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Hello Readers!

Welcome to my profile page! Below I have some things listed about myself and information on the stories that I'm currently working on or will eventually work on. You are more than welcome to PM me if you have questions about any of my stories. I will always answer back to a PM, even if it may take me a day or so as I do have real life things going on as well, lol.

So first some quotes that I really love and feel the need to share! (I'm sure I'll eventually add more!)

"Oh, misty eye of the mountain below. Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls. And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke. Keep watching over Durin's sons."

'I See Fire' by Ed Sheeran

"A path is something you create as you walk it. The ground you've trodden hardens, and that's what forms your path. You're the only one who can create your own path. Walk on your own. If you haven't given up yet, that is."

Cross Marian from D.Gray-man

"Embrace nothing. If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet your father, kill your father. Only live your life as it is, not bound to anything."

Genjyo Sanzo from Saiyuki

"See, you and I have different beliefs. I believe in the Will of Fire. That pathetic Lord Jashin or whatever isn't your God anymore. I am. The only one bringing down vengeance is me."

Nara Shikamaru from Naruto: Shippuden

"I know you won't. I know you won't say yes to Michael either. And I know you won't kill Sam. Whatever you do, you will always end up here. Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end I win. So, I win."

Lucifer from Supernatural

"...Can you promise that I will come back?"

"No. And if you will not be the same."

Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf from The Hobbit

"We're nothing like God. Not only do we have limited powers, but sometimes we're driven to become the devil himself. What's your answer this time?"

Wolfwood from Trigun

"If you don’t risk your life, you can’t create a future. Right?"

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

"Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping. Left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains. Within the sound of silence."

'The Sound of Silence' by Simon & Garfunkel

So let's go ahead and go over some things about myself!

First off! I am a girl, woman, female, chick, ma'am, chica, dudette, etc etc etc! Just gotta make that clear, ya know?

I graduated college with my major being in English. My hopes are to one day have a novel of my own published! Gotta put that degree to use! But I do have a little something, something that I've been working on for a while now, so here's to hoping it all works out! I've even been thinking about trying to get some sort of comic made too! I've actually got a friend that's drawing up some characters for me, so here's to hoping that might work out too!

While not focusing on writing, I do have many other interests and likes.

Obviously I'm into nerdy things or else I wouldn't be on here, haha!

Anime and manga are a big thing for me. I've just always been into them, even when I didn't realize that's what I was watching as a kid. But some favorites are Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Saiyuki, Hellsing, Ouran High School Host Club, D.Gray-man, Trigun, K, Blue Exorcist, Noragami. I mean really, the list could go on and on. I tend to like something fantasy related with action in it. The more action, the better! But the story line still needs to be good too. And while I love action and adventure, I'm still a girl and love some romance stuff. I'll get into spurts of romantic shoujo stuff, so if you have something to recommend in that area, go ahead! So far my favorite for that kind of stuff is Dengeki Daisy. It's just so good!

I, of course, love superhero related stuff as well. I mean, who hasn't ever daydreamed about being one, lol! I do love Batman! A big part of my love for that series are the villains and all the psychological stuff behind it. I find it really interesting and it fuels my love for darker themed story lines. But I absolutely love all the Marvel movies that have been coming out! It doesn't hurt that Chris Hemsworth plays Thor either!

Hands down though, my favorite movie series is Riddick! I was like a kid in a candy store when I heard that they were continuing that series after the Chronicles of Riddick! I just love them so much! And Vin Diesel is amazing as Riddick! So much awesome epicness!

Of course I read regular novels as well. Can't really be an English major without reading at least a few of them, lol! But some of my favorites are Beowulf, the Undertaken Trilogy, the Paper Gods series, The Sun Also Rises, Fahrenheit 451, Old Magic, and probably a few others.

Along with Riddick, I also have an obsession with Gajeel Redfox and Trafalgar Law. It's really a problem...

I love coffee!

And sushi!

I'm easily excitable, but also super shy, so it's a weird mixture.

I probably shout in excitment more than I should.

And I probably curse more than I should.

I hate root beer.

And peppers.

I love rock music!

And I love the color green!

I despise the Beowulf movie with a passion! I will literally go on an hour rant about it if someone brings it up!

I love horror movies!

And I normally hate Rom-Coms.

I'm an Aries! April 3rd! CHA!

I also have a huge theme throughout my stories of mothers, despite not being a mother myself. I wonder if some of you have picked up on that.

That should be enough stuff on me, lol! If you want to know more or just chat, you can hit me up on here through a PM any time!

