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Hello Readers!

Welcome to my profile page! Below I have some things listed about myself and information on the stories that I'm currently working on or will eventually work on. You are more than welcome to PM me if you have questions about any of my stories. I will always answer back to a PM, even if it may take me a day or so as I do have real life things going on as well, lol.

As a note, I am a girl, woman, female, chick, miss, ma'am, chica, dudette, etc etc etc. Just wanted to make that clear, lol.

So first some quotes that I really love and feel the need to share!

"Oh, misty eye of the mountain below. Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls. And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke. Keep watching over Durin's sons."

'I See Fire' by Ed Sheeran

"A path is something you create as you walk it. The ground you've trodden hardens, and that's what forms your path. You're the only one who can create your own path. Walk on your own. If you haven't given up yet, that is."

Cross Marian from D.Gray-man

"Embrace nothing. If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. If you meet your father, kill your father. Only live your life as it is, not bound to anything."

Genjyo Sanzo from Saiyuki

"See, you and I have different beliefs. I believe in the Will of Fire. That pathetic Lord Jashin or whatever isn't your God anymore. I am. The only one bringing down vengeance is me."

Nara Shikamaru from Naruto: Shippuden

"I know you won't. I know you won't say yes to Michael either. And I know you won't kill Sam. Whatever you do, you will always end up here. Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end I win. So, I win."

Lucifer from Supernatural

So some things about me:

Right now I'm big into Fairy Tail! I absolutely love it! One of the guys at work got me into it and all I could do for a long time was read it online, but now I'm caught up and sad since I have to wait every Friday for the manga to update! But my next feat is going to be watching it. My favorite character is Gajeel Redfox! Obviously, since he's my avatar picture, lol (usually, but I change that up from time to time now). But I just love the crap out of him! I also like Pantherlily, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, Sting, Cana and Bacchus. My OTP for the fandom is NatsuxLucy!. Okay, enough about Fairy Tail.

For anime/manga, I also like Saiyuki/Saiyuki Reload, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Fate/Zero, DBZ, Trigun, Soul Eater, G Gundam, D-Gray Man, Get Backers, Angel Beats, Chrono Crusade, Crescent Moon, Ouran High School Host Club, Cyborg 009, Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing/Hellsing: Ultimate and many more.

I love to read. I like a lot of Stephen King and James Patterson stuff. I've actually been in a bit of a reading kick lately, so I've been reading a few books at once like The Maze Runner, the Undertaken Trilogy and the Paper God series. I have a few other novels/series lined up to read as well. I'm huge into fantasy, so I'll usually ready anything within that genre. One of my all time favorite books is called Old Magic. Love it! So I recommend reading it if you're into the fantasy genre as well.

I also love music. Mostly anything rock. Disturbed is my favorite band, even if they are on hiatus right now...sigh. But I like a lot of other today's rock groups and classic rock. I have been listening to a lot of alternative stuff lately. Keeps me in a better mood that way. But some of my other favorite bands are Seether, In This Moment, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin (before they sold out!), Fall Out Boy, Bowling For Soup, Stone Sour, Florence and The Machine, Ivy & Gold, The Airborne Toxic Event, Artic Monkeys, Five Finger Death Punch, The Pretty Reckless, A Perfect Circle, The Wombats. I mean the list can go on and on, so I guess I should stop now, lol!

For TV shows, I love Supernatural! It's just such an amazing show. If you haven't watched it, you need to! But I also like Falling Skies, Hell's Kitchen, Rosanne, Boy Meets World, Adventure Time With Finn and Jake - especially the episodes where it's Fionna and Cake! - Law & Order: SVU, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story (any season), TMNT, Sherlock and I'm sure a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now.

I also like to play videogames when I can get around to it. I've been playing Skyrim but I'm afraid to get back into it out of fear that I will no longer have a life. But I love the Soul Calibur games, Final Fantasy games and the Kingdom Hearts games.

Current Works:

Love Goes Boom - Fairy Tail Fanfiction - Ongoing

This one was put on a slight hold due to a number of things, but I am in the process of starting it up again here soon. Some chapters may be deleted (aka the last three), so that arc will be wiped and I'll be jumping right into the GMGs.

