuff! Of course there was no doubt in my mind that I'd not like this show, I mean, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and later on, especially in S4 with Misha Collins, then add fantasy, horror and mystery and finally mix it with drama and you get one hell of a show, hehe! About the ship, Sam/Dean, okay, so they're brothers, but they'd so make an ass kicking couple, because obviously they're both drop-dead gorgeous, they're also very funny and they both got a bit of an attitude as well, as buckets of tension, the ever so wonderful UST! Gotta love that, hehe! And I also really think they both can be paired off with Jo. But my favourite couple of the show's without a doubt; Dean/Cas; man, I just fell in in love with Castiel, especially him and Dean, they seriously have loads of chemistry together, lol! Mostly because, well, obviously they're hot and so on together, as well as witty, sarcastic, snarky and down-right sexy as hell, well, of course, laughs! If I love Dean/Cas, then I love Sam/Gabriel equally as much (well, kind of), they'd so have made an awesome and über-cute couple (where it not for Gabriel getting killed and all that)! I also really liked Ruby, especially brunette Ruby, now she seriously knew how to kick ass and plus, she's totally hot, prefect for Sammy, lol! They sure make a pretty awesome couple and whatnot, hehe! I also must confess that I kind of have thing for Lucifer (Man, the Devil has never been sexier, I think, laughs), therefore Sam/Lucifer'd also make a pretty hot couple, I think! And Balthazar, now he's pretty hot as well, especially that accent of his, he and Sam would so be pretty hot together.

HEX Cassie/Azazeal, Cassie/Troy (but only on the show, S1, that is), Ella/Leon, Ella/Malachi, Leon/Malachi and Thelma/Maya

OMFG, I just love this show, it really has it all, hehe! Horror, drama, fantasy, comedy, romance and so much more! Okay, so I've always been a fan of the supernatural, especially witches and demons and guess what, it's about witches and demons, so I'm more than happy, laughs!

Torchwood Jack/Gwen, Owen/Gwen, Jack/Ianto, Owen/Toshiko, Owen/Jack, Owen/Martha, Jack/Martha, Jack/Toshiko and Jack/John

I love this show too, even though, I'm not so much into aliens and stuff! Anyhow, I love all of the characters, of course, they're so cute together and would all make beautiful couples and the fact that they have great chemistry together is a plus as well, hehe.

BBC Robin Hood Robin/Marian, Guy/Marian, Will/Djaq, Robin/Guy, Robin/Much, Allan/Marian and Guy/Allan

British tv-shows can be so awesome sometimes and when they're good, they're good, laughs! I've always had a soft spot for Robin Hood, I guess and historical events of all sorts for that matter, as well! Especially the Dark Middle Ages in England, I have to say. But what I really love about this show are; the adventures, the danger, the romance and its many characters, of course.

Hornblower Horatio/Archie, Horatio/William and Horatio/Betsy

Aww, I love this show very much. Yet again, my love for historical events and men in costumes won over me completely, laughs! And I love the era as well, (the late 1700's -1800's). What I love the most are; the action and the adventures but also the characters, of course!

Heroes Mohinder/Eden, Hiro/Charlie, Claire/Zach, Niki/DL, Nathan/Niki, Peter/Catlin, Peter/Jessica, Peter/Sylar, Peter/Claire, Peter/Nathan, Peter/Elle, Peter/Adam, Elle/Sylar, Claire/Elle, Claire/Sylar, Claire/Adam, Matt/Daphne, Mohinder/Matt, Mohinder/Maya, Mohinder/Niki, Mohinder/Sylar, Nathan/Tracy, Hiro/Adam and Hiro/Ando

I really like this tv-show, it's so awesome, I love everything about it, the supernatural abilities and the characters of course! I like all of them, but I've favorite ones, of course, lol! For example: Peter, Adam, Elle, Nathan, Claire, Zach, Mohinder, Maya, Matt, Molly, Sylar, Niki, Jessica, Tracy, Micah, Hiro, Ando, etc!

Skins S1&2: Tony/Maxxie (one of my absolute favourite Yaoi OTP's ever), Tony/Michelle, Tony/Sid, Chris/Maxxie, Sid/Michelle, Sid/Cassie, Chris/Jal and Chris/Angie S3: Freddie/Effie, Cook/Effie, JJ/Emily, Naomi/Emily, Cook/Pandora, Cook/JJ and Pandora/Thomas

OMFG, I just love this show (especially S1), it's another great example on that the Brits make really awesome tv-shows and movies, hehe!

Dawson's Creek Joey/Jack, Joey/Pacey (OTP), Pacey/Andie, Jack/Jen, Jack/David, Jack/Doug, Dawson/Jen, Jen/CJ, Joey/Audrey, Joey/Charlie, Jen/Charlie, Joey/Eddie, Audrey/Pacey and Dawson/Gretchen

This show is pretty great, gotta love the drama, the romance, the comedy and the action lol! I love all the characters, (okay, so Dawson's far from my favourite character, but he's okay most of the time, but not so much when he's with Joey, they're better off as friends, as far as I'm concerned, haha)! Now about the ship Jack/Joey, okay, so he's gay, but to me, he's one of the hottest and most interesting guys in the show along with Pacey that is, if one doesn't add Charlie, CJ and Todd to the mix, hehe! And furthermore, I really think he (Jack) and Joey made a very cute couple, I love seeing them together, they had such great chemistry together! About Joey/Pacey, they have of course the whole love/hate me thing going on, gotta love that, and I love their chemistry together as well, they were after all one of the funniest and cutest couples throughout the whole show! Pacey/Andie had a similar thing going on in the beginning of the relationship, which was rather cute but as all good things come to an end, their relationship crashed and burned! But what I really liked was their friendship! I also love Jack/Jen's relationship, it's so cute and the have so much chemistry together as well! Dawson/Jen's relationship's rather cute too, as well as Joey/Audrey's, (my first fem slash ship), wow, hehe! Joey/Charlie's relationship is so cute and so full of UST, which I happen to love, hehe! And finally I do believe that Dawson and Gretchen made a very cute couple!

Edel & Starck Sandra/Felix

This is the first German or (non-English) tv-show, which I really like, haha, scratch that, I love it! It's a drama comedy about two solicitors (lawyers as they are more commonly known as), who're running an office together in Berlin. And as they're a woman and a man working side by side, it's getting difficult sometimes with their differences, but that's why it's so freaking hilarious, I guess!

Türkisch für Angfänger Lena/Axel, Cem/Costa, Costa/Yagmur, Ulla/Cem, Lena/Cem and Doris/Metin

This show is also German and I more than love it. It's a family comedy, and sure enough it's pretty hilarious!

Fullmetal Alchemist Ed/Winry, Ed/Envy (favourite OTP), Envy/Ed!Pride, Ed/Ed!Pride, Ed/Greed, Ed/Russell, Ed/Ling, Ling/Winry, Ed/Rose, Ed/Noah, Ed/Roy, Maes/Roy, Roy/Jean, Al/Wrath (second favourite OTP), Al/Winry, Roy/Riza, Scar/Lust, Kimblee/Archer, Kimblee/Greed and Maria/Denny

From the very start I got hooked, I dare say and the magic behind both the anime and manga is completely amazing and I've to say that I'm quite amazed by it's greatness and I'm also very taken by the Japanese language, I really think it's quite beautiful and powerful. And I love this particular anime very much, everything from the amazing storyline to the awesome action and not but least the characters, especially the Elric brothers; SPOILER AHED! (including Envy, technically he's their half brother, so... and he's my favourite Homunculi), of course! Anyway, Ed's so funny when he's angry and not to mention cute as well, meanwhile Al's sweet and calm. In a way they're each others polar opposites, and I love that! SPOILER AHEAD! I got quite upset and sad when Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes died, cos I really liked him, he was so funny and sweet! I also seem to have a soft spot for some of the bad guys, hehe, like; Frank Archer, Zolf J. Kimblee, Martel (Marta), Dorochet, Envy, Scar, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Sloth and Gluttony. I also really like Sheska, Izumi, Ling and Jean Havoc. Even though I've a lot of couples throughout FMA, which I like, but some more than others, hehe, naturally of course! I must say that my absolute favourite is: Ed/Envy (they're my OTP after all, lol), (second and third favorite couple is a tie between Ed/Russell, Ed/Ling and Al/Wrath), laughs! What can I say, really, other than that they're enemies (Ed/Envy, so naturally they hate each other, oh, I just love that sort of thing, Love/Hate, that is!), they'd so make a very cute and sexy couple, furthermore I believe that they and their personalities would go very well together. And the same goes for Al/Wrath.

Gungrave Brandon (Grave)/Mika, Brandon/Maria, Brandon/Bunji, Brandon/Harry and Harry/Sherry

I really like this anime too, even though it has a lot of gun fights and such in it; meaning the mafia, in other words! But it's all good anyway, I really like Brandon, his character's so awesome and I love it that he seems to be more deep and quieter than the rest. And furthermore, that he always seems so sad and tortured in a way and yeah, he sure is rather cute as well! And I also like Bunji, he's really awesome too!

Samurai Champloo Mugen/Fuu, Jin/Fuu, Mugen/Jin, Jin/Shino, Jin/Yukimaru, Mugen/Yatshua, Fuu/Shinsuke and Fuu/Hishikawa

Awe, this anime must be one of my favorites, hehe! It's so hilarious and I love the three main characters. I think Mugen and Fuu'd make a really cute couple, simply because Mugen's wild, rude and sort of crazy and Fuu's so feisty and sweet, they banter a lot too, which is very funny and cute. But I also think Fuu and Jin'd make a cute couple, cos Jin's obviously very wise and he seems to be rather down-to-earth and quiet as well, I also think his and Fuu's qualities would mix perfectly together. Lastly Mugen and Jin'd make a very cute couple because of the simple fact that even though, they're pretty much the opposite of each other, yet they're quite similar and that very simple fact that they kind of can't stand each other, more or less! Plus that they'd be so hot together, as well!

Ergo Proxy Re-l/Vincent and Raul/Daedalus

Wow, this anime is also one of my favorites, it's so wicked, I love that it's a science fiction suspense/horror mystery anime. I love all of the main characters, of course; Re-l's so cool and I love that's she's a bit of a bitch and Vincent's so cute and harmless in a way, even though he's not! And Pino, she's just so adorable and sweet. Furthermore I love the plotline and the ass kicking action.

Black Lagoon Revy/Rock, Benny/Jane and Rotton/Shenhua

This anime is really awesome too, the action is kick ass and the plot is great. The characters are all very cool, but the coolest one's must be Revy and Eda, I just love female characters who knows how to kick ass, hehe! Rock is also so damn likeable and I really think he and Revy'd make an awesome couple, cos they both got the looks, the attitude (and not to forget the whole tension thingy going on, haha) and the fact that they're kinda the opposite of each other, cos dammit if that isn't hot, I dunno what is, laughs?

Ninja Scroll Jubei/Shigure and Tsubute/Tatsunosuke

I really like this anime too, surprise huh, hehe! Jubei's so loveable and he sure is pretty awesome. I just love him! I also think he and Shigure'd make a really cute couple. Furthermore I also believe that Tsubute and Tatsunosuke'd make a really cute couple, cos they're so cute and funny together!

Gossip Girl Blair/Chuck, Blair/Nate, Blair/Dan, Serena/Nate, Chuck/Dan, Chuck/Nate, Dan/Nate, Serena/Dan, Blair/Serena, Jenny/Eric, Nate/Jenny, Nate/Vanessa, Dan/Vanessa, Chuck/Vanessa, Chuck/Georgina, Dan/Georgina, Serena/Carter, Serena/Ben, Eric/Eliott, Eric/Damien and Rufus/Lily

At first I kinda didn't like this show all that much, but after a couple of episodes I totally got hooked and the rest is history, hehe!