Currently Working On:

Thunder Stone: Updated every Thursday

Storm's Helm: Updated every other Sunday

Dawn of an Old Age: Updated every other Sunday

Love Goes Boom: Will be updated daily, but will have no set day for it

The Summit Project: Seahorse Crest: On hold for the time being

Note: Planning is always being done on all stories. I have been in a bit of a slump lately, so this is why you haven't been seeing a lot of updates lately. Not to worry, things are fine personally with me. And there is no need to worry that I will stop writing Thunder Stone, Storm's Helm or Dawn of an Old Age. I will continue to write these stories, even if updates take some time. But you never need to worry about them being stopped or deleted or anything. I really love them all too much!

Thunder Stone - Fairy Tail Fanfiction - Ongoing

It's been six years since the Fairy Tail members disappeared. A new guild has appeared during that time in Magnolia called Thunder Stone. The guild was originally built to protect Magnolia and the fallen Fairy Tail guild while Twilight Ogre began to take over; but during the past two years, Thunder Stone has begun to rise in popularity & strength. NO LONGER ACCEPTING OC'S!


Introduction Arc (Theme Song: Thunderstruck by AC/DC) - Welcome to Thunder Stone! A fairly new guild that was built by its master, Maddox Huxley, in order to watch over the town of Magnolia as well as the fallen Fairy Tail guild after its core members disappeared. All our heroes may be new to guild life, but don't underestimate them! They may just become stronger than their Fairy Tail counterparts! - Complete: Chapters 1-6

First Mission Arc (Theme Song: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva) - It's time to get things started! Maddox has just announced that Thunder Stone will be participating in th X790 Grand Magic Games and everyone is out to prove they have what it takes to participate in them. Follow all the teams and solo mages as they take on missions of all varieties, but some missions may just prove to be harder than our heroes thought - Complete: Chapters 7-20

The Milada Arc (Theme Song: The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy) - Milada Huxley. This woman has been weighing heavily on Quinn Lohr's mind ever since dealing with Norman Randulf's memories. She has at least managed to piece together that Milada is Maddox's daughter. So in order to make things right with her master, Quinn manages to get her team to set out with her in search of Milada. While the search for Milada is happening, everyone else seems to be just as busy. What with an illegal mission to Crocus, taking on a Nightmare, dealing with Cerberus and the Gates of Hell and even dealing with an idiot shadow mage going after Tartarus on his own, Thunder Stone is on a constant move and becoming tied up in things that they will eventually wish they hadn't - Complete: Chapters 21-51

The X790 Grand Magic Games Arc (Theme Song: Light Up The Sky by Thousand Foot Krutch) - Thunder Stone has made it to Crocus for the games! Maddox has picked the five man team to represent them and what a team he has chosen! Kainen Wright, Azielle Morgan, Zander Ealdwine, Titan Pumice and Kokou Enyo will be fighting for the pride of their guild! That's if they can manage to make it past the preliminaries first! And while everyone seems to be enjoying the games, there are things happening outside of them that aren't quite as entertaining. Between an infiltration team being created by Maddox to spy on Twilight Ogre to dealing with family ties of both the noble and middle class varieties, Thunder Stone will definitely have their hands full in and out of the arena - Complete: Chapters 52-78

Twisted Dawn Arc (Theme Song: Tyrant by Disturbed) - Twisted Dawn. A dark guild that Team Aftershock previously had an unfortunate run in with. The name has been heard in passings or rumors and even from the undercover mission while the guild was at the games, but nothing has come from these whisperings...until now. Twilight Ogre has now fully acquired their services and they plan to use them against our guild of heroes. Thunder Stone may have dealt with a few dark mages here and there, but nothing on the scale of what's about to hit them. With not only having to protect themselves, they will also have to protect the town and its people from being hurt. Our mages don't normally aim to kill, but their first encounter with a dark guild may have them changing their moral compasses - Currently In Progress

Loyalty Arc - More info to come!

Chaos Trinity Arc - More info to come!

Past, Present & Future Arc - More info to come!

S-Class Exams Arc - More info to come!

Oblivion Wings Arc - More info to come!

Family Ties Arc - More info to come!

This is as far as the planning of named arcs has come, so expect to see more arcs up here soon. I do have many more plans going on that go past Family Ties, but they aren't all fully organized to the point where I can break them down into arcs like the ones above and name them. But as I said, I'll eventually get it all sorted out and add more arcs to the list above. I will also be figuring out time frames for the arcs eventually too, so basically which months they are happening in. Obviously the first three arcs will be going on in the spring/beginning of summer; so in the three month period before the games start. And of course the GMGs will be happening in the beginning of July. The other arcs still have to be decided on for their time periods though.