Margo Lennox, a Sound Dragon Slayer who's blind, has recently joined Fairy Tail and reunited with her two older brothers - Aero and Dante Lennox - who she had presumed were dead for the past 14 years. She's a bit odd and a bit blunt, but she throws a heavy punch and an even heavier 'Sonic Boom'. Margo starts off guarded, having built a wall around herself. She's been alone since Philomela, her dragon teacher, disappeared; but as she fights along side the members of Fairy Tail and as they fight for her, Margo realizes that it take more than just power and a well aimed fist to overcome the things that stand in her way.

Arcs to Come:

The Grand Magic Games - This will now include an extra day for the games so I can properly fit Margo into the games without messing up all the canon things. So a new game and some new fights will be created for her. Also, we'll be getting to see quite a few characters coming back to show up for the games!

Tartarus - This is mostly self-explanatory, but there are still many things that I'm in the process of working out for Margo to properly fit her in with the Tartarus Arc.

Black's Underworld - This will be the arc that will reveal the past that I have created for Gajeel. New characters and magic to come for this one!

The last two arcs may switch places depending on how I feel things should play out after the games. But this is as far as I have planned for now for LGB.

Thunder Stone - Fairy Tail Fanfiction - Ongoing

It's been six years since the Fairy Tail members disappeared. A new guild has appeared during that time in Magnolia called Thunder Stone. The guild was originally built to protect Magnolia and the fallen Fairy Tail guild while Twilight Ogre began to take over; but during the past two years, Thunder Stone has begun to rise in popularity & strength. NO LONGER ACCEPTING OC'S!


Introduction Arc - Welcome to Thunder Stone! A fairly new guild that was built by its master, Maddox Huxley, in order to watch over the town of Magnolia as well as the fallen Fairy Tail guild after it's core members disappeared. All our heroes may be new to guild life, but don't underestimate them! They may just become stronger than their Fairy Tail counterparts! This arc introduces the main characters for Thunder Stone - Complete

First Mission Arc - It's time to get things started! Maddox has just announced that Thunder Stone will be participating in th X790 Grand Magic Games and everyone is out to prove they have what it takes to participate in them. Follow all the teams and solo mages as they take on missions of all varieties, but some missions may just prove to be harder than our heroes thought - Complete

The Milada Arc - Milada Huxley. This woman has been weighing heavily on Quinn Lohr's mind ever since dealing with Norman Randulf's memories. She has at least managed to piece together that Milada is Maddox's dughter. So in order to make things right with her master, Quinn manages to get her team to set out with her in search of Milada. While the search for Milada is happening, everyone else seems to be just as busy. What with an illegal mission to Crocus, taking on a Nightmare, dealing with Cerberus and the Gates of Hell and even dealing with an idiot shadow mage going after Tartarus on his own, Thunder Stone is on a constant move and becoming tied up in things that they will eventually wish they hadn't - Complete

The X790 Grand Magic Games Arc - Thunder Stone has made it to Crocus for the games! Maddox has picked the five man team to represent them and what a team he has chosen! Kainen Wright, Azielle Morgan, Zander Ealdwine, Titan Pumice and Kokou Enyo will be fighting for the pride of their guild! That's if they can manage to make it past the preliminaries first! And while everyone seems to be enjoying the games, there are things happening outside of them that aren't quite as entertaining. Between an infiltration team being created by Maddox to spy on Twilight Ogre to dealing with family ties of both the noble and middle class varieties, Thunder Stone will definitely have their hands full in and out of the arena - Currently In Progress

Twisted Dawn Arc - Twisted Dawn. A dark guild that Team Aftershock previously had an unfortunate run in with. The name has been heard in passings or rumors and even from the undercover mission while the guild was at the games, but nothing has come from these whisperings...until now. Twilight Ogre has now fully acquired their services and they plan to use them against our guild of heroes. Thunder Stone may have dealt with a few dark mages here and there, but nothing on the scale of what's about to hit them. With not only having to protect themselves, they will also have to protect the town and its people from being hurt. Our mages don't normally aim to kill, but their first encounter with a dark guild may have them changing their moral compasses - Not Started