Escape of the Artful Dodger Dodger/Hannah and Will/Becky

Awe, yet another historical tv-series, which I also love very much! I really think Dodger/Hannah would make the cutest couple ever, because they don't only look good and would do so together, they also have matching attitudes to go with, hehe! Furthermore I love their banter, it's just so lovely to watch them quarrel! Will/Becky would also make a very cute couple as well, cause Will's so adorable but he's also a bit dim-witted (no bashing, cause I love the bloke, eh) and Becky, she's very sweet and sort of motherly, she'd take good care of him, as Hannah would do for Dodger!

Dirty Sexy Money Nick/Karen, Karen/Sebastian (one of her ex-husbands) and Jeremy/Lisa

I really like this show, it's so awesome, pretty funny and thrilling! All three things a good show must contain, yeah, and I love it! Favorite characters must be: the twins, Juliet and Jeremy, I love their friendship, they're so adorable together and whatnot! But of course I really like the other characters as well, so... Nick and Karen are so meant to be, hehe! (Well at least to me)!

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles John/Cameron (of my one absolute all-time favourite HET OTP's ever), Sarah/Derek and Jesse/Derek

Awe, I love this show, it's so cool, thrilling and whatnot! Thomas Dekker, who plays John is so cute and Summer Glau (they totally have chemistry together), who plays Cameron is so awesome and I love her characterization of Cameron, she's so kick ass, not to mention very beautiful, stunning and adorable, as well as John's character, who's both adorable, smart and courageous. Sarah's definitely feisty and therefore a cool character, although she can be a little annoying sometimes, oh, well! Derek is pretty hot and not to forget an awesome character, as well. I also really think John/Cameron would make a very cute and awesome couple, never mind that she's a robot or cyborg (to be correct) from the future, hehe! Sarah/Derek would also make a pretty awesome couple as well, I believe! However, I really think, I like Jesse/Derek together a bit better, they're so perfect together, oh well! One of my favourite episodes, must have been the second Season Premier "Samson and Delilah", when Cameron goes bad, after the car-bomb at the end of the first season, but especially because of the scene when she tells John that she loves him and that he loves her back, (because that scene was so emotional and shocking, it kind of brought me to tears.) even though, I know that it was just a cruel way to throw him off, to make him falter, when he's trying to disable her, and well, it kind of worked, if it hadn't been for Sarah coming to his aid, in the last minute. Another awesome episode was; "Allison from Palmdale", when Cameron's starting to get glitches, which leads her to think that she's human, Allison the girl who she was modelled after. I also really liked the very last episode; "Born to run", even though, I must confess that, that particular episode was a bit confusing at first, I had to watch it a second time and read fanfiction to really get it, but it really was a pretty good way to end the series, okay, so I still would have loved to see more of it, it sucked big that it got chancelled!

Blue Water High Heath/Fly, Perri/Matt, Bec/Edge, Anna/Joe, Eric/Amy, Brooke/Mike, Rachel/Corey and Eric/Brooke

Awe, I'm completely over the moon with Aussie TV-series, I'm just so crazy about them, hehe! I've only watched S1, S2 and half S3, all I can say; is that I love this particular tv-series! My favorite couple of them all in S1 must be and is without a doubt Heath/Fly, they're so cute, sexy, hot and funny together, I love them to death, laughs!

Moonlight Mick/Beth, Mick/Coraline, Josef/Sarah, Josef/Beth, Beth/Ben and Mick/Josef

I just freaking love this show as well, vampires, mmm... I've always had a soft spot for bloodsucking demons/monsters and supernatural things overall, so, what can I say other than that um; forbidden love between mortal and immortal, slightly dangerous but, oh so exciting, laughs! Also the fact that Mick's a private Investigator and Beth's a reporter, those two jobs makes it so much more interesting, I think! All those feelings and factors combined and you've one hell of a show! Furthermore, I think Mick's very sexy and all that (well, he's a vampire after all, hehe) and Beth's rather fiery and sweet! They have great chemistry together and they make a very good team (just like Beth mentioned in one of the episodes, lol!) and not to forget the fact that they also make a very cute and hot couple as well! I also think that Mick and Coraline, make a very nice (looking) couple, even though I'm kind of torn about whether I actually like her or not, oh well...!

Doctor Who Rose/the Doctor and Jack/Rose

At first I didn't really like this show, but after watching about the half of it, I begun to like it and now I like it a lot! Rose and the Doctor would so make a very cute couple and so would Rose/Jack, hehe! Btw, I love Jack Harkness, he's so awesome and whatnot!

Flash Gordon Flash/Aura, Aura/Terek, Flash/Baylin, Flash/Dale and Zarkov/Baylin

Another science fiction TV-series, which I like! I think Flash could be with anyone of the female characters, simply because he has chemistry and UST with all of them, lol! Plus they all look great and totally would make awesome couples and whatnot! Furthermore, I think Aura/Terek would make a great couple, (I know they are brother and sister but, come on; they have such great chemistry together not to mention UST)!

Dexter Dexter/Rita, Dexter/Lumen and Debbie/Quinn

I really like this tv-show, everything from the characters to the murder mysteries, it's so exciting/thrilling and well, awesome, what's not to like, hehe!

NCIS Kate/Gibbs, Tony/Kate, Kate/Ari, Tony/Ziva (OTP), Abby/Gibbs, Ziva/Gibbs, Ziva/Michael, Ziva/Damon, Ziva/Roy, Abby/McGee, Abby/Tony, Gibbs/Jenny, Tony/Gibbs, Tony/McGee and Tony/Renny

I totally love this show, it's so freaking good! I love the characters, all of them, they're awesome and funny! More so, I also very much love the murder mysteries, well of course, hehe! Otherwise I wouldn't be watching the show, lol!

Fringe Olivia/Peter, Olivia/Lincoln and Peter/Lincoln

Another science fiction tv-show, which I really like! Olivia's really cool and fierce, and Peter's pretty cute, smart and cocky! They'd so make a great and beautiful couple! About Lincoln Lee, I really like him, both versions of him too, of course and plus he's pretty hot and I could totally see him with Peter, hehe! As well as with Olivia, of course!

Young Dracula Vlad/Robin and Ingrid/Will

I totally love this show (only seen S1&S2), even though it's a tv- show for kids, (well, to my defense; you're never too old to watch something; if you really like it, lol)! And I am, because this show is just so effing funny, hilarious and whatnot, and plus it's packed with all of those things I enjoy the most; vampires and other supernatural creatures! I just adore Vlad and Robin, they're so cute and especially together, hehe! And Will and Ingrid are pretty cute together as well! Plus the Count is so funny, as well as Renfield, the van Helsings and the Branaughs!

Lost in Austen Amanda/Darcy, Amanda/Wickham and Jane/Bingley

Awe, I totally love this mini tv-series, well, of course I would, I love Pride & Prejudice after all, as well, as almost any type of historical movies or tv-shows. Amanda and Darcy was so cute together, totally perfect for each other, really! And well, she's rather feisty and he's arrogant and full of pride and all that! They would so make a stunning couple and they did, hehe!

Firefly Mal/River, Mal/Simon, Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee, Jayne/Simon and Zoe/Wash

Yet another science fiction tv-series, which I really like (well, of course its another production of Joss Whedon, so it kind of was only a matter of time, I guess, lol!). The movie Serenity Rocks too, I loved it! Mal's an awesome character, as well as the Tam's, especially River, she's so cool! I also like Kaylee, she's so funny!

The Mentalist Jane/Lisbon, Van Pelt/Rigsby, Lisbon/Rigsby, Jane/Van Pelt, Jane/Rigsby, Jane/Cho and Rigsby/Cho

Another crime/drama tv-show which I really like, great plot and awesome characters. What's not to love, hehe!

How I Met Your Mother Marshall/Lily, Ted/Robin and Barney/Robin

Man, this sitcom is just so freaking awesome, I absolutely love it!

The Big Bang Theory Leonard/Sheldon, Penny/Leonard, Sheldon/Wil Wheton, Penny/Sheldon, Penny/Raj, Penny/Howard Penny/Amy, Sheldon/Amy, Bernadette/Howard and Raj/Howard

Another sitcom which I really like, it's hilarious! I love it! My favorite ship/pairing is without a doubt: Penny/Sheldon, they're so cute (on their own and together, of course) and totally opposite of each other, which of course can be very appealing, hehe!

Being Human BBC Annie/Mitchell (OTP), Nina/George, Annie/George and Mitchell/George

I just fell in love with this tv-show and Annie/Mitchell as well, they're so cute together! I like George too, he's cute but I'm not so big on werewolves, so... Vampires are more my thing, lol! And ghosts are okay in my opinion, a little boring maybe, but I really like Annie so... and Mitchell is quite gorgeous and he's Irish accent is to die for! Hell yeah!

True Blood Bill/Sookie, Eric/Sookie (OTP), Tara/Sam, Sookie/Sam, Sookie/Alcide, Jessica/Hoyt, Jessica/Jason, Alcide/Debbie (but only the first half of S4, before she goes all crazy again, I mean) Lafayette/Jesus and Tara/Naomi

Haha, I just knew I'd like this show, vampires and finally one's that have sex too, hehe! What a great mix, lol, but seriously that's not all, of course! As I've always been into the supernatural and especially vampires, it was pretty much a given fact that I'd love this show, which I do, laughs! The whole plot is very appealing as well, as intriguing, plus all of the sub-themes! Eric's my favouirte vampire (Alexander Skardsgård's so awesome and hot as the Viking vampire), of course! So naturally my OTP is Eric/Sookie in this fandom, hell, yeah, laughs!

Silent Witness Nikki/Harry

Another British criminal tv-show, which I love! The characters are all great, especially Nikki/Harry, of course!

V, 1984 Kyle/Elizabeth, Mike/Julie, Mike/Ham and Diana/Lydia

Even though, it's a quite old science fiction tv-series, I sure like it! The plot's pretty damn great and the action sequences are awesome, the little romance in it it, is great as well, as the humor. And all of the characters are great too, of course!

The Vampire Diaries Elena/Stefan, Elena/Damon (my all-time favourite couple in tVD fandom, especially in canon, one of mine favourite Het OTP's), Katherine (Katerina)/Stefan, Katherine (Katerina)/Damon, Stefan/Bonnie, Stefan/Caroline, Stefan/Tyler, Klaus/Tyler, Stefan/Klaus (my second favourite Yaoi OTP's ), Stefan/Lexi, Damon/Stefan, Damon/Caroline, Bonnie/Damon, Mason/Damon, Matt/Tyler, Caroline/Matt, Rebekah/Matt, Tyler/Caroline (my favourite OTP couple in S2 and S3, they're so unbelievable cute and sexy together), Klaus/Caroline (my absolute favourite almost-couple in S4, they're so unbelievably cute and sexy together), Jeremy/Tyler, Jeremy/Matt, Jeremy/Bonnie, Jeremy/Vicky, Anna/Jeremy (my favourite OTP couple in S1 and S3, they're so unbelievable cute together), Stefan/Alaric, Damon/Alaric, Damon/Elijah, Alaric/Elijah, Elena/Elijah (the second of my all-time favourite couples in tVD fandom, especially in the fandom, one of mine favorite Het OTP's) Katherine (Katerina)/Elijah, Katherine (Katerina)/Klaus, Elena/Klaus, Jeremy/Damon, Jeremy/Kol (my absolute favourite Yaoi OTP of tVD fandom), Elena/Kol, Damon/Rose, Stefan/Rebekah, Damon/Rebekah and Alaric/Jenna

This show is so awesome, I love it and the characters are too. I think Stefan and Elena are okay, a bit lame though, they're somewhat cute together, but definitely not nowhere as hot and sexy as Elena/Damon, I love bad guys, so... and the rest is history, laughs! Which makes it pretty much obvious that I would totally love and adore Elijah (he's without a doubt my absolut favourite Originals), which I do, he's just so hot and awesome, what's not to love, hehe! So naturally I kind of just knew that I'd fall head over heels for the pairing; Elena/Elijah, which I did, laughs! But I also love and adore Klaus, Rebekah (she so cute and loveable) and Kol, of corse. Especially Klaus and Kol, pretty much because they're both sexy as hell and pretty damn cruel and evil, especially Klaus, he so evil it's spelled with a capital E, laughs! And not to forget, that they are psychopaths, well to a degree, in a way, I guess, which makes them so much more intesting, laughs!