Storm's Helm - Fairy Tail Fanfiction - Ongoing

Eighty years of sailing. Eighty years of mages. Eighty years of ever changing masters. Now in April of X792, Cordelia Murdock is determined to be the next and longest reigning Guild Master for Storm's Helm, surpassing even her father's time as master. But taking over such an energetic and long standing guild isn't always as easy as it looks. NO LONGER ACCEPTING OCS!


Introduction Arc - Welcome to Storm's Helm! A legal guild that sails the seas while fighting off pirates and sea monsters and hunting down treasures that the world has yet to see! This arc will revolve around a number of chapters that will be introducing the main cast of characters. Should be about 10 chapters max, probably a bit less than that though - Complete

Treasure Hunt Arc (Theme Song: Watercolor by Pendulum) - Cordelia Murdock has come to the realization of two things. One, she has no idea how well the guild actually works together, considering the crap leadership it has been under for three years. Two, the metal head, Gordon Hawthorne, has not kept up on finances and has left their treasure vault empty for a long while. So to kill two birds with one stone, the lovely Master Murdock has declared that the entire guild is going on a treasure hunt! And not just any hunt, but one for the famed hoard belonging to the dastardly famous pirate captian, William Blackstroker! It was said that he left enough gold and jewels to have a ship set for life ten times over. But a treasure that big always comes with a catch! Will Cordelia have enough wit and strength to be able to win over the treasure for her crew? And will she be able to keep everyone in line long enough to reach the treasure? And will they be the only ones gunning for the hoard? - Currently In Progress

Merchant Empire Arc - More into to come!

Ashes of Eden Arc - More info to come!

Mutiny Arc - More info to come!

A.R.C. Arc - More info to come!

Akai Karasu Arc - More info to come!

Other Arcs to come!

Note: XLil MEkoX is in the process of creating pictures of the characters for Storm's Helm. The ones that are completed are up on their deviantart page under the same username. I am hoping to get something up somewhere that has a list of characters and their information for my stories as it was taking up too much room on my profile page here and I didn't like the way it looked.

Dawn of an Old Age - One Piece Fanfiction - Ongoing

Monkey D. Luffy disappeared from the world, leaving behind the One Piece he put everything on the line for. One hundred years has passed since and with the disappearance of the Pirate King, the Will of D has vanished from the world as well. The world has forgotten what the value of life and family is, but with the actions of one small woman, the Old Age of pirates begins to return.


Searching For Dead Pirates - Roni - a tiny bundle of energy and excitement - is searching for the one and only Blue Steel Amos, a pirate that has been presumed dead for the past ten years. The small redhead is quite certain that the man is still alive even if everyone is telling her otherwise. And after a little incident that she forced herself and a street bum to rush into, she'll finally be able to prove the world wrong - Complete: Chapters 1-4

Free Will - Our unlikely duo have made their way to the island of Cato, an island full of robots! But robots aren't the most surprising thing on this island. It's here on Cato that Amos finds himself face to face with an old rival. And that same rival continues to surprise Amos by requesting his assistance in helping to free one of the robots on the island. But when forced to explain freedom to a robot that barely understands his own existence, will it have Amos wanting to know that freedom again? Currently In Progress

Other Arcs to come!

Note: Please PM me before submitting a character! All main crew, Yonko, Shichibukai and Rookie Captain spots have been filled!

Love Goes Boom - Fairy Tail Fanfiction - Currently under a reboot/this section to be updated shortly

This one was put on a slight hold due to a number of things, but I am in the process of starting it up again here soon. Some chapters may be deleted (aka the last three), so that arc will be wiped and I'll be jumping right into the GMGs.

Margo Lennox, a Sound Dragon Slayer who's blind, has recently joined Fairy Tail and reunited with her two older brothers - Aero and Dante Lennox - who she had presumed were dead for the past 14 years. She's a bit odd and a bit blunt, but she throws a heavy punch and an even heavier 'Sonic Boom'. Margo starts off guarded, having built a wall around herself. She's been alone since Philomela, her dragon teacher, disappeared; but as she fights along side the members of Fairy Tail and as they fight for her, Margo realizes that it take more than just power and a well aimed fist to overcome the things that stand in her way.

Arcs to Come:

The Summit Project: Seahorse Crest - Fairy Tail Fanfiction - Currently on hold

This is a collaboration project that I will be working on with Dreadburner94, Raiyane and Origm2012. We have created our own characters and towns and cities and histories within the Fairy Tail world and will be creating four stories from that. But if you read one story, then you need to read the other three as they all will be connecting and to fully understand all characters and plot lines, you will need to keep up with all four stories.

