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Name? Miriu

Real Name? ...Jess III, that's all your getting.

Age? (Sticks out her tonuge like the immature thirteen year old she is)

Lives in? (Grumbles) Ohio

From? Newport, Rhode Island

Any Crushes? (Glares)

You Okay? (Still glaring) Neh.

Are You Going to answer the Question? (Stares) Mae, get out of the suit.

(Starts to sweat) I'm not who you speak of, are you going to answer? Mae, you ain't foolin' me.

JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION! God, aren't you pushy today?.

Last Name? (Big breath)...

EH? Just get on with the survey...Maeeeye


Grrr. (Takes off suit and mask) Happy? Very much so. Contiue

Favorite Game of the Month? Kingdom Hearts (Since forever)

Favorite Book of the Month? Define 'Normal' by Julie Anna Peters

Favorite Quote Of The Month? "I think you and Tay-" -Mae-Mae Megan

Usual Expression? A smirk.

Friends? Mae, Taylor...Chris...bleh...

Any Disorders? Bipolar-ness.

Favorite Drink? Coffee, hands down..

Favorite Color? Black...but black's a shade...SO SILVER!...but that's a metallic...so blue, I guess.

FavoriteVideo Game: Fire Emblem...duh. And Tales Of Symphonia, Golden Sun, and Sword of Mana, oh...and DUR KINGDOM HEARTS!

Favorite Pairing of the Month: Yuriku...can't help it!

Favorite Reviewer of the Month: I don't have any reviews..so no reviewer of the month

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