Criminal Minds JJ/Will, JJ/Hotch, Prentiss/JJ, Reid/JJ, Prentiss (Lauren)/Doyle, Reid/Morgan (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Hotch/Reid, Morgan/Hotch, Garcia/Morgan, Garcia/Kevin, Elle/Morgan, Hotch/Elle, Prentiss/Morgan, Prentiss/Rossi, Reid/Prentiss, Hotch/Prentiss, Hotch/Rossi, Reid/Meave and Rossi/Seaver

Another criminal tv-show, which I absolutely love, it's one of the best ever, actually, hehe! I love everything from the murder mysteries to the awesome characters of course, my favourite male is without a doubt Dr. Spencer Reid, I LOVE him, he's so amazing, smart, good-looking, adorable, sweet, cute and pretty funny as well! What's not to like/love, eh, plus I've a thing for nerdy guys (not that he's a complete nerdy looking guy because he so isn't!), so..., I guess, it was pretty much a given, laughs! My favourite female character is Emily Prentiss, she's über cool and clearly knows how to kick some serious ass, I'm so going to miss her! But Alex is pretty freaking awesome too, so...

NCIS Los Angeles Sam/Callen (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Kensi/Nate, Kensi/Deeks (my favourite Het OTP), Kensi/Dom, Callen/Nate, Callen/Kensi, Eric/Dom, Eric/Sam and Eric/Nell (my second favourite Het OTP)

I guess, it was pretty much a given fact that I'd like this show too, seeing as I love NCIS, so...laughs!

Merlin Arthur/Merlin (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Arthur/Lancelot, Arthur/Gwaine, Arthur/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen (only a little in the tv-series, canon), Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Lancelot, Merlin/Morgana, Merlin/Gwen, Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause, Alvarr/Morgana, Merlin/Mordred (my second Yaoi OTP), Lancelot/Gwaine, Lancelot/Percival, Lancelot/Elian, Lancelot/Leon, Percival/Elian, Percival/Gwaine, Leon/Gwaine, Elian/Gwaine, Leon/Elian, Percival/Leon and Gwen/Lancelot (my favourite Het OTP)

I really like this show, I mean, what's not to like, hmm?! Magic, action, adventures, romance and I absolutely love this particualar historical era as well! Merlin and Arthur would so make a really cute couple, I could so see them together, laughs! I also freaking love/adore adult/teenage Mordred, he's so awesome and pretty damn hot too, of course, hehe! He and Merlin'd so make a pretty fantastic couple, I believe.

Ledgend of the Seeker Richard/Kahlan, Richard/Cara, Jennsen/Darken Rahl, Kahlan/Darken Rahl, Richard/Darken Rahl, Cara/Darken Rahl, Cara/Kahlan and Panis Rahl/Zedd

Another fantasy tv-show, which I've really come to like, no scratch that, I freaking LOVE it, hehe!, well, not much of a surprise there, I guess! Anyway, the show is pretty awesome, I love the adventures, action, the magic and the characters too, of course, especially Richard/Kahlan and Richard/Cara (I just freking love her (Cara, that is, she's so awesome, I kind of had a character crush on actually, btw, laughs!).); they are really cute together and would so make a very beautiful couple, I believe! I really like Zedd too, of course!

Demons Luke/Ruby and Luke/Mina

Another British tv-series, which I've really come to like/love, no surprise there, yeah! The show has pretty much got it all, hot guy (Luke aka Christian Cook, now he is rather pretty, laughs), supernatural events (vampires, demons, etc.), adventures, humour and lastly a hint of romance, what's not to like!

Nikita Nikita/Michael, Nikita/Owen, Nikita/Ryan, Nikita/Birkhoff, Michael/Birkhoff, Alex/Owen (Sam) (OTP), Alex/Birkhoff, Alex/Nikita, Alex/Michael, Birkhoff/Sonya, Alex/Sean and Alex/Thom

I kind of just knew I'd love this ass-kicking tv-series...hehe! To me it's like a crossover between Dark Angel and Alias, in a way, because of the similar themes and genres, I guess, however the series is more compatible to Alias (with all of the spy stuff and secret missions), given the fact that it's not sci-fi like Dark Angel obviously is, but it still have a lot of similarities with the aforementioned TV-series, due to the advance science, the whole soldiers and assassins bit, for sure! Nikita's so cool and fierce and so is Alex, two strong independent women, who knows how to kick some serious ass, what's not to like, hehe! And Michael's cool as well, not to forget, pretty damn hot! He'd so make an equally stunning and awesome couple with Nikita, as with Alex, I believe! Owen's pretty damn cool and hot as well (and he gets even cooler and more bad ass when he finally get his memories restored thanks to the woman in red we all love to hate, laughs! Because Sam is...I can't even explain, love him so much and Alex too, of course, she's so one of my top favourite female characters ever!) I could totally see him with Nikita, and especially Alex with whom he finally ends up with, yay, they are so my OTP of this awesome TV-show! Birkhoff's kind of cute and totally nerdy, he and Micheal would so make a cute couple, hehe! Not to mention he would be great with just about anyone on the show, but he is especially cute with Sonya, so, I guess we have a winner! Alex and Nikita would also make a pretty awesome couple, they are both ass-kicking women and sexy as hell, laughs!

BBC Sherlock Sherlock/John

OMFG, I just feel in love with this TV-series and with its characters, especially Sherlock/John, naturally, hehe, it's so amazing, awesome, hilarious and whatnot, love, love, love it! Sherlock's a damn brilliant man (arrogant, conceited, yes and has sociopathic tendencies, what's not to love, laughs!) and John's rather amazing in his own way (he's the complete opposite of Sherlock, he's compassinate, sweet, loyal and rather funny) of course and they make an awesome team, because together they are unstoppable, hehe! And yes, they'd so make an extremely cute and awesome couple!

V, 2009 Joshua/David, Lisa/Josuha, Lisa/Tyler, Father Jack/Chad, Erica/Father Jack, Erica/Hobbes and Ryan/Valerie

I must say I was a bit sceptical while watching the pilot episode, but afterwards I was pretty much hooked, laughs, who would have thought, I mean; I did love the original series, so...! Anyway, the "re-make" is pretty damn awesome, I absolutely love it, especially since it's not directly the same as V, 1984, that's a major kudos to the producers, writers and the actors/actresses, of course! I love all of the characters, but a few stands out, of course, especially; Joshua, man, he's awesome, pretty damn gorgeous, cute, brilliant, etc. I LOVE HIM! Anyway, I also really like Erica, Fader Jack, Ryan, Valerie, Georgie, Hobbes, Tyler, Lisa, Chad, Marcus and Anna (even though, she's evil and deceitful as hell, well, I guess I just love to hate her, hehe!), etc. Episode 4, "It's only the Beginning.", was great despite, I very much disliked the fact that David had to be sacrificed and that Joshua had to be the one to do it, that was so sad, okay, so better him than Joshua, but still...I really liked him, (even though; he's in only one episode), David/Joshua were so cute together, I could totally have shipped them and well, I kinda do, so, never mind, I guess!

Hawaii Five-O Steve/Danny (OTP), Chin/Danny, Steve/Chin, Lori/Kono and Adam/Kono

I really like this tv-show, everything from the plot, the action to the characters, especially Steve (Alex O'Loughlin's pretty damn gorgeous and I absolutely love the fact that he's Aussie, laughs!) and Danny, hehe, they are two very fine men, I just love it when the banter, it's so full of UST!

Rizzoli and Isles Jane/Maura, Jane/Casey and Maura/Tommy

Awe, I love this show, everything from the plot to the characters, especially the two leading ladies, of course! They are so cute together and totally have UST going on between them, what's not to love, laughs!

Pretty Little Liars Spencer/Toby, Spencer/Wren, Emiliy/Toby, Emily/Paige, Emily/Samara, Aria/Ezra, Aria/Jason, Hannah/Caleb and Hannah/Lucas

I really like this tv-show, it's so freaking awesome with all the lies, deceit, and especially all that delicious drama... but, of cousre, sometimes it can get a little bit too much of, well; everything, laughs! And about Alison, now she's just an evil manipulative bitch, I really don't like her, argh!

Castle Beckett/Castle and Ryan/Esposito

Awe, another crime tv-series, which I happen to really like. It's so awesome, funny and I absolutely love the characters, especially Castle and Beckett, they totally have a hell of a lot of UST going on between them, that's for sure and who doesn't love that, laughs!

Grimm Nick/Monroe and Nick/Renard

What can I say, other than that I'm a lover of almost everything supernatural, hehe! So naturally fell in love with this tv- series, I mean: dark fantasy, drama, and detective fiction, what's not to like?! More so, Nick and Monroe are so freakin' cute together and totally have chemistry; UST, baby, laughs! Nick and his captain Sean Renard are also pretty damn hot together and apart!

Once Upon A Time Snow White/Prince Charming, Emma/Graham, Emma/August, Emma/Captain Hook (OTP), Emma/Mr Gold(Rumplestiltskin), Regina/Emma, Belle/Captain Hook, Belle/Mr Gold(Rumplestiltskin), Aurora/Mulan, Philip/Aurora and Philip/Mulan

Totally love this awesome tv-series! Fairy tales, drama, adventure, romance and comedy, what's not to love, right?! The characters and the whole concep is pretty amazing, I really like Emma and Henry, she's so cool and he's so adorable, Snow White/Prince Charming are so perfect for each other (as well as being a bit boring, being too goody two-shoes and all that crap, which is just freaking annoying sometimes, oh well, someone has to be, I guess, never mind...), they are so meant to be and well, the Evil Queen, now I just love to hate her, hehe! (If I love to hate Regina, I hate to hate her mother Cora, that woman's despicable). Killian Jones aka Captain Hook, now he's pretty much a loveable all-around bad guy, (with a capital B, laughs), he's awesome, hot and with an accent like that, yum, what's not to love!

Revenge Emily/Jack, Amanda/Jack, Emily/Nolan, Aiden/Nolan, Emily/Aiden (OTP), Daniel/Aiden, Emily/Daniel, Emily/Amanda, Nolan/Jack, Declan/Charlotte and Nolan/Patrick

Wow, a tv-series about revenge?! At first I guess, I was a bit sceptical, but after watching the pilot, I was all on board, laughs! Emily is so freaking cool and totally knows what's she wants, gotta love that, hehe. Jack is cute and all boy next door, while Nolan is cunning, sleek and also pretty hott! I can totally see Emily with the both of them, and as well, Nolan/Jack, which would be totally hott, of course! Aiden, I think is perfect for Emily, he's so hot with that English accent of his and his personality is dead sexy too, of course! I also really like Amanda, she's fiesty and whatnot!

Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Spartacus: Vengeance and Spartacus: War of the Damned Spartacus/Crixus, Spartacus/Mira (one of my favourite Het OTP's), Spartacus/Agron, Spartacus/Gannicus, Crixus/Naevia (my second/third favourite Het OTP), Gannicus/Oenomaus, Gannicus/Melitta (my second/third favourite Het OTP), Oenomaus/Melitta, Agron/Nasir (my favourite Yaoi OTP) Gannicus/Saxa (my second/third favourite Het OTP), Gannicus/Sibyl (my second/third favourite Het OTP) and Spartacus/Laeta (my second/third favourite Het OTP)

Yet another historical drama tv-series, which I completely fell in love with. I love everything from the plot, to the awesome characters, to the amazing action scenes, which can be a little too graphic (for me to stomach to be honest), with all the blood and gore and whatnot, oh well, I still enjoy the series, so never mind, I guess! R.I.P. Andy Whitfield, you'll always be Sparatacus number One for me, not that Liam McIntyre isn't any good, he's great know!