Below are the rules and the OC Form. You must read over all the rules before starting to create your OC and you must follow the OC form.

Character Slots


25/25 Reserved or Filled

3/3 S-Class Reserved or Filled

1/1 Slayer Reserved or Filled


No more Celestial/Summing Magic

No more Take-Over Magic

No more Lighting Magic

No more Chess-like Magic

No more Sun/Fire/Light Magic

The last two open spots MUST BE FEMALE CHARACTERS! And I'd rather them be a bit more confident, loud, tomboyish, obnoxious, short tempered or opinionated. And if you do make a girly type character that's fine too, but I'd rather they have some attitude, stubbornness or sass to them. A super intelligent girl would work too, but again, I'm looking for that strong-willed/confident type thing. The ages for the women could work for all ranges at this point.

As for the men, I have enough of them that are laidback/flirts/happy-go-lucky types. So I'd rather get some more badass/broody/strong silent type guys. A super intelligent guy would work too. The age ranges for the men could work for all ranges at this point. Any male characters that are accepted from here on out must have been previously reserved.

If you send me in a laidback flirty happy guy or overly cheerful, overly kind, shy, quiet girl, I'll probably ask that you change it or create a different character as I don't want a whole bunch of them filling the guild. I can only do so much with so many flirts and so many happy people! I love me some drama!

If I continue to get too many of the same personality types, I will start asking you to send your characters to God Hand or Ragnarok's Call (as Goblin Grin is full up on OCs at this point). It is in no way to be rude to you, but I really need to start getting some more variety in personality types.


• You MUST fill out the OC form completely. Anything that we think little effort was put into will be immediately looked over. We have put our own time and effort into creating each of these guilds as well as our own characters that will be in it. We have filled out these forms completely ourselves and we expect you to do the same. So an explanation on personality that simply shows as ‘sweet and shy’ will not cut it. The same goes for a small, single paragraph history. This is your character. Have fun with them. Get to know them while you create them. Tell us anything and everything about them so we have the ability to portray them correctly.

• No characters will be accepted through a review. You MUST send them in a PM to the creator of the guild you wish your character to be in.

• Please title your PM message with the guild name you are sending the character into as well as the character’s name.

• Please make sure to fill out the ‘How much can we damage your character’ section. We will NOT be having any drama over this! We need to know right from the start what all can be done to your character during fights and emotional moments and if we can kill them off or not. And also be realistic with it. We can’t be having your character come out unscathed during a fight all the time. A huge part of Fairy Tail is the action in it and every Fairy Tail character has gotten hurt and beat up and bloody at some point. Expect to see your character get hurt at some point in time.

• Please do keep in mind that all four writers will be reviewing each and every character sent in together, and as a group, we will be deciding whether or not they make the cut.

• Two characters per person to start off. And each character has to be from two different guilds. So if you send in one to Seahorse Crest, the second character must go to one of the other three guilds.

• If you have blood related ties (i.e. siblings or other family) please reach out to the creator you are sending the character into in order to speak with them about things like that. However, this does not mean that everyone can have a bother, sister, cousin, etc. added with their character in order to claim another main character slot. If the family are minor characters, that is more than acceptable, but we are limiting how many family ties will be within the guilds as main characters.

• No repeat characters! This means that if you have sent in a character to another story, do NOT copy and paste them into the form we are using and send them in. There are four of us reviewing these characters, so more than likely we will know if you have used a character before, and if we catch a repeat character, they will be immediately looked over. Be creative and send in a new, fresh character!

• No ties to canon characters, familial or otherwise.

• No CanonXOC pairings will be accepted.

• Slayers:

o Only 2nd generation Dragon Slayers will be accepted. 1st and 3rd generations will NOT be accepted and will be immediately looked over if they are sent in.

o If you choose to send in a 2nd generation Dragon Slayer, you MUST explain how they become a 2nd generation. An example character would be Laxus as there was an entire backstory of how he came to be a 2nd generation.

o God Slayers and Devil Slayers will be accepted.

o Any types of Slayer MUST have an original element. So things like fire, water, air, earth and lightning (or anything closely related to those core elements) are right out. Be creative!

o Seahorse Crest, Goblin Grin and Ragnarok’s Call will only be accepting one Slayer type.

o God Hand will only be accepting up to two Slayer types. And those two types must be different. So if a God Slayer is sent in, then no other God Slayers will be accepted for the second Slayer spot.

o If you choose to make a Slayer, no other magic will be accepted with them. Slayers in general are already strong, so adding on a secondary magic will be too much and completely overpower the character.

o Slayers are allowed to have a weapon with them, but preferably a non-magical weapon as well as a limit of 1 to 2 weapons.