Misguided Souls Arc - All it takes is one mage. One single mage with a gruge against the world to corrupt lost souls. The man controlling these innocent mages has come to the forefront of all the guild masters' concerns. This has caused for a meeting of the guilds and Maddox Huxley along with two of his mages are on their way to Clover Town to meet with all the other guilds to discuss what is to be done about this problem. Though, things are never that easy. This man is one step ahead of everyone and has planned to attack all the legal guilds while their masters are gone. This has everyone in a panic as the attack comes without warning. Now all the mages left at the guild have to communicate with Clover Town while fighting off all the mages that were sent to take out the three legal guilds in Magnolia while also protecting the townspeople. Is everyone going to be will to take on these mages attacking their home while knowing they are simply being misguided? - Not Started

Chaos Trinity Arc - This arc will revolve around three rather powerful villains I have received. They will not be involved with all characters within Thunder Stone, but all Thunder Stone mages will somehow be involved with at least one of the villains. So ten mages could be fighting one of the villains while the rest of the guild will never fight or confront or even see that same villain. But all three villains know each other and they will all work towards one same goal - basically taking over Earthland. This arc will be a rather long one as there will be a lot of history being revealed for quite a few of the characters. And there will be more building of relationships, for friends and pairings. This will be a rather heavy arc with darker themes, considering what each of these villains are like, so expect to see anything between minor battles, character break downs, epic battles, blood/gore and character deaths - Not Started

Past, Present & Future Arc - The future affects the past and the past affects the future, causing the present to be ever changing. This will be a smaller arc that will immediately follow the Chaos Trinity Arc. It will heavily revolve around one character with the other characters helping out where I see fit. I can't give too much away or even the character that this arc will revolve around as I want to keep it a surprise for a while, but it should have a decent amount of action in it - Not Started

S-Class Exams Arc - So, once again, this is rather self-explanatory. Though, after the heaviness of the Chaos Trinity Arc and the Past, Present & Future Arc, this will be written with a much lighter note in mind. There will be no villains during the exams, not even minor ones. I want the exams to just revolve around Thunder Stone and how much they're grown (for the ones involved). I want to show them working together as a guild even though they'll be battling each other for the title of S-Class. It will have much more humor in it and some action-packed scenes. And I've basically used the exams to fulfill some fights that I want to see that we wouldn't see in the guild normally. I have decided that there will be ten participants chosen and each will have one partner. About half of the participants have been chosen so far, though not all of their partners. And I have not decided on where this will take place, though it will be away from the guild. During this time, I also plan to do small scenes back at the guild to show what everyone else is doing that didn't get to go. These scenes will also be humor filled, though they may be on the shorter side. Also, there will be two mages that will receive the title of S-Class and I have already decided on one of them - Not Started

Oblivion Wings Arc - This arc will revolve around another dark guild, Oblivion Wings. They made an attack on the guild that they cannot stand by and let them get away with. So Thunder Stone will be hunting them down to their own territory to fight them. I'm not sure if all members of Thunder Stone will be involved with this battle, but a good number of them will be - Not Started

Family Ties Arc - There are some things that I'm still settling for this arc, but it's all coming together. This arc will be about a few of the mages in Thunder Stone and their families and their backgrounds, espcially ones that haven't had a lot of light on their history yet at this point in the story. Some of the things going on will be more lighthearted and some teams will mixed together during this time. Other things going on will be a bit heavier as well, but not anything too life threatening. There will be a dark guild - sorta - involved with one of the teams and there might be some other minor villains or Council members to deal with during this time frame as well. But I do plan to have some more humorous and fluff moments during this arc since the past few arcs will have darker themes and action packed scenes - Not Started

This is as far as the planning of named arcs has come, so expect to see more arcs up here soon. I do have many more plans going on that go past Family Ties, but they aren't all fully organized to the point where I can break them down into arcs like the ones above and name them. But as I said, I'll eventually get it all sorted out and add more arcs to the list above. I will also be figuring out time frames for the arcs eventually too, so basically which months they are happening in. Obviously the first three arcs will be going on in the spring/beginning of summer; so in the three month period before the games start. And of course the GMGs will be happening in the beginning of July. The other arcs still have to be decided on for their time periods though.