Game of Thrones Ned/Catelyn, Cersei/Jamie, Khal Drogo/Viserys, Daenerys/Khal Drogo, Daenerys/Daario Naharis, Daenerys/Jorah, Jon/Robb, Jon/Benjen, Jon/Theon, Jon/Tormund, Arya/Gendry, Robb/Theon, Tyrion/Shae (but not at the end of S4, when she turns out to be a scheming lying wh*e), Jon/Ygritte, Bran/Joyen (because they were so cute together), Brienne/Jamie (I really liked their "friendship" or I guess truce is more fitting), Brienne/Podrick (because they are so cute together, even though I know their relationship is more of a knight and squire kind of deal) and Renly/Loras

Wow, this amazing fantasy tv-series just blew me away, I love it, it's so freaking awesome. It's totally one of the best TV-shows ever and especially in its genre, that's for sure, laughs! Everything from the plot, to characters: I really love the House of Stark (as well as wolves, I really like wolves, they're like the coolest and most deadliest predator there is today and one of the most beautifulest, of course!), Ned (where to start, Sean Bean is yet again brilliant in another fantasy project, in which he dies again in the first season, so damn sad, I really liked him!), Benjen, Robb, Jon (damn, dunno what to say other that he's kind of beautiful and his overall character, he's just so freaking loveable), Arya (she's pretty damn fierce and totally awesome), Sansa (her I just pity, poor girl, okay, mostly in S1&2, before she learns the truth about Joffrey and so on, that is.), Bran, Theon (Greyjoy, but only in S1, S3, due to what happens to him on the show later on.), etc., Tyrion Lannister is the only one of the Lannister's, I really like, he's cool and pretty funny. Cersei and Jamie are pretty awful (however I still kind of like them, so...), but the incest thing is pretty intresting in a weird sort of way, I guess and I absolutely loath Joffrey, he's nothing more than a spoild annoying little brat, argh, not to forget that he's also a freaking sadist, I can't stand him! Last but not least; to the wonderful and terrible House Targaryen: it's obvious that Viserys isn't one of the nicest men in the series, but I just cannot help but like/love him; (a little bit at least, he's quite a sight, because I've always been into men with white blond hair and silvery eyes, but he's also lovely due to his character flaws and whatnot. More so; Harry Lloyd's rather fantastic as Viserys.), I know he's awful but he's pretty much a loveable asshole, at least to me, laughs!, I do of course, also like Daenerys (I love the way she matures and grows into the awesome woman at the end of S1 and onwards), I love Dragons btw, so... (especially the fact that not everything is black and white, there is a large grey area in between, and I love to hate the bad guys, laughs!), the action and the drama, is unbelievable good. Haven't read the books yet, will do sometime in the future, there is simply too many good books out there waitng to be read, laughs!

Nine Lives of Chloe King Chloe/Alek (my OTP), Amy/Paul and Chloe/Brian (but only as friends or first love material, oh, well...)

I quite like this show, no scratch that! It was especially after episode 7, "Dogs of War", (which btw was totally Brian-Free, yay), most importantly all the episodes with heavy CHALEK interaction, it was then I really began to LOVE it, which means that it totally sucked, when the show got cancelled after only one season (btw, ten episodes is NOT a whole season), dammit! Anyway, I think the plot is pretty cool and original (I love cats and the supernatural element, so...), the characters are too, especially the main ones, of course! Such as Chloe herself, she's fiesty, beautiful, quirky and fun. Alek, um, where to start; obviously he's easy on the eyes, no, scratch that, he's gorgeous and that accent of his doesn't really make him any less attractive, you know, laughs! Not even his cocky attitude, which I think suits him very much. They (Chloe/Alek would totally make an awesome couple, not to mention a sexy one, hehe!). Brian, uh, so far at least, he's the good guy, he's pretty good looking, I guess and totally boring and safe, human and all that, oh well! I haven't read the books, maybe I'll in the future but not anytime soon.

Rookie Blue Andy/Swarek (OTP), Andy/Luke, Epstein/Diaz, Peck/Epstein, Peck/Diaz, Nash/Barber, Luke/Peck, Luke/Jo and Noelle/Frank

OMG, I absolutely love this awesome Canadian tv-series about rookies on their way on becoming real officers of the law, it's one of the best! All of characters are great of course, but my favorites are; Andy/Swarek, naturally, they are so perfect for each other, I think and they certainly have UST in buckets, hehe! About Andy/Luke, I like him with Andy, but not as much as Swarek, of course, laughs! Epstein/Diaz, now they are both so adorable and would so be an über cute couple. Peck's a true ice queen, but she and Diaz are rather sweet together, same goes for Peck/Epstein (aka Peckstein, so cute), love the name and them too, of course, hehe! Nash/Barber are pretty cute as well!

Secret Circle Cassie/Adam (OTP), Diana/Adam, Cassie/Faye, Cassie/Diana, Cassie/Jake (favourite OTP), Melissa/Nick, Adam/Melissa, Adam/Jake, Faye/Jake, Faye/Adam, Faye/Melissa and Faye/Lee

I kind of just knew that I'd like/love this tv-series, given the fact that I absolutely love tVD (Vampire Diaries), L.J. Smith's truly a talented author. While, I don't feel exactly the same way about tSC as tVD, I still like/love it and it was awful that it got cancelled after only one season, it sucked big time! Anyway, I love the plot, witches, drama, romance, and action, what's not to love, laughs! And I love all of the characters of course, (even the bad ones, okay not all of them,) especially: Cassie/Adam, they are so cute/sweet together (UST), totally meant for each other, love'em, hehe! Diana/Adam are sweet together as well, but Diana's not the one of Adam, sad but true! Cassie/Faye, awe, they would so make a cute/hot couple, Cassie/Diana, I really like their friendship, even though it's a little bit screwed-up with them both liking Adam and all that. Cassie/Jake, okay so he's trouble but, he's pretty damn hot and I think they would make a very cute couple, no, scratch that, a damn sexy one, that's for sure, hehe! Melissa/Nick, awe, it's sad that he had to die, so soon in the series, he and Melissa were cute together, but at least we got Jake, even though his loyalties are pretty much questionable, ah, well! Faye/Adam would also make a really cute/hott couple, I think, Faye/Melissa, now they are cute together and I love their friendship! And last but not least Faye/Lee (becuse damn, Damon Gray's so hot as Lee, the Voodoo guy), damn, they would so be one of the sexiest couples on the show/in the books, I believe. I haven't read the books yet, but I plan to do that some time in the future!

Beauty and the Beast (2012) Catherine/Vincent, Catherine/Evan, Vincent/Evan, JT/Evan, Catherine/Gabe and Vincent/Gabe

Another tv-series which I've really come to like/love, and I've seen at least a few episodes of the older verion with the same name, but I must say that the new one is much better, hehe! The plot's great and the characters are too, especially Catherine and Vincent, gotta love their chemistry and all that, they would so make a stunning couple! Furthermore, I really like Kirstin Kreuk, she's really great and so very pretty and that's that... laughs!

Elementary Sherlock/Watson

Oh, man, of course I knew I would like this tv-series, I just had no idea how much, I mean, becuse of the simple fact that I thought, that it wouldn't be as good as the BBC version of Sherlock, how wrong was I, laughs! And course, you really can't compare them, well, you obviously can, but not in the same way, naturally. Anyway, I absolutely love it, Jonny Lee Miller's amazing as Sherlock and Lucy Liu's awesome as Joan Watson, they have great chemisty together and would so make a pretty damn cute and awesome couple!

Teen Wolf Stiles/Derek (STEREK, all the way, is by far my one of my absolute all-time favourite Yaoi OTP's ever and all-time favourite couples (ever) too in the TW fandom and in all of the others fandoms I like), (Because they've loads of chemistry going on a.k.a UST, they're polar opposites, meaning that they balance each other out, they'd so look amazing together, hot as hell! And yes, I'm also totally on board with the Hoebrien ship, (so cute and it's just LOVE, because dammit they built STEREK with their awesomely mad chemistry), and I'm not really into reading about Real People, but with Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O'Brien, I'm definitely doing an exception, laughs!) Isaac/Scott (Scisaac, second favourite Yaoi OTP in the TW fanom) (because they both are so damn adorable, on their own and together, which would totally make them the most adorable couple ever, hehe) Scott/Allison (Scallison, one of my favourite Het OTP's in the TW fandom and it's canon as well), (because they've the whole star-crossed lover-thingy going on and dammit if that's not the most cutest thing ever!) Scott/Kira (They're cute but no one beats (or takes her place) Allison, I mean NO ONE!), Scott/Allison/Isaac (I can totally ship these three characters together, hottest threesome ever, laughs!), Allison/Stiles (I love their friendship), Lydia/Stiles (Same as with Allison, but slightly different, I guess; I adore their friendship, but that's it, I'm afraid, however I'm okay, with Lydia being Stiles first crush, so...never mind, I guess.), Malia/Stiles (I've to say, I really like Malia as a character, but not so much with her being Stiles girlfriend, okay, so they are pretty cute together and stuff, and yeah, that's it, I'm afraid!), Malia/Kira (They'd be so cute together, come on; the Kitsune and the Coyote, awe and so hot together too, of course!), Allison/Isaac (They're also cute, but not as perfect for each other as Allison/Scott!), Stiles/Isaac (They'd be so cute together.), Stiles/Jackson (They've got the whole I Hate You- tingy going on, what's not to like, laughs), Lydia/Jackson (They're so right for each other, totally balance each other out) Lydia/Aiden (I dunno, I've to get back on that one, I guess...), Danny/Ethan (Two guys who totally love each other and yes it's freaking hot, dammit), Danny/Isaac (Because Danny needs more loving than just Ethan, plus Isaac/Danny would be really cute together), Danny/Jackson (They're BBF already and I could totally see them being more than that, if you know what I mean, laughs!), Danny/Stiles (Because they would make a pretty cute couple as well, as all the other characters I already ship with Stiles, he's my shipping whore on TW, after all), Isaac/Cora (Because I think they could really work, and Cora needs some love too), Erica/Boyd (Because they balance each other out and are pretty damn hot together), Allison/Lydia (Because damn, they'd be so hot together and they are BFF.) Lydia/Erica (Same as Alydia, hot, hot.) Lydia/Cora (One word, HOT, they'd so be one of the hottest female couples...), Scott/Stiles (Scittles, I love their friendship and them being "brothers without being related", how awesome is that, laughs! But yes, I guess that I can pretty much ship them too, so...), Peter/Stiles (What can I say other than that, it would be kind of hot in a creepy way), Peter/Lydia (Same as with Stiles, it's something oddly fascinating with Peter, lol), Chris/Peter (Because why the hell not, would be pretty damn hot, and they totally hate each other, the whole love/hate thingy, awesome), Lydia/Parrish (Because they would make a stunning and ass-kicking couple) and finally John/Melissa (They'd so make a great and awesome couple).

Books and Ships:

All of the Harry Potter books

J.K. Rowling's such an amazing author, I lover her books about Harry Potter, all of them, I'm sure I've favourites but I can't really say which one is better than the others and such, however with the movies; I definitely have favourites and whatnot. Such as: CoS, GoF, OotP, HPB, DH, part 1 and part 2.


What can I say? The opposite attract; love and hate, fire and ice, etc., besides, I just love a good love/hate relationship, so there ya go, I guess! Anyway, Draco is a sexy, snarky, arrogant Slytherin, a Death Eater in the making and Hermione is a studious, fiery and bossy know-it-all Gryffindor, who works for the Order of the Phoneix, they're a complete opposite to each other, and there are some of the reasons why I love this pairing so much! I also love the whole pure-blood/muggle-born relationship and I love it when they fight/argue!