• No Crash Magic or anything similar.

• No Black Arts styled magic for good guy characters. This, however, would be acceptable for villains. Things like Shadow Magic and Darkness Magic are acceptable for good guy characters, as we have seen this used in the canon storyline. But obviously evil type magic will NOT be accepted for good guy characters.

• No magic types or items that will make your character immortal. We haven’t every really seen this all that much, but we wanted to put it out there. NO IMMORTAL CHARACTERS.

• For Non-Slayer types: We will only accept up to two types of magic for each character. However, this does not mean that we want all of you sending in characters with two men agic types. There must be a good reason behind why they have two types of magic. So no ‘just because I felt like adding a second magic’ type of characters! If you send in a character with more than one magic, you MUST explain how they got both magic types. And preferably, we would like to see the two magic types being able to connect with either how they got them or how they use them.

• For Seahorse Crest: We will not accept any more than two water/ice mages and no more than one wind/air mage. We know it is an ocean themed guild, but please do NOT go with the cliché and predictable water/ice/wind/air magics. We can’t have 10 water mages running around the place. So again, please be creative when creating your magic!

• We will only be accepting maybe one or two mages who can use Space/Time Magic types…if at all. If you choose to make something like this, try and be as original as you can with it.

• S-Class mages will be limited as well and we will announce when all the slots have been filled. If all slots have been filled and you send in an S-Class character, we will ask you to fix the power level of the character. Also, if we feel like the character is too overpowered regardless of their rank, we will also ask you to fix their power level.

• S-Class mages must be 20 years old or older. NO EXCEPTIONS!

• Restrictions on things like magic, genders, character types, character appearances and such will be updated in our profiles so you all know what can and can’t be sent in once characters start coming in. If you send in a character that has one of the restrictions in it you will be asked to change it. NO EXCEPTIONS!

• Please be active on the site as we will reach out to you at some point or multiple points to ask you about things for your character and whatnot. It makes it easier for us to be able to work with you.

• You must be willing to work with us on making your OC fit. So if we ask you to change or tweak something, it is not because we are trying to be mean or rude or look down on your character. It’s mostly because we honestly need to change whatever it is we are asking of you. We have a lot of things that will need to be connected, so we may ask that timelines or whatnot in your history change a bit so we can connect everything properly.

• You are more than welcome to create your own lore/towns, but please give us an explanation of them so we can understand them too. If you would like your character to be from one of our towns as well, that’s fine too.

• We will accept reservations! Trust us! We know how long it takes to fill out the OC Form and we want you to take your time on it!

• We are only accepting main characters for the moment. Once all main characters are in and we’ve worked out things with them, then we will open other character slots. We will let you know when openings like this happen!

• You must use the form in our profiles! If you create your own form or skip out on parts of our form, your character will be immediately looked over!

• Please! For our sanity! Remove the details in parenthesis before sending in your character!

• And please send your character in a new message thread with the title that was stated earlier in the rules!

• Finally! You must keep in mind that we do hold the right to deny your character! It is in no way to be rude or mean to you or to pick on you or single you out or anything like that! But if we feel like there was no effort made in creating the character or it did not follow our Rules or the OC Form or we feel they cannot fit into the story or there is something in their profile that we do not feel comfortable writing about, we do hold the right to deny the character.

My Beta is Dreadburner94! He's amazing and you should check his work out too! But he's a super big help for me and I definitely wouldn't have made it this far without him! I know he's heard this a million times, but thank you so much for all your help!

My main works right now are Thunder Stone, Storm's Helm and Dawn of an Old Age.

And I do apologize in advance for any latency in my updates at times. I tend to get stuck in ruts some times and I refuse to put up a bad chapter just because I haven't updated for some time. That's not fair to you readers and that's not fair to myself either. So, if I haven't updated a story that you are currently reading for some time, do not fear! It's not because I'm not working on it! It's just because I may be stuck from writer's block.

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this little blurp about myself. I hope you enjoy my stories as well.

Happy reading and writing!

Yours truly,


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Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,100 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 10 - Published: 9/30 - OC
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31 reviews
What is one to do once they have felt what true doubt and fear is like? For Natsu Dragneel, it is wishing you were strong enough to protect what is most important. But one simple wish can make the most dramatic of changes, especially when that wish is granted by a man with a stretching smile that just happened to pop in at the right time. Just what exactly can happen in 31 days?
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