There's also a possibility for breaking Thunder Stone up into several different stories as this has turned out to be much longer than I originally thought it would, though that's not a bad thing. So Thunder Stone may end at Chaos Trinity and then become Thunder Stone: *Insert New Title* but I'm still playing around with that idea.


Quinn Lohr

Age: 18

Magic: Memory Take

Favorites: Kameron Parker/fantasy novels, ice cream, martial arts

Team: Team Aftershock

First Appearance: Chapter 1

General Themes: St.Patrick by PVRIS, I Need My Memory Back by The Glitch Mob (ft. Aja Volkman)

Battle Themes:

Zander Ealdwine

Age: 19

Magic: Gunblade, Bullet and Re-Quip

Favorites: History, napping, swordplay, ramen

Team: Team Aftershock

First Appearance: Chapter 1

General Themes: Living With Determination - Iwatodai Station Arrange from Persona 3, Burn My Dread - Spring of Birth from Persona 3

Battle Themes: Unavoidable Battle from Persona 3 FES, The Battle for Everyone's Souls from Persona 3, Burn My Dread - Last Battle from Persona 3

Walker Stokes

Age: 19

Magic: Weight Manipulation

Favorites: Relaxing with friends, drinking, good jokes

Team: Team Aftershock

First Appearance: Chapter 3

General Themes:

Battle Themes: The Trooper by Iron Maiden

Diesel Evander

Age: 23

Magic: Oil Dragon Slaying (First Generation)

Favorites: Hard rock music, hard liqour, motorcycles/classic cars

Team: Team Aftershock

First Appearance: Chapter 4

General Themes: Under And Over It by Five Finger Death Punch, Work Song by Hozier

Battle Themes: Controlling The Iron Beast from FFVII Crisis Core

Yuna Kunoi

Age: 19

Magic: Take Over (Predatory Animals)

Favorites: Teasing friends, collecting random items, alternative music

Team: Team Aftershock

First Appearance: Chapter 4

General Themes:

Battle Themes:

Samuel Steele

Age: 45

Magic: Colossal

Favorites: Storytelling, drinking, cracking jokes, his family/the guild, training

Team: Team Steele

First Appearance: Chapter 2

General Themes:

Battle Themes:

Raina Steele

Age: 22

Magic: Petrusite

Favorites: Fighting, hot springs, teasing brother and guild mates

Team: Team Steele

First Appearance: Chapter 2

General Themes:

Battle Themes:

Rey Steele

Age: 21

Magic: Shadow

Favorites: Fighting, training, weapons, teasing sister and guild mates

Team: Team Steele

First Appearance: Chapter 2

General Themes:

Battle Themes:

Titan Pumice

Age: 25

Magic: Stone Dragon Slaying (Third Generation)

Favorites: Poetry/spoken word, fighting, food, the guild

Team: Team Titan

First Appearance: Chapter 1

General Themes: Ruff Ryders Anthem by DMX

Battle Themes:

Tejil Coeurdelune

Age: 17

Magic: Frequency

Favorites: Music, racing, being around and teasing friends

Team: Team Titan

First Appearance: Chapter 1

General Themes:

Battle Themes:

Kokou Enyo

Age: 19

Magic: Re-Quip

Favorites: Fighting, food, weapons

Team: Team Titan

First Appearance: Chapter 5

General Themes: Hybrid Rainbow by The Pillows, Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You by Tove Styrker, Sugar Sugar by The Archies

Battle Themes: Crazy Sunshine by The Pillows

Miyako Ranji

Age: 17

Magic: Lightning, Magnet

Favorites: Mice, the color yellow, being with friends/family/the guild

Team: Team Miyako

First Appearance: Chapter 2

General Themes: Joy - In the Labyrinth from Persona Q, Overwhelmer from Mana Khemia

Battle Themes: Splendid Force from Mana Khemia, The Menace from Mana Khemia

Azielle Morgan

Age: 17

Magic: Air, Archive

Favorites: Reading, photography, history

Team: Team Miyako

First Appearance: Chapter 2

General Themes:

Battle Themes:

Remi Valentine

Age: 16

Magic: Fire

Favorites: Cute things, colorful/patterned socks, sweets

Team: Team Miyako

First Appearance: Chapter 1

General Themes:

Battle Themes:

Tada Tadoa

Age: 22

Magic: Telekinesis

Favorites: Expensive alcohol, chess or other puzzle games, high quality clothing

Team: Bishop Rothschild

First Appearance: Chapter 4

General Themes: Numb by U2, L'Idole by Jacque Dutronc, Fire Doesn't Burn Itself by Sam Flax

Battle Themes:

Bishop Rothschild

Age: 18

Magic: Spirit Runes

Favorites: Expensice wine, chess and other puzzle games, battle tactics and strategies

Team: Tada Tadoa

First Appearance: Chapter 4

General Themes:

Battle Themes:


Age: ? - Appears to be in 30's

Magic: Loop

Favoites: Mind games, drinking, sciene, philosophy

Team: None

First Appearance: Chapter 3

General Themes: The Promise of Deceit by Katatonia, The Longest Year by Katatonia

Battle Themes: One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII, Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by a Perfect Circle

Planteggs Cipini

Age: 20

Magic: Plant, Poison

Favorites: Nature, coming up with new poisons, being in the spotlight

Team: Snagget Cipini

First Appearance: Chapter 2

General Themes: S&M by Rhianna, Primadonna by Marina and The Diamonds

Battle Themes:

Snagget Cipini

Age: 20

Magic: Hand Projection

Favorites: Pick-pocketing, money, fighting

Team: Planteggs Cipini

First Appearance: Chapter 2

General Themes: Dead In Ditches by Hollywood Undead

Battle Themes:

Milada Huxley (General Themes) - Elements by Lindsey Stirling

Adrienne (General Themes) - Something I Can Never Have by Nine Inch Nails

Arc Theme Songs

Introduction Arc - Thunderstruck by AC/DC

First Mission Arc - Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva

Milada Arc - The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy

The Grand Magic Games X790 Arc - Light Up The Sky by Thousand Foot Krutch

Twisted Dawn Arc -

Team Theme Songs:

Team Aftershock (General Themes) - Our Demons by The Glitch Mob (ft. Aja Volkman)

Team Aftershock (Battle Themes) - Those Who Fight Further from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Team Steele (Battle Themes) - Rules of Nature from Battle Gear Rising

Pairing Theme Songs:

ReyXCharlie (ReyLie) - A Walk Through Hell by Say Anything

TejilXRemi (TeMi) - Greek Tragedy by The Wombats

Storm's Helm - Fairy Tail Fanfiction

Eighty years of sailing. Eighty years of mages. Eighty years of ever changing masters. Now in April of X792, Cordelia Murdock is determined to be the next and longest reigning Guild Master for Storm's Helm, surpassing even her father's time as master. But taking over such an energetic and long standing guild isn't always as easy as it looks. NO LONGER ACCEPTING OCS!

Earthland Naval Forces

Admiral - 1/1

Vice Admiral - 4/4

Captain - 8/8

*NOTE: If you have questions about the personalities of the VAs and the Admiral or want some general info on them in order to help create a character submission for the Naval Forces, please let me know! Also, if you could please refrain from using Water or Ice Magic for them, it would be much apprecited as I have plenty of that type within this group now.

Black Skull Crew Members: 7/7


Introduction Arc - Welcome to Storm's Helm! A legal guild that sails the seas while fighting off pirates and sea monsters and hunting down treasures that the world has yet to see! This arc will revolve around a number of chapters that will be introducing the main cast of characters. Should be about 10 chapters max, probably a bit less than that though - Complete

Treasure Hunt Arc - Cordelia Murdock has come to the realization of two things. One, she has no idea how well the guild actually works together, considering the crap leadership it has been under for three years. Two, the metal head, Gordon Hawthorne, has not kept up on finances and has left their treasure vault empty for a long while. So to kill two birds with one stone, the lovely Master Murdock has declared that the entire guild is going on a treasure hunt! And not just any hunt, but one for the famed hoard belonging to the dastardly famous pirate captian, William Blackstroker! It was said that he left enough gold and jewels to have a ship set for life ten times over. But a treasure that big always comes with a catch! Will Cordelia have enough wit and strength to be able to win over the treasure for her crew? And will she be able to keep everyone in line long enough to reach the treasure? And will they be the only ones gunning for the hoard? - Currently In Progress

Other Arcs to come!