Blaise is in the Slug Club, so therefore he must be smart, right and well he's rather pretty too, but he's also vain, in other words he's a lot like Draco Malfoy, lol! Minus the part, which his deceased father probably wasn't a Death Eater! Anyway, I like both the African canon version and the fanom one, the Italian (which is my favorite if I must choose)! Hermione is a true lioness and she has a really brilliant mind, and of course I love the fact that she is a muggle-born and a bossy know-it-all. They would so make a cute couple!


I've always loved Sirius I guess, cos he's awesome, a bit scruffy, wild, mysterious and not to forget pretty hot! And I really think that he and Hermione would make a very beautiful couple, she's mature enough to be with him and he's immature enough to be with her, just kidding, hehe! Okay, so Sirius's pretty much old enough to be her father, but I guess; that just makes it all more interesting, hehe, okay, so he dies in OotP but you can definitely find ways around it, which is great, of course, hehe!


I think this pairing speak for itself, laughs! Where do I start, um, Hermione's really fit to be with any Slytherin and why not Tom Riddle, now he's pretty easy on the eye (Christian Coulson is rather pretty/drool-worthy after all, laughs!) and quite mysterious as well, charming, calculating, cunning as any fellow Slytherin but he's also the Dark Lord in the making! And as I stated earlier Hermione's really smart and logical, so therefore she's smart enough to be with him and plus that they would make a really beautiful and powerful couple.


I do have a soft spot for misunderstood Slytherin men, don't I?! And Regulus Black is no exception just as his brother Sirius, laughs! Okay, so maybe I like Regulus a little more, because he's a Slytherin and a Death Eater (or rather ex-Death Eater), laughs! Furthermore, I also think he has quite a lot of his dear older brothers qualities, such as; being pretty damn sexy, mysterious and not to forget all those Slytherin like qualities (which Sirius obviously lack or maybe not), hehe! One just gotta love that and Hermione would so be a perfect match for him, due to all of her opposite qualities and whatnot!


Um, I really don't know what to write about Cedric and Hermione, other than that they would so be such a cute couple, as well as my other favourite pairings, lol! Because of the simple fact that Hermione can be paired off with just about any character there is, well that is what I believe...! But also because she's so smart, feisty and well, pretty and Cedric is of course, pretty as well, but he's also so much more, he's smart, loyal, just and all those other things a Hufflepuff is, the fact that he's one of the four champions of the Triwizard Tournament, is of course pretty damn hot, hehe! It's just so sad that he dies in GoF, which in fanfiction really isn't much of a hindrance, lol!


Ah, well, here's another Slytherin whom I've really come to like; Theodore Nott! He's quiet and kind of a loner (and I sort of have a thing for them (quiet loners and whatnot), so there ya go, hehe, he's obviously not like the most Slytherins or maybe he is, who knows, lol! Anyways, I really like him! Both Hermione and Theo are very smart students and I really think they would make a very cute couple.


I've always had an instant attraction to Lucius, I guess, so therefore I also knew that I'd eventually fall for this pairing as well, as everyone else seem to have done, lol! Anyway, Lucius is devastatingly beautiful, isn't he and pretty dark as well, which of course is very alluring, lol! They'd so make a gorgeous couple, just as Hermione/Draco!


Adrian's a few years older than Hermione, other that that we don't know much about him (excep that he's a Slytherin...), which makes him all the more sexier, I guess! They'd make a very beautiful couple, I believe! More so, I suppose all of the other Slytherins qualities applies to him as well!


I think, if Hermione should be with a Weasley, then it should definitely be either Bill or Charlie. Mostly because, I think Hermione and either one of them would make a very beautiful couple, and also because both of the oldest Weasley brothers are mature enough to be with her and not to forget smart enough too!

HP HG/Scabior

I kind of fell in love with Scabior after watching the first part of DH, but do like him in the book as well, it's just that he's a bigger role in the movies than the final book, which is pretty great, of course! Nick Moran's just brilliant as the roughly handsome and very awesome Snatcher, and I loved the scenes wherever he's close to Hermione, they really looked great together and despite the fact that the ship isn't very big, they sure have lots of UST going on between them, laughs!

HP Other pairings I like: Harry/Draco (my favourite Slash/Yaoi couple), Albus S. Potter/Scorpius H. Malfoy (It's actually a tie for me when in comes to favourites between HP/DM and ASP/SHM, because I've really come to love and adore Al/Scorpius, so therefore they're also one of mine favourite Slash/Yaoi couples), Harry/Cedric, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna, Harry/Snape, Theo/Blaise, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Lily/James, Lily/Snape and Ron/Luna, Ron/Lavender, etc.

(Anyone as long as it isn't Hermione I'm fine, hehe)! Because to me they're just friends and nothing more than friends, same goes for Harry/Hermione, I'm afraid, oh, well...

Princess's Diaries Mia/Michael

I really like these books, they're so funny and great, especially the characters; Mia and Michael, who happens to be really cute together!

All the Vampire novels by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

She's an extremely good writer and I just love both the story lines and of course the characters, especially Aubrey, Nikolas, Christopher and Jaguar. All of them are very sexy vampires, indeed, laughs!

Tithe. A Modern Fairytale, Kaye/Roiben

I just loved this book, the storyline was excellent and so was the portrait of the two main characters. Kaye is so cool and fierce and Roiben is pretty awesome and sexy as well, more so, they're such an awesome couple!

Valiant. A Modern Tale of Faerie Val/Ravus

I loved this book as well, who would have thought, hehe! It's the same author, anyway; Holly Black is a kick ass writer! Val is so awesome, I love to read about angsty, angry girls, its so much fun, hehe and Ravus is so wonderful and pretty hot even if he's a troll!

Ironside. A Modern Faery's Tale Kaye/Roiben and Corny/Luis

This book was just as amazing as both the prior ones, I absolutely loved it! Kaye/Robien are wonderful yet again, of course and Corny/Luis are really cute together, too!

The Mediator Suze/Jesse

I love all of the books, Meg Cabot is an amazing writer. Suze and Jesse are so cute together. Suze is so cool and she sure knows how to kick some ass and Jesse's so gorgeous and sweet.

Vampirates, Grace/Lorcan

OMFG, I'm absolutely in love with this book series, the plot is so awesome, I mean; it contains two of my favorite things in this world; Vampires and Pirates! Furthermore, I love all of the characters but especially Grace and Lorcan, big surprise there, laughs! She's so smart and really courageous too and Lorcan, he's not only a very sexy vampire, who happens to be a pirate as well, (hence the book title, hehe), but also very considerate and protective towards Grace! And I think that they make a really beautiful couple!

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse...(haven't read Breaking Dawn yet)! Midnight Sun (I actually think, I liked MS a little bit better than Twilight, because it's way more interesting to read the first book from Edward's p.o.v (with all his angst and of course, his mind reading ability, makes the reading experience all the more fun, naturally), rather than from Bella's p.o.v and not to forget the other Cullen's, of course, especially Emmett, I was surprised that I hadn’t really noticed before, how much I actually liked him, okay, Jasper’s still always going to be my favourite character!) Bella/Edward (only in canon, in the books series and the movies that is, I'm afraid, oh well...), Bella/Jasper (my OTP, favorite Het couple, hehe), Bella/Alec, Bella/Caius, Bella/Carlisle, Bella/Riley, Bella/Peter, Bella/Jacob, Bella/Rosalie, Bella/Victoria, Jacob/James, Jacob/Jasper, Edward/Jacob (my second OTP, favorite SLASH/Yaoi couple), Edward/Jasper, Edward/Alice, Edward/James, Edward/Jane, Emmett/Paul, Jared/Jasper, Seth/Jasper, Alice/Jasper, Leah/Alice, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Emse and Peter/Charlotte

This book series are truley one of the best, I've ever read! The fact that it's a love story between a human girl and a vampire is also a valid point to me at least, because I love that sort of thing! Furthermore, the plot is pretty awesome and even though, I really like the character portrayl, (Jasper is by far one of my favourite characters, I love him!), some of them are a bit annoying, especially the two main characters; Bella and Edward (but not all the time, of course), for example in the first two books, then they're pretty cute and whatnot, they are okay more or less, in my opinion, one thing I can say though; is that, in a way they totally "deserve each other", what I mean is that: they can pretty much both be rather annoying and whatnot, so therefore they deserve to be together, hehe! Anyway, I also quite like the authors writing style and to top that, she's very good at composing the words into something; so it sounds sensual and kind of erotic, but it never sounds explicit in any way (in a bad way I mean, hehe, not that I'd have cared/minded, not at all, actually, lol!), err... never mind, that it's an extraordinary gift I believe! I'll definitely read the other books in the series as well!

The Southern Vampire Mysteries/The Sookie Stackhouse Novels Eric/Sookie (my OTP), Bill/Sookie, Sookie/Sam and Sookie/Alcide

I love these books, they're so amazing, funny, thrilling and hot! Eric Northman's the coolest vamipre there is, more so, he and Sookie makes a pretty awseome couple!

Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, Radiant Shadows and Darkest Mercy Aislinn/Keenan (favourite Het OTP), Leslie/Niall, Leslie/Irial, Niall/Irial (favourite Yaoi OTP), Niall/Seth, Niall/Keenan, Donia/Keenan, Donia/Evan, Seth/Devlin, Seth/Irial, Ani/Devlin (favourite Het OTP), Seth/Keenan, Seth/Donia (favourite Het OTP), Aislinn/Donia, Aislinn/Tavish and Aislinn/Seth

Okay, even though I kind of liked the first book, I also found it to be; quite annoying, mostly because of the lack of proper character descriptions, mainly Seth and Beira, to me they very quite boring (I mean, Seth was so freaking perfect all the damn time; cookie cutter sweet and well, mortal, I think it's safe to say that I prefer supernatural creatures over humans, laughs! And Beira, she was pretty boring and let's just say; for someone who was supposed to be evil, she was just a bit too lame, sorry!), at least the Winter Queen, but also because I felt that the author wasn't very good at setting up a very realistic atmosphere troughout the book, oh, well, hopefully the other books will be better! And one more thing; it was also a bit predictable and the overall pace felt a bit rushed, I believe, especially towards the end! Okay, enough with all the bad critiqe; I did like the plot, obviously (why else whould I have picked up the book in the first place), and well, some of the characters were of course, more likeable than others, I quite liked Aislinn, Keenan and Donia, especially the love/hate relatioship the girls had with the Summer King, (mostly Donia, seeing as she was the one who actually felt that way about him, Aislinn; hated/disliked him more, I believe, oh, well) that was very nice indeed!

Ink Exchange was a hell of a lot better than Wicked Lovely, it was much darker and I felt that the characters were a lot more realistic and the atmosphere was much better too, furthermore; I just fell in love with the three main characters, especially Leslie (I reckon she's a lot cooler than Aislinn) and Niall, they were just so cute and sexy together, Irial; was quite lovely himself, being the King of the Dark Court and all that, he and Leslie were also pretty cute and sexy together! One thing though; which I still felt could have been improved: was the writing itself, more precisely the syntax of several sentences, which I thought sounded a little off at times and whatnot! Otherwhise the second book was quite amazing, which I really enjoyed reading, I longed to read more and kind of didn't want it to end, which I definetly didn't feel with Wicked Lovely, then I simply wanted it to end, so I could read the sequel and whatnot, pretty sad, huh!

Fragile Eternity, I really liked the third book in the series, it was just as good as Ink Exchange, (if not a littel bit better), the character development were a lot better than the first book and more explained than in the second book, I also quite liked Sorcha, (even though; I kind of found it a bit strange that Seth called her "mother" and she called him "son" after his transformation into a fairy, but I guess, I kind of understand why, so never mind, oh, well! And I've actually come to like Seth a lot more, since Wicked Lovely, obviously, which is great, I guess. However; I still don't like him and Aislinn together, because I think that she belongs with Keenan, and that's that, (feels a bit sad for Doina though and Seth too, of course!). More so, I kept wanting Seth/Niall to hook up, laughs, a girl can dream right?!, even though; my absolute dream senario is without a doubt Niall/Irial (they're after all my OTP, hehe!). And naturally I totally loved the part when Sorcha told Seth about Irial having been in love with Niall for centuries, that just made my day and also sqeual in delight, for obvious reasons, laughs! Sorry about the SPOILERS! However the syntax of several sentences, still sound a bit strange here and there through-out this book as well, as the two prior ones. I also find it a bit annoying when sentences are left hanging (much like this (...), it's the same in all of the books in the series so far, for that matter, mostly because sometimes, it gets a bit hard to tell who's saying what to whom and what they want to say in the first place. All in all; it gets very confusing and I often find myself having to re-read the sentences at least one more time and I'm reading the books in Swedish before buying them in English, so that should tell one a lot about the writer's abilities and whatnot, okay, so I'm not trying to bad-mouth Melissa Marr, I just wish she wouldn't leave so many sentences unfinished like that, oh, well, never mind...!

Radiant Shadows, was just as good as the the two previous books (Wicked Lovely, excluded) in the series, mosty because of it's narrative. It's way more exciting to read about the Dark court and the High court than both Summer and Winter court, sorry that's just how I feel! Ani and Devlin are both dangerous and sexy, just so perfect for each other.

Darkest Mercy, okay, so now when I've read all the books in this wonderful series, I must say that I've really come to love them, they're pretty damn great, well, awesome to be honest, laughs! Anyway, I really like the ending the final installment in the Wicked Lovely-series, (in a way, I guess), even though it had me pretty much in nerves, because of obvious reasons, (you'll know if you read it, is all I can say), laughs! I also read DM in english, this time (the library only had an english copy so... not that it bothered me much since I've always loved to read in english, nevermind I guess, laughs!), and yes it was thousand times better in the original language, not that I'd any doubts.

The Iron King, The Iron Daugther, The Iron Queen... Meghan/Ash and Glitch/Diode

OMG, I was blown away with this book, I completely fell in love with everything about it, especially its main characters; Meghan and Ash, (they really have great chemistry together, full of UST and all that!, they're both awesome characters and they totally compliment each other as well, personality wise and the simple fact that; Ash's the Winter Prince and Meghan's the Summer Princess, (well, half- summer princess, if one is correct, I guess), etc.), but I also really liked Puck and Grimalkin, of course! The plot's absolutely amazing and I love the way Julie Kagawa write/compose everything, she's an awesome writer! I'll most definetely read the other books in the series, for sure, laughs!

The Iron Daughter, Okay, so this book was just as good as the first; "the Iron King", if not a little bit better, to be honest! Much to do with the fact that we get to see/learn more about the dreaded Wintercourt, which was pretty damn awesome (if I say so, hehe!) and also the fact that we get insight into Ash's life before Meghan, which was interesting to say at least. About his two older brothers Sage and Rowan; despite the fact that the latter one was pretty much a sadistic son of a bitch, he was still quite interesing as a character, I guess, but yes, I didn't like him very much, naturally. Sage, on the other hand, I loved, even though, he didn't get enough pages, due to the plotline, oh, well, never mind that now, all I'm going to say is that; if I can't have Ash, then I'd gladly take Sage, if you know what I mean, laughs! Anyway, I absolutely loved the fact that Ironhorse was in this book as well, he got a bigger role in the sequel, yay, okay so I didn't like him very much in the first book, but I loved him in this one, so... About the ending, wow, it's so very sad but beautiful at the same time, I totally didn't see it coming, which is a big Kudos to Julie Kagawa, of course, hell yeah, she's just that amazing! Okay, so this book had one element to it, which I wasn't too thrilled about, I must say; the love triangle (Meghan/Ash/Puck), even tough, I'm pretty sure it ended with this book, it was annoying, oh, well, one can't have it all, can we, hehe!

The Iron Queen, If I liked the two previous books then I pretty much loved this one, I mean, obviuosly I love all of them, but "the Iron Queen" was a litte bit better, that's all!

The Vampire Diaries: the Awakening, the Struggle, the Fury, the (Dark) Reunion ... Elena/Stefan, Elena/Damon (my OTP), Stefan/Damon, Stefan/Matt Damon/Bonnie and Alaric/Meredith

Okay, so I must confess, I saw both S1 and S2 before reading any of the the books (before reading the two first books and S3 and S4 before reading book three and four in the series), oh, well! Anyway, naturally, I just knew I'd love them (even though, I think the tv-show is hundreds times better) which I did (will read the others too, of course!), furthermore, I absolutely fell in love with the plot, the characters (especially Damon/Elena, wonder why?!, hehe!) and well, Stefan's cool too, so never mind, I guess! Elena's if possible even cooler in the books, (despite being a little annoying, i.e. mainly a little whiny and whatnot), but I think Katherine in the books is pretty much a childish little bitch, spoild and such, even more so that Elena, however I think, she's (Katherine) still way cooler and seriously kick ass in the tv-show) and both Damon/Stefan are way hotter, especially Damon, hell, yeah! Evil sexy vampire, anyone?! I really like Bonnie though, especially in the fourth book "the Reunion", where she's the main narrator, I also really like Meredith and Alaric, and Matt too, of course! Klaus is way creepier, eviller and crueller in the books, therefore less likeable and Tyler's too, he's pretty high up on the creeep scale, that's for sure!

Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifce Rose/Dimitri (my OTP), Rose/Adrian (my favourite OTP), Rose/Christian, Lissa/Christian, Mia/Eddie, Christian/Adrian (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Christian/Dimitri, Adrian/Dimitri (second favourite Yaoi OTP), Tasha/Dimitri, Janine/Abe, Sonya/Mikhail and Jesse/Ralf

Oh, man, I absolutely love this book series, it's so effing cool and whatnot! I love the plot (it's very original I believe) and the characters, of course, especially the main characters! Rose's the coolest female character around (gotta love that attitude of hers, hehe!), she freaking awesome and whatnot, Dimitri now; he's just unbelievable hot and über-cool, (I love the fact that he's Russian, so sexy, he really is a God, laughs!). Lissa's so sweet, caring and pretty awesome as well, I really like Christian too, he's cool and also pretty damn hot. And Adrian, mmm... he's just so damn sexy and cool (I love him!, I'm totally TEAM Adrian FOREVER, laughs!). More so, I love all of the character interactions, they're just the coolest and so damn funny! Especially Rose/Dimitri (the cutest and hottest), Rose/Adrian (the sexiest), Rose/Mason (the funniest), Rose/Christian (the awesomest) and finally Rose/Lissa (the most emotional/heartbreking!).

Bloodlines, The Golden Lily, The Indigo Spell, The Fiery Heart... Adrian/Sydney, Eddie/Jill, Eddie/Angeline and Trey/Angeline

Um, where to start, naturally I just knew that I would love the spin-off series to VA, and, well... The rest is history, laughs! Anyway, the plot's just about as good as the original one (you kind of can't compare them, I think), oh well! And the characters, I love them; especially Sydney, she's really cool and refreshing, Adrian, as I loved him from the first time he was introduced back in Frostbite, it's pretty much a given that he's my all-time favorite character throughout both of the series, hehe! Eddie, I always wanted to see/read more about him and now I can, which is great btw. He's awesome, fierce, loyal, devoted, adorable and best of all best of all; he loves Jill! About her, she's pretty cool, fierce, sweet and totally oblivious to Eddie's feelings (which is both sad and fun, in a way, to read about, I mean!). The character interaction is of course really awesome too, especially Sydney/Adrian (they're both fun and witty), Sydney/Jill (interesting/emotional and funny/sweet), Sydney/Eddie (interesting and funny) and Eddie/Jill (sweet and funny)!

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass... Jace/Alec (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Clary/Jace (my Het OTP), Alec/Magnus (second favourite Yaoi OTP), Jace/Raphael, Jace/Simon, Raphael/Simon, Isabelle/Simon and Clary/Simon

Shit, this book series just blew me away, it really has it all; advanures, drama, romance, comedy, action and most importantly magic, in forms of angels; demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and faries, what more do you need, laughs! And the movie kind of blew me away just like the books, (because I really liked it!), mostly because of the awesome cast, because I thought the casting choice was perfect (especially Jamie Campbell Bower, because to me he was always Jace, ever since I first learned of the cast to TMI!). And I was so heartbroken when I heard that they weren't going to make the rest of the books into movies, okay, so I know there is a tv-show, but it's NOT the same; because first of all the cast was a major disappointment, for me at least, not going to lie and then they changed too many things as well, for my liking, which I guess they had to in order to make it work, because it went from books to a movie to a tv-series, so, never mind, I guess!

The Immortals: Evermore, Blue Moon... Ever/Damen

Yet another young adult fantasy series, which I really love, everything from the plot, to the characters, especially the two main ones, of course, hehe!

Evernight, Stargazer, Hourglass, Afterlife, Balthazar Bianca/Lucas, Bianca/Balthazar, Lucas/Balthazar, Lucas/Vic, Ranulf/Vic, Dana/Raquel, Balthazar/Skye and Balthazar/Patrice

Yet another young adult, fantasy, gothic book series which I totally love. Everything from the plot to the characters, especially Bianca, Lucas and Balthazar.

Crossovers and ships:

HP/Twilight Crossover Hermione/Edward (my second favourite Het OTP), Harry/Edward (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Harry/Jasper (second/third favourite Yaoi OTP), Hermione/Jasper (my favourite Het OTP), and Draco/Jacob (second/third favourite Yaoi OTP), Draco/James, Draco/Jasper, Blaise/Jacob and Luna/Leah

Hermione is really fit to be with almost anyone, so why not two of the hottest vampires there is; (not at the same time of course, because I'm not really into threesomes, so yeah...), lol! She would truly be very stunning with each of them and them with her, a witch and a vampire, what's not to like/love, hehe! Same goes for Harry, as for Hermione, because he and Edward or Jasper would look extremely good together as well!

Heroes/Twilight Crossover Edward/Claire, Jasper/Claire and Bella/Peter (Petrelli)

Claire would so be a good match for both Edward and Jasper, mostly Edward, because she would totally take no BS from him and whatnot! She would also be really cute and perfect for Jasper, I think! More so, Bella and Peter would be so cute together and he would give her the love she deserves and totally respect her.

HP/LotR Crossover Hermione/Legolas

What can I say other than; that they would so make a really cute couple, not to mention a really beautifule one too, of course, hehe! She's a Witch and he's an Elf, what's not to like, hehe!

HP/Thor Crossover Hermione/Loki

Hermione would so be a perfect match for the God of Lies, and Loki would in turn be a perfect match for our favourite Gryffindor, because he's kind of Slytherin incarnated, laughs! Not just in looks, but in magic and character, I think!

HP/Captain America Hermione/Bucky

Hermione and Bucky would so make a very beautiful couple, I think and they have quite a bit in common too, fighting in a war to be specific, I guess!

Criminal Minds/Supernatural Crossover Sam/Spencer

Awe, Sam and Spencer would be so cute together, not only because they're obviously extremely gorgeous/beautiful men, but I really think they would play well together, hehe and that's it!

Vampire Academy/Twilight Crossover Bella/Dimitri, Bella/Adrian and Bella/Christian

It'd be so cool and fun to see them together (I mean; clumsy beakable Bella and Dimitri; the coolest/sexiest Gaurdian around), not to mention the fact that they would so make a very stunning couple and that's it, hehe! Hmm, Bella and Adrian'd also make a very beutiful and sexy couple, I mean; he's absolutely gorgeous and more so, I effing love his bad boy vibe! Same goes for Bella and Christian, they would also be really cute together, I think!