So because of an awesome reader for Storm's Helm along with my other stories, I will now start posting links for characters to show what they look like! So a HUGE thank you to XLil MEkoX for surprising me with the very first picture, of course of the lovely Cordelia Murdock! I can't say thank you enough for doing this and I'm very excited to see the others you have in store!

Cordelia Murdock

Zinnia Jenkins

Ace Murdock

Gordon Hawthorne


Nanami Shiraki

Amelia 'Mia' Thompson

Hagi Atairo

Other Characters to Come!

You Fell Like Lightning - Fairy Tail Fanfiction

Not sure when this will be published, but it is an idea that I've come to like, so the summary for it is staying on here.

It's been a month since Laxus has been banished from Fairy Tail. During this time, he has been traveling through Fiore and stopping from town to town. Though, he's never really stayed in one place too long since he's never had a reason to stay. That was until he found the town of Lotus. It's a rather rambuncious port town known for their trading, especially with magical supplies, and their homemade rum. Upon coming to the town, he stops in a bar that is very much like the guild he's come from. It's full of wild and energetic people with one in particular named Reno Lozier. She's made a rather big impression on the town, but Laxus isn't one to be easily impressed. Reno has never been one to step down from a challenge, though, and decides that Laxus is going to be her next big adventure.

Fairy Tail's 100 Omake - Fairy Tail Fanfiction

Currently on Hiatus

"I love short stories because I believe they are the way we live. They are what our friends tell us, in their pain and joy, their passion and rage, their yearning and their cry against injustice." - Andre Dubus (A collection of 100 short stories based off 100 themes. All characters to be included as well as all genres.)

I'm mainly working on Love Goes Boom and Thunder Stone. I'm hoping to eventually start adding to Fairy Tail's 100 Omake, but I'm not sure when that will be since my main focus will be on the other two stories. But I'm sure a Saiyuki or Ouran High School Host Club one might pop in there as well since I enjoy writing in those fandoms. Like I said, I'm just stuck on Fairy Tail right now. Probably because it has everything I like to read about in it. Oh, I may even try my hands at an Adventure Time one.

And I do apologize in advance for any latency in my updates at times. I tend to get stuck in ruts some times and I refuse to put up a bad chapter just because I haven't updated for some time. That's not fair to you readers and that's not fair to myself either. So, if I haven't updated a story that you are currently reading for some time, do not fear! It's not because I'm not working on it! It's just because I may be stuck from writer's block.

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this little blurp about myself. I hope you enjoy my stories as well.

Happy reading and writing!

Yours truly,


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Another Human by TheFlameRose reviews
Empty. Broken. Alone. Her only family member was cut down right before her eyes, leaving her to pick up the pieces. While on the run, she's attacked by a monster, but before death is able to whisk her away, she is saved by Him. He's so different, but feels so familiar. Was he...was there...another human? *Dark themes* OCx?
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 83,884 - Reviews: 169 - Favs: 79 - Follows: 103 - Updated: 1h - Published: 2/17/2013 - Finn, Princess B. Bubblegum, Marshall Lee, OC
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Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 36,423 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 5/26 - Published: 3/5
Phoenix Refuge by lex1016 reviews
"I want to create a home for those who don't have one, a refuge for the broken. A place where people can rise from their pasts and start anew, like how a phoenix is reborn from the ashes of its previous life. Everyone has a past and a story, and I want to create the place where a bunch of these stories can come together and write a new one."
Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 46,326 - Reviews: 128 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 5/26 - Published: 3/2/2014 - OC - Complete
White Dullahan by Azrael DarkWings reviews
White Dullahan. A Guild formed in X787 by two people. Three years later they're known by every Guild in Fiore, Dark, Legal or Free, everyone knows their name. A Guild that will never allow an form of wrong doing, they stand on the legacy of the group from Fairy Tail that vanished in X784. Now it's time for a new adventure to begin. OC's accepted check chapter 2 for character sheet.
Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 20,407 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 5/25 - Published: 9/4/2014
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In the year X787, the guild Redwood's Forge is on it's last leg. Can it's tight knit members- including the brash Guildmaster's daughter, Bernadette- find a way to save their home? And what of this mysterious visitor? SYOC. OC submissions CLOSED.
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