Movies and Ships:

Bend It Like Beckham Jess/Joe

This movie is so cute and funny, I really like it a lot. Okay, so the movie is about football (not my favorite sport, scratch that I hate it, hehe) anyway it's not completely about football, it's also about friendship, forbidden love, doing what you want (bending the rules to get what you want), culture clashes, etc. Jess and Joe are so cute together, and I really like the ending of the movie, hehe! Joe's so gorgeous and sweet, plus you just gotta love his Irish accent, cos it's really sexy.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Jen/Lo and Li Mu Bai/Yu Shu Lien

This movie is really beautiful and sad, and the fighting scenes along with the magic in this movie is wonderful and very enchanting. And I guess that is what I love about it, furthermore the actors/actresses were absolutely amazing. Jen and Lo are extremely cute together and have great chemistry together as well, the same goes for Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien, of couse!

Sahara (from 1983) Dale/Jaffar

This movie is really good and also very beautiful, I loved it. Brooke Shields is so beautiful as Dale and she totally knows how to kick some ass. Lambert Wilson is quite gorgeous as Jaffar, and they do make an outstanding couple. And the horses in the movie are so beautiful, especially the black one Jaffar rides.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, At World's End... Will/Elizabeth (but only in the movies), Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, Jack/James Norrington and Will/James Norrington

I love all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, they're so full of everything one is looking for in a really good movie! When I saw the first movie I was totally hooked on Will/Elizabeth, but after seeing it for the second time, they lost their charm of being together and it was then I became almost obsessed with Jack/Elizabeth, hehe! Captain Jack Sparrow is by far one of the most interesting characters in the movies, I mean not only is he; one gorgeous pirate but a damn funny one too, and Elizabeth Swann is witty, very beautiful and totally knows how to kick some ass! Jack and Elizabeth makes one of the funniest and most beautiful couples out there, and more so, they certainly have chemistry together and I love the tension between them as well, hehe! I also think that Jack and Will would make a really cute couple, as well as both of them would with James Norrington!

the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers and the Return of the King Aragorn/Legolas (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Haldir/Legolas (second favourite Yaio OTP of mine), Haldir/Aragorn, Éomer/Aragon, Éomer/Legolas, Éomer/Haldir, Èomer/Faramir, Erestor/Glorfindel (third favourite Yaoi OTP of mine) Legolas/Glorfindel, Haldir/Glorfindel, Haldir/Celeborn, Elrohir/Elladan, Sam/Frodo, Merry/Pippin, Éowyn/Faramir, Merry/Éowyn, Aragorn/Boromir, Arwen/Aragorn and Éowyn/Arwen

I really like all of the movies, no scratch that; I LOVE them, laughs! (Haven't read the books yet, but I'll hopefully someday in the future!), they're so beautiful and exciting! Especially the first one; "The Fellowship of the Ring", because of all of the breathtakingly beautiful scenes, ect. The second one;"The Two Towers", because of the awesome action scenes and finally the third one,"The Return of the King", because of, it being the final instalment in the Trilogy, despite the fact that the last thirty minutes of the movie, is a bit boring and takes way too long, to actually, well, end, but when it comes; it's both very beautiful and sad. Anyway, I love all of the characters, of course, well, maybe not the evil ones, laughs! I really think that Aragorn/Legolas would make a really cute and sexy couple, awe, two very fine men/(err, elf) together, (drools), hehe! Haldir/Legolas, now that's another steamy pair, what can I say other than that; two very sexy (fair) elves together, need I say more, laughs! Same goes for Erestor/Glorfindel, of course, damn they would be so hot together, them being total opposites and whatnot, hehe! Sam/Frodo are so cute together as well, as Merry/Pippin, of course! And the rest of the pairings speaks for themselves, I think!

the HobbitAn Unexpected Journey, the Desolation of Smaug and the Battle of the Five Armies Bilbo/Thorin (my favourite Yaoi OTP), Fili/Kili, Thorin/Thranduil, Elrond/Lindir, Legolas/Tauriel and Kili/Tauriel (my favourite Het OTP).

It really was no question about whether or not I'd like these movies, seeing as how much I loved the previous movies, which really takes place sixty years after all of the events that happened in these three movies, which really ought to be just two, or perhaps just one big long movie, on its own, oh, well, never mind! They are all quite spectacular, I think, everything from the acting to the grand scenery, to the humorous scenes, as well as the more action filled ones. And lastly because of the lovely cast (new and old) and the characters, of course; (here comes a few of my favourite characters); I absolutely adore Martin Freeman as Bilbo (as well as John Watson in Sherlock, of course), because to me he's just perfect for the role as Bilbo Baggins. Ian McKellan as Gandalf the Grey, is just as great as he's in the LotR movies, of course, as well as, Cate Blanchett, Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, Ian Holm, Andy Serkis, Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom. Richard Armitage, as Thorin Oakenshield, is just brilliant as the dwarfish king with no homeland, I completely adore Thorin's two nephews, Kili and Fili, especially Killi, because he really stole my heart, as well as he did with Tauriel's (I really liked their little love story, it was sweet but sad in the end, obviously). Aidan Turner's just so lovely as the dwarfish archer, speaking of which Evangeline Lilly really does a great job as Tauriel, the head of the Mirkwood Elven guard (I was kind of a bit sceptical at first when I learned that her character wasn't in the book, that it had just been created for the movies, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, laughs), and after having watched the second movie;The Desolation of Smaug", I became a fan of Kili/Tauriel, they're so sweet together, I just wished they could have gotten a happy ending, oh, well, that's what fanfiction is for, right?! Lee Pace, as Thranduil; the "cold and severe" elven lord of Mirrkwood is just freaking awesome and pretty damn gorgeous while being completely unreasonable! And finally Luke Evans, as Bard is definitely quite easy to look at as well, not to mention pretty damn awesome to boot while doing acts of bravery! Okay, so back to my main ship; Bilbo/Thorin, I began shipping them after the first movie; An Unexpected Journey", it just made sense to me because, they quite obviously would look amazing together, but also because they didn't really get along at first, their friendship had to grow, which it also did. In other words they had a buck load of tension going on, which was so funny and great to see, loved it! The Battle of the Five Armies", was quite obviously the saddest instalment of the movies, due to obvious reasons, I haven't read the book, but I still know what's going to happen at the end! SPOILERS AHEAD! (All three of Durin's line dying, Fili, Kili and Thorin, all of the dead at the end of the final instalment. But at least Bilbo and Thorin made peace, which was nice and sweet, and so unbelievable sad, yes, I did shed a few tears at that moment, but especially at the dying scene with Kili and Tauriel, because that was really heart-wreathing to see). SORRY about the SPOILERS!! About the ship; Fili/Kili, yes, they are brothers, but they are so damn sweet and cute together, one could easily put aside the incestuous side to it, I think and that's that! Thorin/Thranduil, because why the hell not, laughs. Obviously they have no love for one another, they kind of hate each others guts, but it would be so hot to see them come together, (no pun intended), not to mention it would be pretty fun to see it happening, so, there you go! And lastly they're both two beautiful men, err, dwarf and elf, laughs! Lord Elrond/Lindir, okay, I must confess that I don't know much about them, (save from the movies, lord Elrond, I mean) especially not Lindir, other that he's pretty as hell, I really think he and lord Elrond would make a very beautiful pair, laughs! And lastly Legolas/Tauriel, now that particular ship is quite sad, mostly because to me it's a unrequited kind of love, at least from Legolas part, because he obviously loves her, but she doesn't, at least not in the way he wants her to, and that was way before either one of them came across the company of Oakenshield. But, I guess, if I've to pair Legolas off with a female it would definitely be Tauriel, because she's pretty much a well made match for him, or more like it; a female version of him, laughs! And I've to say something about Bard, as well, I really liked him, he was kind of awesome for a human in this trilogy and lastly I've to say something about Benedict Cumberbatch, because he was just simply put brilliant as both, Smaug and Sauron (in both cases the voices of said characters).

Tuck Everlasting Winnie/Jesse

The movie is quite beautiful and the story is pretty great too. I also think that the actor/actress who plays Winnie and Jesse are fantastic and they also look great together as well. The book is also really great and Jesse is quite cute and Winne is so pretty.

Spirited Away Chihiro/Haku

Awe, I just loved this anime movie, I loved everything from the characters to the plotline very much, especially the main characters, of course. I also thought, that the relationship between Chihiro and Haku were cute and that they make a really cute couple, as well!

28 Days Later Jim/Selena

I really liked this movie, it was so awesome and also pretty scary, argh, I freaking hate zombies, they are so creepy! Jim and Selena were of course my favourite characters and couple too, naturally! But I did also like Hannah and her father!

Sky High Warren/Layla

Okay, so this movie was perhaps not one of my favourite ones, because I thought it was a bit corny actually, but I must say it was rather enjoyable a times, I guess! However I kind of fell for two characters; Warren and Layla! Naturally, I really liked them, Layla's very sweet yet feisty and Warren's hotheaded and kind of a rebel/a bad boy, (and I love those guys, lol)! More s,o I think they would make a very cute couple, because they had pretty good chemistry together! Which I cannot say for Layla and Will, I mean, they were better off as friends anyways...

The Breakfast Club Claire/John and Allison/Andy

Awe, I love this movie, its so good and whatnot! Claire and John are so cute together and would so make a pretty awesome couple, as would Allison/Andy. And Brian, well, he's pretty great and funny, but that's it, sorry!

Red Eye Lisa/Jackson

What can I say; I like the movie and the characters, obviously! Lisa and Jackson had so much tension between them; UST! They say that; " There is a fine/thin line between love and hate", and in their case it is very much true, hehe! Lisa's a very smart, beautiful young woman, feisty and all that, meanwhile Jackson's a ruthless, cold-blooded psychopath, who happens to be dangerously sexy, as well, lol! They'd so make a lovely couple, I think!

Corpse Bride Victor/Emily

I quite liked this movie, it was cute, sweet, romantic and dark (Gothic)! Many ingredients which I like in movies, lol! I thought, like so many else that Victor and Emily should be together, because they'd not only make a stunning couple, but they had chemistry together (Emily's thousands times more beautiful than Victoria, she's also a lot more interesting and Victor's just so cute, sweet, kind and whatnot), which I cannot say for Victor and Victoria, they'd no chemistry at all, plus she was just plain boring, bleak and so on!

Eragon Eragon/Murtagh

This movie was perhaps not one, that I would rank as being exceptionally good or whatever, because it was pretty lame, however I guess, it had its moments and whatnot, so yeah, I kind of liked it a little bit, oh well... Because of its genre; fantasy, the magic, dragons, adventures and all that! However I really fell for Eragon/Murtagh (I don't care if they're brothers or half-brothers, (which they find out in the second book, I think) and enemies, or whatever...), I think they're very cute together, not to mention sexy too and so would make an awesome couple, hell yeah!

Underworld/Evolution/Rise of the Lycans Selene/Michael and Lucian/Sonja

I really liked these two movies, so freaking awesome! Selene/Michael are an awesome couple as well, as a beautiful one. The fact that she's a vampire (Death Dealer) and he's werewolf (Lycan) makes them even hotter, I guess! She's so cool and kick ass and he's too, of course, and they're so sweet and cute together as well! Lucian/Sonja, their story was so tragic but very beautiful, of course!

Stardust Tristan/Yvaine

I really liked this movie, it was so cute and funny! Tristan/Yvaine are a really cute couple, perfect for each other in so many ways!

The Chronicles of Narnia Peter/Caspian X (my OTP), Peter/Susan, Peter/Edmund, Susan/Caspian X and Edmund/Lucy

Okay, so I haven't read the books, but obviously I've seen the first two movies in the series, as well as the British tv-series (from the late 80's to early 90's), although, I might not remember everything from the latter, because when I last watched it; was about ten to fifteen years ago, oh, well! Anyway, I must confess that I didn't quite like the first movie; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I guess it was okay, a bit corny, childish (okay, so its pretty much a movie/book for children, but still...), however the second movie; Prince Caspian, was a hell of a lot better, hehe! It had more action in it and they were all older too, (the Pevensie siblings I mean), there was also the simple fact, I really liked Prince Caspian X, (now he's pretty and all that, that's for sure and what a lovely and cute accent he had, laughs!). More so, I really think that Peter and Caspian X would make an awesome couple, because not only are they both quite good-looking, they certainly had some heavy UST going on between them, that's for sure, hehe!

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles Louis/Lestat

As I've always been into vampires, I guess its rather obvious what I feel about this particular movie, I absolutely loved it, of course, it's an awesome movie and I think its brilliant, a masterpiece to be honest. Okay, so I haven't really read the book (the first one in the series, as well as the others), only a few chapters (which means I'm probably a little biased, oh well...), I'm afraid, but I'll hopefully continue one day though! Anyway, I completely love the actors, especially Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, they are both amazing in it, and I must say since, I'm not really a fan of Tom Cruise, I rather think it's one of his best performances, according to me at least, laughs! Kirsten Dunst, she's pretty amazing as well, considering she's so young in it, when it was made, I mean! More so, I really love the idea of Louis and Lestat together, because not only do the make an extremly sexy couple, but also because they have great chemistry/UST going on between them and the fact that they apper to not like each other very much (for example; Louis kind of hates Lestat for what he did to him, siring him that is and Lestat's rather annoyed with Louis.), in a way they are each others polar opposites, I guess!

X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: The First Class, The Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future Past,...Logan/Remy aka Wolverine/Gambit (OTP), Logan/Rouge, Logan/Scott, Rouge/Bobby, Rouge/Remy, Bobby/John aka Ice man/Pyro, Jean/Scott, Logan/Jean and Erik/Charles aka Magneto/Professor X (OTP)

I really like all of the movies, (especially The First Class, because that movie is in its own league, I think, everything about it is awesome and very well made, and the actors/actresses, are all so damn brilliant in it. Especially Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Kevin Bacon and finally Hugh Jackman, when he's reprises his role as Wolverine in (an uncredited) cameo in a bar, dismissing an approach by Xavier and Lensherr to join them, because that scene was so awesome, I actually squealed when I saw him in it, laughs!), they are pretty awesome and very exciting, especially all the action, of course! I also really like all of the characters, especially: Logan, man, he's so awesome and not to forget pretty hot as well. Remy, now he's pretty amazing and totally gorgeous, so beautiful, and you just gotta love that Cajun accent, hehe! (Taylor Kitsch's fantastic in his portrayal of him and Hugh Jackman's as well as playing the Wolverine.) Rouge, she's so freaking adorable and totally awesome, (Anna Paquin is one of the sweetest and coolest actresses there is, right now and I also totally love and adore her as Sookie, of course, laughs!). As I already liked Magneto and Professor X in the earlier movies, which actually comes after/takes place after the First Class, it was of course, a done deal for me to absolutely fall in love with the younger versions of both Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier, and especially the thought of them together as well, of course, laughs!

Avatar Jake/Tsu'tey (my OTP) and Jake/Neytiri

I really liked this movie, no scratch that, I absolutely loved it, laughs! Everything about it really, from the amazing plot, to the awesome special affects/all of the 3D stuff. And not to forget the lovely characters, (well, obviously not all of them, the bad guy's that is!). Anyway, I'm really psyked about the two upcoming movies in the series, which will make the series a trilogy, yay! About Jake/Tsu'tey, they would so make an awesome couple, they totally have chemistry/UST going on between them, (okay, Tsu'tey kind of hates Jake but, still...), obviously I kind of prefer Slash/Yaoi over HET, so that's probably why I ship Jake/Tsu'tey, oh well! I'm not really into Mpreg, but with Jake/Tsu'tey, I really like the idea, they would totally make awesome parents and have the cutest children, awe!

Sunshine Capa/Mace (All the way, for sure, I freaking love'em, laughs!)

Damn, what to say about this movie, other than I really really liked it, it's so freaking awesome and whatnot! The plot's great and the character portrayal was too, of course as well as the character interaction, naturally! Favourite characters: Capa and Mace, okay, so they're both really hot, cute, adorable and gorgeous, but with very likable characteristics and personal quirks, of course, and not to forget all the raw UST (okay, so I'm pretty much pretending that's what it is, a girl can dream, right?!...) in those fighting scenes, what's not to love, hehe! Also note that I LOVE Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans!

Snow White and the Huntsman... Snow White/Eric (the Huntsman) (my OTP) and Snow White/William

Obviously I really liked the movie, the action and the humour, as well as the darkness in it, and especially the awesome acting, of course, laughs! One thing that kind of made me less enthusiastic about the movie was the dwarfs, because to me they were a little too corny at times, oh well, you can't like everything, yes?! One thing that I absolutely loved was the portrayal of the main cast, Snow and the Huntsman, as well as their relationship, duh! Kirsten Stewart actually is a half decent actress and the British accent was pretty good as well! Chris Hemsworth's a dream, what else do I need to say, laughs!

Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: the First Avenger, the Avengers, Thor: the Dark World, Iron Man 3, Captain America: the Winter Solider, the Avengers: Age of Ultron... Steve Rogers (Captain America)/Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider) (one of my favourite Yaoi OTP:s), Thor/Loki (one of my favourite Yaoi OTP:s), Thor/Jane, Loki/Jane, Loki/Darcy (my favourite Het OTP), Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (Iron man), Steve Rogers (Captain America)/Tony Stark (Iron man), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)/Clint B. (Hawkeye), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)/Steve Rogers (Captain America), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)/Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider), Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)/Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)

I must say that before I saw the movies (and I haven't seen all of them yet, as you can probably see, right, laughs!), then I kind of didn't know what the fuss was all about, but thankfully now I totally know, which is awesome, obviously! I loved everything from the plot, to the awesome acting, the humour, the thrilling action, to the minimalistic romance in the movies, which I thought was great because it shouldn't be too much romance in action movies anyway! To me Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are absolutely adorable together (and I totally love their friendship, but for me they could also be more than just friends, laughs!), quite obviously and would also make a really hot couple! Thor and Loki are obviously polar opposites, which I happen to absolutely love and the fact that they grew up together as brothers, in a sibling pseudo relationship, kind of makes it all the more interesting, laughs and it certainly doesn't hurt that they both are smoking hot together and apart, laughs! If Loki should be with a woman, it should definitely be Darcy (or Hermione Granger), because she's an awesome fierce female character, who's sassy as hell and pretty damn hilarious to boot!

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, The Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens… Anakin/Obi-Wan (one of my favourite Yaoi OTP:s), Han/Leia, Kylo Ren/Rey, Kylo Ren/Hux and Finn/Poe.

To be honest, I think that I should have put this fandom much higher on this list, but sadly I haven't and that's probably because I'm more of a fantasy fan than a sci-fi fan, and also I haven't really given much thought about the fanom, probably because I haven't seen/held the movies (in) quite (the same regard) as much as let's say; LotR, HP, X-Men and MCU, other than maybe shipping Anakin/Obi-Wan a little subconsciously, I guess! It's not that I think the movies are bad (because I really like the first three ones with Luke, Leia and Han. But most importantly I adore and love Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor's an awesome actor, not to mention very attractive and his accent is to die for, not kidding, I kind of love him, laughs!) and Anakin, (Hayden Christiensen's a pretty great actor as well, not to mention pretty damn beautiful!), and together they're pretty much unstoppable and would so be an amazingly hot couple, a girl can dream, right?!, it's just that I'm not so interested in space, space-crafts, aliens etc. Han/Leia are so meant to be, she so feisty and clearly knows how to kick some serious ass and he's awesome and funny! And finally; okay, so I know/we know that Kylo Ren/Rey are probably cousins, but guess what, I don't care, at least they're not brother and sister, so... Anyway, okay, so maybe it's cliché if they were to end up together, but I also feel it would pretty much be the same if she ended up with Finn ore Poe, so... But they would (Kylo Ren/Rey) be so hot together, totally the new power couple, who everyone is afraid of, laughs! Kylo Ren/Hux would be so hot and awesome together. The same goes for Finn/Poe!

Music: Silverchair, Avril Lavigne, Stabbing Westward (What Do I Have To Do?), HIM, My Chemical Romance, Negative, Tokio Hotel, LaFee, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Paramore, etc.

Silverchair is in my p.o.v. the best alternative rock band in the world. And also because Daniel Johns is so great, not only does he look great, (especially the period between their breakthrough to early 2000) and he's vocals is really sexy, plus that Aussie accent of his. Furthermore he's a genius when it comes to both writing music and lyrics.

Avril Lavigne is also in my opinion one of the best pop/rock act! The music is awesome and the lyrics are equally great, if one just excepts a few songs/tracks that is!

What Do I Have To Do? by Stabbing Westward is one of my favorite songs. Both lyrics and music are extremely cool. And the rest of the songs are pretty good as well, but WDIHTD is one of the BEST!

I really like HIM, they're so cool and the music is great (no scratch that, I Love Them, lol), really dark and lovelorn. I love both Ville Valo's vocals and of course, his heart-wrenching lyrics, he's a genius when it comes to them (the lyrics) and he's pretty gorgeous too, I guess!

My Chemical Romance is another band which, I hold very close to my heart, I really love them, hehe. Their music is so awesome and furthermore, they're also geniuses when it comes to both writing the lyrics as well, as the music and the fact that they really seem to give it all whenever they're preforming live or if they simply are shooting a video or recording an album! And Gerard Way is quite easy on the eye as well, if you know what I mean and his voice is pretty damn awesome, more so, the other guys in the band, they're all great too, of course!

Another band from Finland which, I really love is Negative. Now they're pretty awesome, their music kicks ass and the lyrics is beyond beautiful, furthermore the vocalist and songwriter, Jonne Aaron is so very talented as well, as the other band members of course. And one can't deny the fact that Jonne is quite easy on the eye as well, no scratch that he's absolutely beautiful, hehe, and I love his voice too!

Tokio Hotel, now, there's a band for sore eyes, haha, no but seriously, they're so freaking amazing and I love them so much, hehe! Um, where do I start? They're talented and their music kicks ass, both the German and the English albums! About their looks, now the twins are extremely gorgeous, of course but as I'm all for lead singers, (especially the ones who happens to have long dark hair and Kohl rimmed eyes, lol), therefore Bill's definitely a little bit hotter than Tom but I like him too, so never mind, eh! And plus he (Bill) has a really wicked style, I love everything about him, from his hair to his clothes, the tattoos/piercings and not to forget the amazing personality of his, furthermore he's voice is so divine and the lyrics are so amazing. The other guys, Gustav and Georg, they're cute in their own ways, so I guess, there's something for everyone, laughs!

Another German band which, I also really like is LaFee, the vocalist has a really cool voice and she's a great singer as well! The music kicks ass, which also is very much appreciated, lol! To me it's a mix between Avril Lavigne and Evanescence, well kind of, I mean; the musical sound, that is! It's far more of a metal sound than Tokio Hotel, that's for sure, haha! I like both the German and the English albums, they're all so kick ass! Furthermore the lyrics are all very beautiful as well!

Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal/rock band, which I really like. I love everything from the awesome music, the hauntingly beautiful melodies and lyrics to the voice of Sharon den Adel, she's truly a goddess blessed with hauntingly beautiful vocals!

Evanescence is another kick ass band, which I also really like! I love the hauntingly beautiful melodies and the lyrics too, of course! And Amy Lee has an equally hauntingly beautiful voice to boot!

Paramore is another American band, which I've come to really like! Their music kick ass and so does the lyrics, and Hayley Williams is such an awesome singer/preformer and the guys too, of course, hehe!

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Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 30 - Words: 69,971 - Reviews: 784 - Favs: 473 - Follows: 720 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 11/29/2015 - [Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Hermione G., Loki] - Complete
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